Can someone explain to me in simple terms what pragmatism and existentialism are?

Can someone explain to me in simple terms what pragmatism and existentialism are? Topic: Can someone explain to me in simple terms what pragmatism and existentialism are?
July 19, 2019 / By Marinda
Question: I need to know which I am for an essay due tomorrow...I felt like I was a mix between scientific realist and existentialist but is that sort of pragmatism?
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Best Answers: Can someone explain to me in simple terms what pragmatism and existentialism are?

Kristen Kristen | 5 days ago
Pragmatism, I believe, was a movement in American philosophy that argues that a statement is true if it produced positive results. For example, a pragmatist might argue that we might as well think freewill exists b/c if it does not exist then moral responsibility does not exist. In other worlds, philosophy is only useful when applied to benefit actual life. William James was a pragmatist. Existentialism was a post world war II movement that dealt with issues of every day living. An existentialist might ask, "What does it mean to be," or "What is the purpose of life." Because these are ordinary questions, many existential novels revolved around the everyday lives of average people opposed to royalty or the rich. Though existentialism is often associated with finding a meaning to life in a secular society, some existentialists were religious. hope that helps:)!
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Jazmine Jazmine
Pragmatism is simply practicality. Theories and distinctions are tools, unnecessary things are unnecessary. An existentialist is someone who decides to define his own meaning in life for the same reason a nihilist hates life and complains about it (namely, life has no inherent meaning, and we're insignificant)
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Faith Faith
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