Desktop or laptop?

Desktop or laptop? Topic: Desktop or laptop?
July 18, 2019 / By Abby
Question: I have saved up a good 1300 dollars for a computer. Where I face is should I get a laptop or desktop. I am doing photoshop and homework. But what I have heard is the gaming is amazing on pc. I already have an Xbox but is it worth to upgrade and game on pc? Laptop I'm looking at: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/apple-macbook-12-display-intel-core-m-8gb-memory-512gb-flash-storage-gold/5238017.p?id=1219649750709&skuId=5238017 Desktop: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/acer-aspire-predator-g3-710-desktop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-1tb-hard-drive-black/4816100.p?id=bb4816100&skuId=4816100&productCategoryId=pcmcat143400050013 My last question is on the desktop above could I run BF 1,cod waw and minecraft at high-ultra? Thank you
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Steph Steph | 8 days ago
I know not a thing about Macs but most games are Windows dependent. Boot Camp can solve that. For gaming I have to go with the desktop. For one the parts are upgradeable. Buy a laptop and you are stuck at that level for the life on the product. If a laptop hardware issue arises the normal course of action is a laptop technician which gets expensive. The user can service a desktop much easier. You'd save a good chunk of change if you built it yourself. There are multitudes of how to videos on Youtube and elsewhere. You need a screwdriver and two opposing fingers to get the job done. Stay away from Best Buy. They are overpriced. It's not hard to build a computer. Even for a dull tool from the shed like myself it's easy. Look at manual, follow directions. http://pcpartpicker.com/list/8Mj7WX will perform much better than that Best Buy offering. The gaming/rendering leap from the 950 to 970 is significant. It's going from a mid-range PC to a high end gaming rig. The 970 that I chose for this build is about $100 more than the 950 and performs so much better( I should know. I own the EVGA 970 FTW). It also includes a 250GB SSD(In addition to a 1TB HDD) so that your Photoshops will get done that much quicker. Is there a SSD in Best Buy's offering? No. That isn't a generic POS SSD. This is a top of the line 850 Evo. Do your research. Read the reviews. I improved the value by about $200 for just $33 more than that other PC. But wait, there's more. You most likely won't be paying taxes on it so I think this build will end up being less expensive than that other one.
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Steph Originally Answered: Desktop vs. Laptop?
Yeah I hear you. I bought a laptop for school and I didn't have it in me to sell the Desktop. I stuck with both because each have different 'feelings' associated with them. I like using both. The desktop for when I'm home and such, just doing whatever, and relaxing. And the laptop makes me feel more up-close and personal, which assists with me doing my schoolwork. It's like I feel professional when I use the laptop and do homework, whereas being at home usually hanging around on my computer in my underwear is me being lazy. Save up and hang on to both! The economy needs it! Dell's are relatively cheap and have good quality.

Paddy Paddy
Well, this is a pretty controversial topic. Ok, considering that you are interested in gaming, personally I would choose the desktop, but homework may require portability. In which case the laptop would be better. If you pick the laptop, there are probably some much more powerful laptops you can get with that money if you saved up a couple hundred bucks more. But please remember this as a rule of thumb when buying Desktops (assuming you pick the desktop): Building your own is almost ALWAYS cheaper. Especially with gaming. No, don t freak out because I mentioned building one, it is surprisingly easy and if you really felt challenged you could find someone (the Geek Squad perhaps) to either walk you through it or build it for you. To sum this up. If you feel as if you are mainly using this for homework, buy the laptop. If you feel that in the future you will need to mainly game, you should build or buy the PC. By the way, the desktop you picked out from Bestbuy is a great one, good finding!
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Lex Lex
Go to Best Buy, and spend a little time with both machines. My opinion: for Photoshop, or any other graphic work, you want the biggest screen you can get and the best pointing device. That means Desktop, not Laptop. You'll also get better gaming performance from a Desktop, vs. a Laptop, (at the same price point).
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Japheth Japheth
A desktop is cheaper for the same amount of ram, memory, and all of that, that a laptop would have. I prefer pcs because you can bring it with you and even lay down on a comfy counch but if your looking for something as beastly as possible then go for a desktop.
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Frazier Frazier
I suppose both have got their benefits. Desktops are more powerful and can hold more, but to me, it is defintly laptop. I can type faster on a laptop for some reason. As for saving money, I have never bought a brand new laptop and don't think I ever will. This laptop cost me $96.00 on ebay. I've had it for two years and it's still running strong.
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Deemer Deemer
Buy both, spend most on desktop because there is no better way to game, and that pc should run most games on ultra. Then pick up a cheap ex business laptop on ebay for under $100
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Bartlet Bartlet
Gaming is wayyyyy better on PC, but you can get a PC that is a laptop. There are many laptops that can handle all the newest PC games. Yes that desktop could run those, but laptops are so much more convenient that I would go with a laptop.
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Bartlet Originally Answered: Which one should i go for,laptop or desktop?
I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering 2 years ago (2006). I can tell you that in my personal experience, I did very little 3D modeling or CAD on my personal computer. The few times that I did need to do something I used the lab at school. I also could not possibly have functioned without a laptop. It was a daily occurrence to find groups of engineering students studying at random locations around campus. Having my computer with me was not always necessary, but there were times when it was. Almost every student had a laptop, those who did not were at a real disadvantage because they were forced to work in the lab when homework required a computer, rather than taking their computer to wherever people were gathered. My advice is to talk to an administrator in your college before you buy a computer. Ask questions like: "What do I need, How much power will my computer need, what type of software will I need to run? etc" Also be sure to ask what most of the other students have. Ask if its common to find engineering study groups at various locations around campus. I agree with the other answers that you will get better computing power, for less money in a desktop. However my personal experience in Mechanical Engineering was that a basic (mid-range) laptop had plenty of power for 99% of what I needed, and the portability of it was something I literally could not have gone without. If I had started college with a desktop, I guarentee you 100% I would have purchased a laptop within 3 months after entering college. The best advice I can give you is to talk to your counselor or an administrator in the Mechanical Engineering department before buying anything. Also, it won't be the end of the world if you start college without a computer. There are always computer labs available to get you through the first couple weeks/months. That would give you a chance to talk to professors, see what other students have, and get a feel for what you really need.

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