Breastfeeding advantages?

Breastfeeding advantages? Topic: Breastfeeding advantages?
July 18, 2019 / By Delphia
Question: I have to write a 2 page Essay on "Breastfeeding and the positive effects on mother and baby" If you guys can just shout out ideas so that I can put them all together in an essay format, it would help tons. ! Thankyou. !
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Caetlin Caetlin | 4 days ago
Enhanced Bonding Nature made perfect food for the baby Faster weightloss for the mother Less gas and colic for the baby no need to lug around bottles and formula waaay less expensive
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Almah Almah
From my own experience with breast vs formula feeding. If I could do it all over again. I'd have stuck with breastfeeding. I really do believe my daughter would not have had issues with reflux,not near as much gas,nor dealt with as much constipation as she did when she was on formula. If at all possible. I encourage mom's to stick to the food intended for babies. Save yourself from the extra stresses I went through.
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Val Val
You COULD do your own research. Try the La Leche League site. Try kellymom.com Try this link from the AAP: http://aappolicy.aappublications.org/cgi... Try a visit to your local library for breastfeeding books.
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Rolo Rolo
Seriously, there are far too many. Do your own research, I hear Google can help people find information...
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Milton Milton
For $300 I'll write your paper for you. That was the lamest request-- "hey moms-- I have some schoolwork to do-- will you do it for me and I'll just organize your answers into my format." We're moms-- we're not doing your homework for you.
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Milton Originally Answered: breastfeeding?
Breasts don't become "damaged" from breastfeeding. The pregnancy and immediate engorgement after birth does the most damage. And actually... not breastfeeding does the MOST damage, as you have a much higher risk of breast cancer! Why would you want to focus on this subject anyway? How negative. Edit: You're the silly one, sweetheart. You don't "tend" to bleed. Bleeding happens when the baby has a poor latch, or when you pump too much. Both of these can be avoided or corrected.

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