Please read and review chapter 2 of my book?

Please read and review chapter 2 of my book? Topic: Please read and review chapter 2 of my book?
July 18, 2019 / By Lovel
Question: It IS somewhat of a long read. If you want to read chapter 1 first, you can read it here: http://storywrite.com/story/238498 Chapter 2 is here: http://storywrite.com/story/241542 Do you like it? If I finished it and published it do you think you would buy it? If you have knowledge or experience with writing, a critical review would be the best! For those of you who read this, thank you so much!
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Jaylyn Jaylyn | 4 days ago
i laaaaaahv it!!!!! i have to have to find out what happens! i only found a few errors. you were a little repetitive with sentence starters like "I" did this and then "I" did that. you used 'groaned' twice in the beginning in the same paragraph. in one part you said 'have to have to' instead of just 'have to'. advice: instead of "I went to a diner. I ate chicken salad. I noticed a boy staring at me.", try "I went to a diner. Eating my chicken salad, I noticed a boy staring at me." also, try using more descriptions. like, I went to an obscure, dimly-lighted and casual diner near the lake. I ordered a chicken salad, and when eating it, strangely, I felt eyes on me. looking over, I saw a peculiar boy staring at me across the room." good luck!!! send me chapter three!!!
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Jaylyn Originally Answered: How is my book so far? its the FIRST chapter?
i like it. it's creative. something i think you need to work on is that you're thoughts seemed to be thrown down on the paper like you're dying to get it all out as fast as possible. you seem to scatter things and end things so suddenly and not even transition into the next. don't get me wrong (: it's good. i think that you need to see what you absolutely need in the book to have it make sense, and little details you can do without, or squeeze in elsewhere where it makes more sense. “You know, your not so bad.” My character Jessica said. “Your not so bad your self.” Maxes character, Justin said. I glanced over at the screen we look at for our lines. “Then come over here and show me how you feel for me.” My character said, leaning forward. “ Okay.” After all the filming for the day was done, I worked out a schedule for tonight. ^ in this part, i was dying to know what happened but then you just seemed to cut it off *ahhha stamps foot* (: elaborate on some parts, just don't cut unless you intended too. i would also describe the characters, take some time to describe them and their relationship to America, talk about her family, you have all the space to do everything (: don't rush. you're excellent, just don't scatter, or rush your work. because i think its brill. (: details :D thanks for sharing that with us. hope this helps. - rachel.

Galilee Galilee
Its good, if you didn't tell me it was chapter 2 i would have guessed it was chapter 1. But there are some flaws, you describe things well but you tend to describe too much, I'm getting unnecessary details that's ruining my image of the setting. Otherwise its very good and hope to see you on the shelves of my local library.
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Derick Derick
You had greater effectual get cracking... homework would not do itself.. BTW, it is DUE on Thursday, no longer "do".. perhaps you truly could spend slightly greater time on your English assignments...
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Benjie Benjie
I totally loved it! I would definately buy something like this to read. Continue writing, you're very good! :D
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Benjie Originally Answered: how do i memorize a whole chapter in the text book?
First, start out by writing the bold print terms' definitions. Memorize those as you go along. Then, read the chapter and make sure you are understanding. Then, once you get to the test, you might be surprised at how much you know. Just simply reading and trying to understand really does help my test scores! Also, do you remember what the previous tests were like in this particular class? Does the teacher pull the Q's from a critical thinking section at the end of the chapter or something? If so, then try to answer those.

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