How to help a teen mature?

How to help a teen mature? Topic: How to help a teen mature?
July 18, 2019 / By Ackerly
Question: A young lady in her late teens needs help to transform into an adult. She is unkempt, has crazy uncut hair, never dresses in anything but rumpled casual clothes, mumbles or rarely talks. She hasn't been able to get a job, but I doubt she wows the hiring mgrs. She did complete high school with average grades and she is taking some classes at the local college and has some nice friends, so there are some good influences. Rather than being critical, I'd love some constructive ideas on how to help her, like maybe a teen makeover or information that she'll pay attention to, but don't know where to start. Her mom also is at a loss. Any ideas?
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Stacey Stacey | 2 days ago
I was in a similar situation when i was younger, I was always wearing sweats and never fixed my hair i always wore it in a pony tail and never took care of my outer appearance but that was because i didnt think i was worth looking at. My mom noticed how i was acting and she took me on a mother-daughter makeover day! I will never forget that! She first took me to the salon to get a new haircut and makeup done, then we went shopping for new clothes. I had so much fun i wanted to dress up everyday from then on. I also liked how my mom said how beautiful i was and when i saw how she really meant it in her eyes, that won me over! I am now working on my masters and take good care of my outer appearance because it does make a girl feel better about herself! Good luck!
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Stacey Originally Answered: In need of a wise parents' advice, or a very mature teen.?
Well the problem may be that she will be far away from her mother.. and the change from a small town to a larger city far away is very scary.. it will take her some time to make the final move.. maybe she is afraid she is going to hurt her mothers feeling.. have her come for the weekend or just a week or two and see what she thinks of where you live.. don't say it is a permanent situation for right now.. give her a chance to see if she likes where you are living. and if she thinks that she will find friends. you have to remember that she will be leaving all of her friends behind when she does come to live with you and that is a big problem for kids now days.. Sorry about you being hurt but she is giving up a lot to want to come and live with you.. you said that you got along very good. so there is no problem there. sit down and talk to her and find out what she is reallly feeling... That is the only way you will ever find out if she is really going to make the final move to be with you..Alot is going on in her life right now she is unsure .. be patient with her and don't let it hurt you so bad.. don't get to excited until she has been with you for a while.. because she still could change her mind and want to go back to her mother and friends.. just means she isn't ready for the change. be there for her no matter what..
Stacey Originally Answered: In need of a wise parents' advice, or a very mature teen.?
Her behavior suits a teenager!!But I think more than she, its her mother who persuades her to go back from you!! As a girl, she will be more dependent on her mother and may not get the same consolation she gets from her mother. She loves you as a dad but fears you as a male with whom she may have limitations.My advice will be to continue a little more with your desperation till the time she is mature enough to take a decision of her own. At this age, her mind is wavering and its not that she doesn't love you.When she was there with you, out of your immense love to her, did you do anything that would have antagonized her( or something which can be misinterpreted as not normal to a dad?) This can also lead to a situation like what you have explained. Anyway its good to know that she has given due importance to you also and loves you from her heart. A little selfish mother will be adding spice to all these? Is it so?

Pris Pris
Start by making her do chores, then from their tell her she has to find a job by a set date, then start making her pay the bills (including gas) for her car. If she doesn't do some of the things take privileges away like make a curfew a lot shorter etc...
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Maxine Maxine
It sounds like she needs help with self-esteem. A make-over sounds great. It also seems very likely that she has some sort of psychological disorder - my first guess would be depression. Social anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder are also a possibility. Do you best to get her some help.
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Maxine Originally Answered: i am preggo with twins.and i need some mature advice.MATURE ANSWERS ONLY?
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