Who else is tired of theses ****** ridin nas ****?

Who else is tired of theses ****** ridin nas ****? Topic: Who else is tired of theses ****** ridin nas ****?
July 18, 2019 / By Shad
Question: i mean i listen to nas, but best rapper of all time in what way? other rappers who are overated eminem- we all know he got skills but people (white) love saying hes the best rapper ever... wayne- (metaphors that are completly unrelated to the song and were cleary ghost written that make you laugh a little) Doesnt mean your the best rapper Lupe Fiasco-you ever been around somebody who wasnt so smart but talked like they were im not a hater and i listened to all these rappers last mixtapes but seriously sit that **** down you can say what you want i rap my rap names stress
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Nevil Nevil | 5 days ago
Lol wow, relax guy. I wouldn't necessarily say Nas is overrated, because remember, there are so many other rappers out there who get 10x the credit that he does for their terrible music. Besides, it's just a preference. Everyone has their opinion about who they think the best is My opinion: Rakim
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Kingsley Kingsley
Nas? I'm not a fan of Nas, myself. He may be a good rapper and all, but I've never really sat down to listen to a lot of his songs. Maybe I should give him a shot. Is he overrated? No. If he was overrated, he'd be on the radio 24/7 rapping about having money, cars, and hoes and getting tons of fans off of it. Eminem? He has some great lyrics that make SENSE and RHYME. Something Lil' Wayne can't do, at least now he can't. White people loving him? I don't know about that. I'm white and don't "love him" or think he's the "best". Lil' Wayne? I love how you said that his metaphors are completely unrelated to the song, you deserve a star for pointing that out. Tha Carter (or maybe even the Carter 2) and all of the albums before it were solid albums. Not #1 albums or nothing, but good nevertheless. But now Lil' Wayne could be rapping about his dad who left them, then he'd go off the track and start rapping about how banana's are yellow. Lupe? I don't listen to him much, as I don't listen Nas. I've only heard a song or two of his, and didn't really like them, but they did have meaning and told good stories. At least he doesn't go around talking about how much money and hoes he has.
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Humphry Humphry
Illmatic...enough said...Classic 5 stars..1st album perfection who else can do that bro? The album has not one song on it that is wack or has wack or commercial lyrics...it is perfection he brought together the backpackers with the street...no other rapper did that before Nas..and developed a style from Rakim's...to increase the lyricism factor. Eminem is one of the best of all time and i am black..but because our society is racist he is overrated. Lil Wayne overrated southern rapper typical.. Lupe he is ok average he is a carbon copy of the Native Toungue years a a combination of Dres, Black Sheep, Posdenous of De La, Q-Tip and Dana Dane... NAS IS ORIGINAL VIVE NAS! The GOAT is Jay Z period hands down but his style would have never developed if it were not for Nas...ask any person of hip hop 30 years or over hip hop is overrated NOW due to the southern invasion of bad rhymes, overuse of off beat and on beat style, indistinguishable lyrics and words, slurring of words and too many commercial beats...the 87-96 period was the best in hip hop with NWA, Geto Boys, Outcast, Big, Nas, 2 Pac, Clipse, Neptunes,Native Toungue,Flavor Unit , Public Enemy,BDP, and Jay Z, its unquestionable.
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Erroll Erroll
Ya I agree Nas is very overrated but he is definatly in the top 10 list of GOAT Eminem is the most overrated rapper ever Lil Wayne is one of the worst and he is gay Lupe Fiasco is ok
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