B.A.P. concert help!?

B.A.P. concert help!? Topic: B.A.P. concert help!?
July 19, 2019 / By Emmet
Question: So I'm going to a B.A.P. concert in LA in April and idk what to do about parking. My friends and I are planning to stand in line around noon so by then I'm not sure how much free parking will be available. The concert will be at the LA live Nokia theater and I know there's some parking lots near but they're like $25 and an additional $10 for staying after 9pm. So is there any good place I don't know of to park or something cheaper? we'll be staying in line for a while and the concert is about 2 hours long. Please help! Thanks:)
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Clinton Clinton | 1 day ago
I went to the SMTown concert at another venue and was able to get parking because my sister had her handicap placard on there, but from what i saw it seemed People were there waaay earlier so the other parking was packed. But idid see alot of taxis dropping people off before the entrance. Try the city bus, a cab, or maybe a fanclub will be pooling in for a bus? It also depends on where you are coming from. Sorry this wasn't much help, but with theatres and concerts it's very tricky and expensive to find parking, and i don't suggest leaving it at a near by business and walking to the theater. Good Luck though and have fun at the concert!
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Clinton Originally Answered: How to convince my parents to let me go to a concert?
See if you can get an adult to go along is my best answer. I think Mom is worried that someone could take advantage of you there, such as rape you in the restroom, or drug you first or knock you out and take you out of there. Girls have disappeared before under much stranger circumstances. She just does not want to take the chance of you getting hurt, as remote as it is. An hour away in the big city is a big deal.
Clinton Originally Answered: How to convince my parents to let me go to a concert?
I've often heard from parents and my mom that once you have a kid, you'll never, ever stop worrying about them. And when you think there are more than two hundred serial killers active at any given time, theoretically speaking, how can you blame her. Also, you're a female and females tend to be victims if you haven't realized this already. I don't want you to always be in fear but you have to appreciate where she's coming from. Now, what you can do is make her feel at ease by suggesting that one of your relatives at Twin Cities accompany you to the concert. Come on, cut her some slack; you have to compromise or you won't go. An hour and half away is a cause for worry. I'm sorry but the world isn't what it used to be and what it used to be wasn't great but it was safer then than it is now. The only way you'll fully appreciate what your mom is going through is by having a kid one day and finding yourself in a similar situation. Let's see how you react on that day. Good luck.

Anscomb Anscomb
Actually $25 for Parking around LA Live is a very good price. Especially when it appears you are going to be there for about 9 hours. Depending on what is going on at Staples, Nokia, or the Convention Center you could have some parking up to $40. But if your "friends" are going and you have 4 people even at $40 each person needs to pay about $10 for parking. If $10 is going to break the budget, then perhaps a concert isn't the best idea. The fact is that you are not going to find any cheap parking near LA Live if there is an event going on, anything below the $25 is going to be a few blocks at least away. You also have options such as the Metro Rail Expo Blue Line that you can take to the area and then walk a couple of blocks. But here you would just have to find a parking lot along the route, but like Downtown LA most are going to be paid lots.
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Traci Traci
Here's the deal: There is SOME limited free parking west of the 110 freeway, north and south of 11th Street. However, you have to think of total cost. What's cheaper, $25 for parking, or $200 for a broken window and stolen stereo? The area around there is high crime. You want to be really safe? Park at the Red Line parking on Lankershim in Universal City, then take the Red Line subway to Metro/7th. Cost is $1.50 each way.
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Traci Originally Answered: What wil it take?jonas brothers concert!?
Well, one of my friends wrote this long, persuasive essay to her parents convincing them to let her go to the concert. It's a little time-consuming, and boring...but, trust me, it's worth it.

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