how do I show my dad a bad grade?

how do I show my dad a bad grade? Topic: how do I show my dad a bad grade?
July 18, 2019 / By Dianne
Question: I have a D+ in Physical Science and have to get it signed by my dad. He will seriously get mad and scream at me and call the teacher and make me go to after school homework convention! I have to get it signed today for tomorrow and he says if I get a D or F he'll take away the TV and computer so please help!
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Carey Carey | 7 days ago
Make sure its just you two and you have placed him in a good mood. Which means he has a full stomach (so maybe after dinner), isn't tired (so don't tell him after a hard days work), and hasn't had a horrible day (don't tell him after he finds out his car has been robbed). Once he is in a good mood, you can tell him you want to talk to him. Let him know that you have some news for him, which you sincerely apologize for, and will work hard to make better. Tell him you got a D+ in Physical Science and MOST IMPORTANTLY, tell him you are ready to face the consequences of it. He may get upset, but as a parent, trust me, the yelling and screaming won't be as harsh, when you see your kids step up to the plate and take responsibility. He may take away the TV and computer, but since you were 'so mature' about it, he may only take it away for a couple days. GOOD LUCK!
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Amity Amity
well, maybe your dad is right, why are you doing so bad in the class? good grades are important. they will get you far in college.
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Watkin Watkin
Be truthful...do it quickly...explain why you got the D... and how you plan on doing better on your next grade!
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Sage Sage
Now it's too late to try to hide this from your dad. You already know that you are going to get into trouble so get it out of the way now. Maybe you should try to explain to your dad the reasons why you had a D. If it's because you just can't do it or find it too hard then ask your dad if he can help you. If your dad sees that you're asking for help with this then maybe he won't be that hard on you. And you already know that no matter how this turns out that you will have to work hard at bringing your marks up. Whatever the reasons are for having a D can be fixed if you set your mind to it.
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Murdock Murdock
A D+ is better than a D which is a fair grade, just be honest with him like everyone says, and he'll understand. Keep working hard and try to put as much effoert into it. At the end you will figure out it is worth it. Stay ontop of things so you don't lose track of your work and study, study, study!LOL Good luck! And don't forget to STUDY! Hee hee!
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Kendrick Kendrick
lol forge it:) i did that back in high school and middle school. i practiced my moms signature over and over again until it was mint. never got caught. idk. dont do that..i dont want to be the bad influence here. just show your dad and tell him its "temporary" i did that once too. and he gave me time to get the grade up and i did and i was never yelled at. just be like "here dad, i have this D+, but this isnt my real grade, its just temporary because i didnt finish some of my work, but i am working on finishing it. ill get you a new grade sheet in about a week with the updated grade" if he falls for that one, you better get that grade up to a C or better. then you will be off the hook:)
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