so i have a question?why am i so bad at math?

so i have a question?why am i so bad at math? Topic: so i have a question?why am i so bad at math?
July 19, 2019 / By Ohndreea
Question: ok so I am so bad a tmath and i dont know what to do.I listen to everything my teacher says but i just dont get it.I fail every test i have and everytime i get math homework i never do it because i dont know what to do.It sucks in like every subject i have 80s and 90s and then it comes to math and i have like a 30 and holy frig i like wanna cry because im starting to fail this year because of my bad math marks and im all out of ideas and i just cant do math know matter how hard i try. ok i dont mean to shoot your idea down but i should have mentioned that ive used webmath numerous times before and it still kinda confuses me
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Madison Madison | 5 days ago
GET HELP!!! Don't wait another day, because you will keep falling behind on the math work. Talk to your parents/guardians or a (teacher, guidance counselor) about your math problem. There is help out there for you to get tutored. You NEED to get tutored because you need to start understanding the math that you are suppose to know in class. I understand that you do not do your hw because you don't understand the math work, but once you start getting help with math and understanding the work, you are going to like it much better and do your work. Math is memorizing and practicing the work so you could move on to other levels of math, but you definitely need to get help!! Good luck, and remember it's only going to get harder if you don't start learning what you need to know. Remember, have a positive attitude about it. You'll do great.......you'll see!!
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Madison Originally Answered: Math homework question, 8th grade math [( Write the product in simplest form )] Help? :]?
As derived from the theorem of Pascal's Triangle, there are 3 basic rules/laws of quadratic equations which are namely: 1. (a + b)(a - b) = (a² - b²) 2. (a + b)² = a² + 2ab + b² 3. (a - b)² = a² - 2ab + b² When all the above is not applicable, you use the FOIL (First, Outer, Inner, Last) method, the slow factorisation method, which currently applies to your given question. Solution: (t + 3)(t - 4) = t² - 4t + 3t - 12 = t² - t - 12 Multiply the first term of (t + 3), which is t, by the first term of (t - 4), which is t. You get t². Then multiply the outer term of (t + 3), which is t, by the outer term of (t - 4), which is -4. You get -4t. Next, multiply the inner term of (t + 3), which is 3, by the outer term of (t - 4), which is t. You get 3t. Lastly, multiply the last term of (t + 3), which is 3, by the last term of (t - 4), which is -4. You get -12. It's just following patterns. It's so hard to explain through writing. I hope you've understood though.

Kenya Kenya
For ur homework..I know this sounds like cheating but last year i used this website.. and it really worked because last year i sucked in math..But this will kind of teach u too!!! Go to this Website : Webmath.com You pick what subject u want first..And then u type in ur question and then it explains how u do it and whats the answer ..IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING! so i think it will help u ALOT!!!! I wish u A LOT of luck! I really hope i helped because i wouldnt want to see anyone cry..Because i have gone through this and my friend has..SHE almost got held back..But when i told her this her grade went from a D - to a B+ Good luck! - Julia Remember Webmath.com =)
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Izzie Izzie
You just need to do you homework. If you can't get a question, do as much as you can, then show the teacher what you did so they can explain what you did wrong or tell you you what to do next. My highschool used to have math help room at lunch for those who need it, and I'd assume your school has something similar.
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Elly Elly
I don't know what grade you're in, but make sure you know everything you were supposed to learn in past years. For example, you should have your multiplication table memorized up to 12 X 12. If you're in 6th grade or above you should be a master of fractions. 9th graders must know algebra. Math builds on past years' knowledge and it gets real tough if you don't know the material from years past.
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10 children * 6 Eggs= 60 eggs total 60/4=15, fifteen is one fourth of 60. three fourths would be 45. 60-45=15. 15 eggs are left!

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