Is this a good combination according to astrology?

Is this a good combination according to astrology? Topic: Is this a good combination according to astrology?
July 19, 2019 / By Nichole
Question: me: virgo sun, aries moon, leo rising, leo venus him: libra sun, aquarius moon, libra rising, virgo venus and i know our sun is in the 1st house in virgo when you see synastry chart do you think this is overall a good match? i know i should look at aspects and stuff but i am not that advanced to really look at it and understand, but just curious how this sounds. thanks :)
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Lyndsay Lyndsay | 10 days ago
Hi Missy: It would be really good to provide your birthdays so that we may know the complete charts of you two; however, the following is what I've assessed based on your Sun/Moon/Rising/Venus: He seems to be a person with a lot of air quality (Sun-Moon-Rising). This could mean that he is quite easy to talk to, sociable, and approachable. These qualities go well with your Aries Moon, Leo Rising and Leo Venus. The fire element in your temperament is open, outspoken, straight-forward, creative. This is what he enjoys very much! However, he has Venus in Virgo. Venus shows where his love interest is, and Virgo is earth element. He appreciates a woman who is well defined, smart, verbal, self-disciplined, fine-figured, patient, hard-working, etc. He could even tolerate her to be critical, nagging, cautious, or reserved. These are some of the Virgo traits somehow he is attracted to despite of his other air qualities. You have Sun in Virgo, which may be why he finds you clicking with him. All the other fire/air stuff is good for the friendship, but not really "bingo" in the love department! It is also important to look at your Mars to see if he is an ideal lover for your taste. Hope this helped! Good luck!
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Lyndsay Originally Answered: Hi, im a virgo//libra cusp, is anyone really good with horoscopes and astrology?
quite a long answer, hope you dont get bored reading it You are a Virgo Born 19 Sep 1986 at 18:21 in New York City, USA - New York Sun in Virgo Moon in Aries Ascendant in Pisces Midheaven = Sagittarius General personality Born under the sign of Virgo, you are efficient and precise, and probably always busy. You hate having nothing to do, and it is very difficult indeed for you to relax totally - putting your feet up doing nothing has no great appeal. Your organizing ability is not the strongest, and sometimes a fair amount of time and energy can be wasted because you start working before thinking. Remember that doing something without a purpose isn't always better than doing nothing at all. You have a certain sense of duty, that can make you take on too much if you're not careful. You are discriminating and critical, sometimes over-critical of others and their efforts. According to you, there is only one way of doing things: Your way! With Pisces rising, the planetary "Ruler" of your horoscope is Neptune. This Ascendant produces a personality that is idealistic, supersensitive, and usually a person with much vision. The Neptune influence in your nature causes you to have something of a Don Quixote complex, with little concern for reality. You may be very easygoing, at times you can even seem indolent; a romantic and a dreamer. With Pisces on the rise you may the type of person who frequently asks for advice, because you often lack the confidence to move ahead on your own, and you are so unsure of yourself. Strangely, you rarely take the advice you receive. You tend to dream your way through life, glamorizing situations, people, status, and circumstances. You are a very secretive person, in part because you are somewhat timid, a fact you hide with great skill. You may avoid drawing attention to yourself, and because you do, you may not receive the credit you often deserve. You have a strong inner need to serve others in your life's work and you can be really happy if you can do so. Self-realization is of prime importance, and it is therefore essential for you to spend a good deal of time by yourself. Often this sign denotes involvement or strong interest in music or another form of art. You are likely to set high goals and expect much from yourself and from those around you. Since you expect people to be perfect, you are often disappointed in them. Although you don't at all like being confrontation, you are heavily vested in the idea that you are right all of the time. Living the utopian life, you find it hard to accept that you have miscalculated. Pisces is a water (emotional) sign and it is mutable, or adaptable. The sign of Pisces is the two fish, swimming in opposition directions. This symbolizes the difficulty that you may have in making decisions. Confrontation and clear-cut decisions are not easy for you to manage. You prefer a more considered approach that relies on your strong intuitive feelings to lead the way. There is a certain naivete associated with this Ascendant that is not unlike the Ostrich who has hidden his head in the sand. You tend to jump to premature conclusions on impulse and later discover you made a mistake in judgement. On the other hand, this ability to make instinctive decisions could also be a strength. You are emotionally restless, and may lack "emotional staying power". As a result you probably have a wide circle of contacts, but few truly intimate ones. Your behaviour might be a bit inconsistent, since it depends so much on your emotional state at any given moment. You want to be fair in your dealings with other people, but you nevertheless assert your own feelings whether you are right or wrong. Try to consider the needs of others as well. Your drive and physical energy is always carefully managed, and your actions well controlled. You know how to conserve your resources, and cope better than most people with difficult conditions. Your temperament is usually patient, although you are very determined to rise to the top. Demanding exercise can be important to your physical well-being. A positive aspect formed between the Moon and Uranus suggests that your early environment and experiences gave you an inquiring mind. You're mentally alert and able to absorb knowledge easily. You relate well to people because you listen well and appreciate the opinions of others. You hold your own in an argument because you are always well armed with the facts. You're not exactly a rebel to authority, but you never hesitate to challenge anyone who assumes power irresponsibly. Your thinking integrates experiences of the past with a clear vision of the possibilities in the future. You've learned from your past, yet you're anything but old-fashioned. Your colourful expression is original and spontaneously imaginative. Mentality & communication You have a special charm in the way you communicate, and will not openly challenge others when they are wrong. You quietly present them with the evidence they might have "overlooked" and give them the opportunity to revise their opinion. You are kind and considerate, but tend to be a little too optimistic, hoping that unpleasant problems will disappear by themselves. You avoid making decisions until you have all the facts and can make a careful evaluation. This can be good, as long as it doesn't lead to you being indecisive. One of your problems is that you want to achieve a great deal with the minimum of mental effort. Love, marriage & social relations You have a deep emotional quality that allows you to experience strong feelings toward those you care for. You will work extremely hard at your permanent relationship, but sometimes the intensity will be too great. This, together with an inclination towards jealousy, can make your partner feel a little claustrophobic. It is difficult for you to be indifferent about those you come into contact with, you tend to either like or dislike people strongly. You don't like being alone, and this could cause you to lower your requirements. Look out for questionable types that make promises they have no intentions of keeping. Career & ambition The Sagittarius influence in the tenth house shows that you have the abilities to be a leader in an inspirational sense. There is a philosophical angle to your attitude in this area, and the importance of the career is measured more in terms of idealism and service to others, instead of in terms of power. You can rise in your profession because of your willingness to work long and hard. Your studied approach usually permits you to sell your ideas to the public, and you never hesitate using your influence to attain goals. A good deal of travel is likely to be associated with your career. You may have more than one career in your lifetime as it is important for you continuously to feel a sense of challenge if you are to be successful. Other traits You tend to be quite philosophical, and there may well be a dedication to beliefs; this may emerge in an adherence to a religious faith, but equally could relate to some compelling interest, or perhaps an art-form. Charitable and kind, you are able to do a great deal to improve the lot of less fortunate people. You have a good capacity to enjoy life, and a tendency to put on weight. You can be somewhat deceptive, and probably are an excellent mimic. You are deeply involved in trying to understand all things, and don't think that any problems are unresolvable if you are sufficiently informed. Your greatest worry should be that you may stop asking questions, implying that you know everything that is essential. Alternating moods of optimism and pessimism will occur, sometimes to the point that you will feel ecstatically happy about one aspect of life, but desperately coiserable over another. Use your practical common sense to counteract this. A negative aspect formed between Jupiter and Uranus shows inhibiting conflicts which limit your goals and achievements. You may be expansive in your imagination and plans. There is a tendency to be impractical and too idealistic in your thinking. In some cases, eccentric religious beliefs and practices are shown by this aspect. Speculation, if allowed to get out of hand, can produce unexpected and unsatisfactory results, and you may have a tendency to go off the deep end in handling financial matters. Long-shot gambles that may tempt you, rarely work out.
Lyndsay Originally Answered: Hi, im a virgo//libra cusp, is anyone really good with horoscopes and astrology?
I will try to answer a little more constructively than some of your answerers. All tests and trials undertaken on astrology and there have been many, have shown there to be no correlation between any astronomical event and human affairs. In other words, astrology has no better predictive powers than sheer chance. Rather than wasting time (and possibly money) you would be better advised to take charge of your own life and not put your trust in non-existent influences from the sky! Yes, I know most people can point to events as predicted that came true for them. However, this is due to a process in the human brain called confirmation bias, which you may care to research. Tell yourself not to be concerned with astrology because of it's inefficacy, and you will be surprised how liberated you suddenly feel.
Lyndsay Originally Answered: Hi, im a virgo//libra cusp, is anyone really good with horoscopes and astrology?
Definitely virgo book of birthdays by Grant this day is owned by the most romantic Virgo ive ever met cuz they usually arent...

Kayly Kayly
There are loads, but they all mean nothing whatsoever. You can have a happy relationship with anyone of YOUR choosing. Don’t allow the nonsense of astrology dictate to you what you can and cannot do with YOUR life.
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