How can i report a immigrant?

How can i report a immigrant? Topic: How can i report a immigrant?
July 18, 2019 / By Lunet
Question: I know someone who is illegal and he uses a a fake social security number and fake names where can i report this? I took a picture of his fake social security number as well. What can happen and where can i report it
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Kaylee Kaylee | 5 days ago
Better to report them than allow an American to keep being his and his families victims. How to Report Illegal Aliens There are a number of ways to report illegal aliens and -- if they are working -- their employers. 1. Call Immigration & Customs Enforcement Hotline: 1 -866-347-2423 (or as they call it, 1-866-DHS-2ICE) 2. ReportIllegals.com website offers a way to report online, anonymously, 24/7. They charge a $10 fee (must use a credit card) to defray website expenses. They guarantee they will send your report to the proper authorities. Of course, they cannot guarantee authorities will act. 3. Go to the ICE website -- ice.gov/about/investigations/contact.htm... It lists all Special Agent-in-Charge offices across the country; call the nearest office. And remember to call them if that new H1-B visa holder does not have the education credentials claimed (or needs three months "training" for a job any US new hire would step right into!) -- that's VISA FRAUD. 4. Fraudulent application for "change-of-status" or "immigration benefits"? For example, your employer files an application for a work permit or green card for an illegal-alien employee? Can you find out where the application was sent? Call or write and detail the fraudulent info. For example, an attorney in Connecticut submitted an application, but the applicant works for a lawnmowing crew, not the company which filed an application for a "furniture assembler." Besides, he is not capable of doing the work of custom furniture assembly at a customer's home -- he can't speak English, so how will he understand what the customer wants and where it should go? And he can't read, so how he can understand complicated assembly instructions? I got the address of the Vermont office where the application was submitted, phoned them, and told them the application was a fraud. 5. Is an illegal alien collecting welfare or food stamps for US-born (or identity theft) child? Call your state's Department of Social Services headquarters or local office (does your phone book have "blue pages" for government phone numbers?). Ask for the fraud unit. Report the welfare recipient's new car's license plate number, where the recipient and/or husband works (most claim to be unmarried or "abandoned" by the baby's father, and since the marriage likely took place outside the US, there is no way for state authorities to track unless you report the man living with the welfare recipient), any SSN, other identification, other names being used. 6. Report them to IRS for tax fraud (federal) and your state's income tax authorities. The nearest offices will be listed in your phone book or "blue pages." Also report employers with illegal alien employees to IRS and state income tax offices, Social Security and Worker's Comp. That's tax fraud! If IRS recovers taxes due, the person who reports the fraud can get up to 10% of taxes collected as a reward! 7. WeHireIllegals.com takes reports of suspected employers of illegal aliens. If you work with or have been replaced by an illegal alien, report them here as well as reporting your employer to ICE
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Kaylee Originally Answered: If you know of an illegal immigrant, is it your duty as a citizen to report it?
It is,I have and I shall continue to report any and all illegals.I own a ranch 30 miles outside of Scottsdale and the ICE will respond and be at my place within 30 minutes.so they will come if you call them. jisther ...you are very mistaken,the illegal is a threat to all America.they first of all are illegal,and because of that are not medically checked by the government like the legal immigrants are.There has been a resurgence in contagious diseases that we had all but eradicated in the US.Directly attributed to the illegals from 3rd world country's.There have been 7000 cases of leprosy,thousands of a new antibiotic resistant strain of TB .TB is an air born lung ailment that can be caught by someone that is infected with it,coughing near you .Theses cases have been traced back to the contagion by the treatment of the sick ,and the illegal him/her self. yes illegals do pose a very direct harm to our country. You need to read more and become informed before making a statement.

Hortense Hortense
It is every American Citizens duty to report crime and being in this Country illegally is a crime. You should report this to your local police and to ICE. Keep reporting it until someone does something about it. Organize local organizations to make this issue the top issue in your local politics and make the politicians pass local laws to make it difficult for illegal aliens to live in your area. Now for those bleeding hearts why would you report a perfectly good question. It is not a racist question and is only asking what his legal options are. I do not see how this violates any of the rules of this board. Oh and if you didn't know an illegal alien can be any race, so again this has nothing to do with race but has everything to do with the rule of law!!!
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Edith Edith
You would do best going through the police department as an identity theft case as mentioned. Even if you have to make up false charges to get the police involved, once they investigate him and find out he is illegal scum, it will be your word against his. The majority of police officers are excellent people and will not put up with trash in our country. They will make his life hell as it should be.
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Charita Charita
You can report this person to ICE by calling 1-866-347-2423. However, I doubt ICE will do anything about it. Try calling the police departmetn since this is an identity theft case.
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Charita Originally Answered: Should the word 'immigrant' be dropped from the term 'illegal immigrant'?
They are a fact. The previous immigrants that came here first were illegal too, despite now they deny it As Gabriel g said, they didn't have any documents from the native American authorities. Some people say they were not illegals because there were no laws then, a typical lawyer's reasoning, but totally void and senseless, just to try to justify what they did. It may work in a court of law, where they blindly follow a written piece of paper, no matter how illogical it can be, but everyone can realize that it is absurd. Just to illustrate, the USA government made an agreement in writing with the Native Americans to respect certain lands, considered sacred, but when gold was found, the agreement went with the wind and illegal miners invaded the lands ( there was a written agreement that forbid it, remember ) When the Native Americans realized that the USA government did not respect their own agreement, they decided to follow their own laws. They began to scalp the illegal miners Eventually, the illegal invaders got the message and they left

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