I need help with choosing movies! please, easy 10 points (:?

I need help with choosing movies! please, easy 10 points (:? Topic: I need help with choosing movies! please, easy 10 points (:?
July 19, 2019 / By Lily
Question: For a fundraiser, my FBLA group is having a 'Friday Night Movie Night' open to the high school & middle school (possibly even the public, but that's beside the point. Anyway, I'm in charge of making a proposal for our principal. The problem is, is I can't think of any good movies to show. They have to be rated G, PG, and maybe PG-13 if they aren't terrible. I would prefer them to not be OLD movies, but some what newer. The best would be ones that have been released on DVD between December 08 to even the second week in March 09. Any help is appriciated! Thank you (: I like the idea of fireproof, I heard it was kind of well.. not good though. Guess I can research it (: & I like the Pirates of the Caribbean series, but we're only showing 2 movies that night, & i think basically everyone has seen the first one, so I don't exactly think people would come. But thanks for contributing ! (: anyone else have any opinions? Thank you both! I was kinda thinking more grown up movies. Like not so much kid movies like some of the ones you litsed, but I like them! I especially like the idea of Nim's Island!
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Kaila Kaila | 7 days ago
My little sisters are both in that age group... I'd suggest.. Horton Hears a Who The Chronicles of Narnia (1&2)** The Harry Potter Films** Kit Kitterdge The High School Musical Movies Jack A Series of unfortunate Events Spider man Movies** Big October Sky Cat int he Hat Field of Dreams Nim's Island Ferris Bueller's Day off Napolean Dynamite Fantastic Four Movies Fred Claus The Kite Runner Towelhead Journey to the Center of the Earth The Golden Compass
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No Mercy Blood Harvest Dead Air Death Toll Yeah, basically Left 4 Dead. Best zombie movie ever.

Gweneth Gweneth
there is the similar old list of Casablanca, Citizen Kane, the Godfather, and so on. if you're searching for plenty of the better imprecise video clips, the following is a few thoughts: city of God - see this right this moment Polanski - Frantic, Chinatown and a Clockwork Orange are all on the could see list. Miller's Crossing The Killing Fields The very last image teach Matewan vast evening The mission One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest The Pope of Greenwich Village those are basically a number of my favorites. they seem slightly off the overwhelmed direction, yet any movie professor must be delighted with that decision. As a aspect of interest, there have been an outstanding variety of solid video clips made formerly 1939. i desire you're not any further warding off this era with the aid of three variety of prejudice antagonistic to previous video clips. if so you're fairly lacking out. here are some better you should research out: the decision Absence of Malice places contained in the middle The remains of the Day each and each and every of the President's adult males Coming domicile The Day of the Jackal clean Gallipoli The Maltese Falcon Ran Shallow Grave The Seven Samurai Stalag 17 the skinny guy To Kill a Mockingbird John Woo - The Killer and hard Boiled
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Dina Dina
Why not show the Pirates of the Carribean series? Those are all PG-13 and below and they were wildly popular. If not, maybe the High School Musical Series.
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Carin Carin
Madagascar 2 Secret Life of Bees Igor Swing Vote Mamma Mia The Mummy 3 Horton Hears a Who HSM 3
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Well, it is not the difference of squares, because that has the form x^2-a^2 (where a is just a number). It is not a perfect square because -6 is not a perfect square and perfect squares have the form x^2+/-2ax+a^2 (where the +/- becomes + if a is positive and - if a is negative). However, the trinomial can be factored. In fact, it can be factored as such: (x+6)(x-1). The reason is that 6-1=5 and 6*-1=-6.

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