what do you think about my Thesis Statement ?

what do you think about my Thesis Statement ? Topic: what do you think about my Thesis Statement ?
July 19, 2019 / By Japeth
Question: Hello everybody, I'm going to write an essay about psychology and my subject will be the effects of terrorism and my Thesis will be: Terrorism could affect people psycholy in their life,work and health. please tell me what do you think. thanks
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Fraser Fraser | 8 days ago
Your paper, and therefore thesis statement, should be in the present tense, not in the future tense, as if you are saying the truth, not a mere opinion. This will make your essay stronger. Accordingly it should be changed as so: Terrorism affects people... Other than that, your thesis statement is very well written. Although, more details in the sentence would make it more desirable.
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Declan Declan
A thesis statement, also called a thesis, is the main point that is to be discussed by an essay. Usually backed up by examples, the thesis statement is the theme of the whole piece. The thesis statement also provides the reader with a general idea of what the essay is going to be about. Thesis statements are very specific and to the point. This way the essay stays focused and narrow on the subject matter.
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Bart Bart
You need to expand your thesis. You could say something like this, "Terrorism could affect people psychologically in the life, work, and health because of the lasting mental scars that these events leave people with." You original thesis is too broad. You need to narrow it down.
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Zandra Zandra
sounds like a debate topic and less of a thesis. you want to have something like terrorism affects people. try not to use such a factor in ur thesis which makes the statement sound probable like terrorism COULD affect..... say terrorism affects.... otherwise good thesis and topic. very well chosen. ALL THE BEST
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Shelby Shelby
attempt to be extra specific, positioned your substantial paragraph matters on your thesis assertion. for example Mass production, advance of inhabitants, progression of technologies, toddler exertions, advance of tuberculoses, and pollutants are the beneficial and undesirable effects of the commercial Revolution. No, you don’t p.c.. a side. attempt to no longer be bias in basic terms write on the subject of the unfavorable and beneficial effects. on your paragraphs, you subject count number sentence could be something like this, of direction it relies upon what you picked as your effects. Mass production is a favorable results of the commercial Revolution by using fact (say why it become a favorable result). After your subject count number sentence, tutor your subject count number sentence with info from factors consisting of your e book or an editorial on the information superhighway. What ever you employ, cite your factors.
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Paulette Paulette
It sounds like an interesting thesis. You might want to narrow it down. How is it affecting people psychologically? Is it making people more anxious, depressed, fearful, etc?
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Mariel Mariel
your thesis sets up nicely for the standard 3 paragraph essay, but you need more detail and assertiveness in your actual wording. also, I would be a little more descriptive with the word "life". everyday life perhaps.
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