What to do with stray cat?

What to do with stray cat? Topic: What to do with stray cat?
July 18, 2019 / By Hanniel
Question: this cat showed up to my house and he's got a bad sore on his leg, i'm guessing from fighting, and his ears and eyes are gunky and he has a bloated belly and he's boney. i feel so bad for him but can't afford to take him to the vet. the local spca is full and wouldn't accept him. i know he has worms but what kind, do you think? i know stores sell the ridworm but i wanna be sure what kind to get him. he's also missing a lot of hair under his front leg and the surrounding area on his stomach. he's in real bad shape but he's extremely friendly. i'd hate to think this cat belonged to someone and they let him get that sick and so unkept.
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Edwin Edwin | 8 days ago
This poor cat really needs professional help from a vet immediately, and unfortunately, there isn't a way for anyone here to be able to tell you what type of worms he has - a stool sample is needed to tell - he desperately needs vet care ASAP. This poor cat WAS almost certainly owned by someone at one time - because the fact that he IS friendly and not afraid of you shows that he is obviously not feral. This breaks my heart...it certainly doesn't sound like this poor sweet guy has much of a chance if someone does not get him the medical attention he needs. I appreciate your trying to help him very much, but you said he is "in real bad shape" and you've said he has a "bad sore" on his leg, among all the other things - is there any way a family member, or even a friend could possibly help you in getting some treatment for this cat? Some vets will let you pay over time, anyway - you need to call around, and do try asking the shelter if they can help you - they may be able to guide you to a vet that they use who may be able to treat the cat - it can't hurt to ASK - this IS a bad time for shelters and pounds - this is KITTEN season and they are really bursting at the seams because so many people are so IRRESPONSIBLE about spaying and neutering and their pets - I'm so sick to death of people on here saying to people "just take it to a humane society and they will take care of it and give it a good home!" I feel like screaming every time I read that - they are apparently so ignorant they do not realize that humane societies do NOT have endless room and money to house the overwhelming number of kittens and cats coming in daily - so they do have to KILL many of the kittens and cats that come through their doors. And, if a cat is sick, it likely to be among the first to be killed, as it's chances of adoption are even less than the healthy ones. My mother worked for 16 years, and retired from, the MSPCA - it's a wonderful organization, but the sad fact is that they are FORCED to euthanize many because of irresponsible pet owners and people who dump their cats when they "tire" of them like they are throwing away trash. However, I'd like to know, did the SPCA have any suggestions for you at all?? Also, have you tried contacting any cat rescue groups in your area?? I have no idea where you live, but resources differ - you need to check everything you have available in your particular area. For the time being, I hope that the little guy is inside with you - you can very gently clean around his eyes with a warm damp washcloth, and give him a soft, comfortable and secure place to rest - a box with a blanket will do - good quality food and fresh water - and a litter box are necessary, of course - but I'm afraid that he may not make it if he can not see a vet. I would help you myself to get this cat some care if I could - PLEASE try to get him some help in any way you can - he doesn't deserve to suffer or die because some horrible person decided he didn't feel like caring for him.
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Edwin Originally Answered: What do i do with this stray kitten?
Honestly, "the free kitty" thing could work out. I put a few ads on craigslist for kittens and there are cat ladies out there that watch the ads for homeless kittens like yours. You could tell about the bat incident and they may take compassion. The way that I knew a few ladies were legit is that their names would come through in their e-mails so I would google both the name and the email address. One lady had mention on the internet regarding animal rescue and the other lady had info about her working with animals in the past. It's worth a try. Other than that, you could try the humane society or other no kill shelters. You may want to have that eye looked at first.

Canan Canan
The local SPCA won't take him? That's weird. That's the sort of thing they are supposed to do. You could always call the local newspaper or television station and tell them about it - I'm sure the SPCA will change their mind if you show up with a cat in your arms and a reporter/photographer beside you..... I'd be very cautious about dosing the cat with anything until a vet has had a look at him, and if you can't afford a vet, then truly, the SPCA is your best bet.
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Alik Alik
If the cat is friendly then it definitely belonged to someone and they probably dumped him. The cuts will heal on their own.and hopefully eventually you can get him to the vet for a checkup. You can put some neosporin on them to help against infection In the meantime maybe you can feed a bunch of small meals of canne foods Maybe 5 meals of 1/2 a can per day any wormer should do and just follow the instructions. By being sure he has them I assume you have seen them ub his poop or elsewhere. I am glad the spca was full as they certainly would have killed him. You were chosen and I am glad he found you and hope you keep him an someay he will be able to give back to you in love. Thanks for rescuing
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Tanzy Tanzy
Stray cats and homestead cats are completely distinctive. Stray cats have not got an proprietor so as that they do no longer understand extra appropriate. they are in a position to content textile rabies from animals. you don't get effected from a house cat's hair if it is going on your mouth. i've got executed that plenty. no longer something happened. in basic terms make useful the cat does not have rabies, or has a affliction.
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Rimon Rimon
Can you call around to local shelters and just ask for a real quick visit for a low price? Tell them you will handle everything else yourself but just need a couple bucks worth of de-wormer and some anti-biotics. They should cut you a break. And then just keep him around your yard (or in a garage or somewhere in the house if possible) and treat his wounds for a few days and let him hang out.
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Miracle Miracle
hon, i would google on how to treat his wounds, like hot compresses to draw the infection out, not burning hot, but, take a clean cloth and soak it in hot water, and if you can get kitty to lie down for awhile it will help the same with his face, if he will allow you, warm water and a clean cloth and see if you can clean around his eyes some to get the crust off i have heard of vets selling shots to people to administer their selves, perhaps you could find out if they do this in your area, as buying the shot (he needs an antibiotic for that sore on his leg no doubt) is alot cheaper than having the vet administer the same thing so, if you are intent to help him, get him a place to sleep, and put out some food and water, try and clean the wounds and owies, see if you can buy antibiotics for a cat if there is infection, and google wounds, as i do not know more than that bless you for trying to help him, he sounds a complete love, and he is lucky he found you, i canot believe the aspca would not take him, that is so lame! good luck p.s. to the guy who said drown the cat? i hope your relatives think to do the same thing to you when you are sick, how completely rude and cruel, even if she were to put the poor cat down herself, there are more humane ways than drowning, what a JERK! also, it is illegal to kill animals, there is undoubtably some horrendous fine, and it is just plain wrong
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Lilly Lilly
I think I'd have the poor animal put down, if it's in such a bad shape you're not doing it any favours by not sending it to the vet for full treatment. Without full treatment the cat is suffering, it's not fair on the cat either way but I'd end its suffering and put it down.
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Lilly Originally Answered: Stray Cat? HELP pleasse?
I feel for ya. We live out in the county too and get owners who dump cats and dogs both out here. We usually just keep all the cats and they come and go as they please. We have a big barn full of hay and they get fed every day. I'm so dreading spring because we will end up with at least 10 of em before July. Cats here are a very benifical part of farm life so we are always will to take them in as well as our neighbors. Dogs on the other hand we usually take to our local vet who then signs them over to the humane society. If you cant keep him, I'd say try craigslist after putting a found add in the paper.

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