How do I introduce myself for this wedding speech?

How do I introduce myself for this wedding speech? Topic: How do I introduce myself for this wedding speech?
July 18, 2019 / By Josslyn
Question: I have been asked to make a short speech at a wedding. My relation to the bride is that I was engaged to her son before he passed away in an accident two years ago. I am close with the family and consider them in-laws, but she is technically not my mother-in-law as my late fiancé and I were not married. I am at a loss as to how to introduce myself aside from: "I'm a friend of the bride" or "I was the fiancée of the bride's departed son." Any suggestions?
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Gertie Gertie | 5 days ago
I would say "My name is Baffled. I was Son's fiance." Her entire family, friends, groom's family and groom's friend know who Son was and they all know that he died. You do not need to go into additional detail. They all know. Everyone knows. And then go into your speech and talk about how much Bride means to you, etc.
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Gertie Originally Answered: I need wedding speech theme ideas for my best friend's wedding.?
When I was the maid of honour for my sisters wedding, I wanted a fun speech, Everyone was laughing, So I found this rhyme/poem that was hilarious, I change some of the wording to refelct our past. Check out this website for more some ideas. http://www.hitched.co.uk/speeches/samples/samplespeechhome.aspx/samplespeechhome.aspx I used Sophie Keats idea. She is located under the maid of honour section. Have fun and good luck!!

Delta Delta
"Then, I'll transfer on to mention that I've continuously bear in mind the couple as being in combination and serving to and assisting every different, and being the sort of high-quality illustration of what a well couple is." This aspect is a well commencing. But (sorry) nearly all of your define is a large yawn. If you are taking the aspect above, believe of a unique time whilst you noticed the 2 of them being terrific in combination. The complete tale don't need to be excellent: the aspect wherein matters went flawed however they had been proper, good, that is what you wish to have. For illustration, on my first date with my husband, my father informed him that "Real guys do not pierce their ears." He took me to a beautiful neighborhood eating place wherein I speedily dripped ketchup in every single place my left boob. Tried to wipe it off, blushing....etc. You get the factor. Be unique, humorous however nonetheless respectful. The factor is to make use of anything truly to exhibit how a lot they're intended for one one more.
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Caitlyn Caitlyn
Do not mention the "departed son"! You introduce yourself by your name and say that you are a long time family friend. That's it.
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Alva Alva
My name is (insert your name here) and I have been a close friend of (insert name of bride here) and her family for xx years. I am honored that they consider me a part of the family . . .
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Alva Originally Answered: Wedding Speech Help?
I think the best ones come from the heart. You aren't going to screw up that way. Write it down and practice. It will be perfect. Keep it short and sweet. You'll do fine.

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