How time-consuming are high school AP classes?

How time-consuming are high school AP classes? Topic: How time-consuming are high school AP classes?
July 19, 2019 / By Hosannah
Question: Okay, so I'm a little flustered.... I was originally planning to take a college class (sociology) at Pierce (community college in California) on Saturdays, but with my 2 AP classes (biology and Euro), I'm not sure if I will have enough time to take them all. I am in high school btw. Besides my APs, I'm in hard classes in all my other periods as well. Can someone with AP class taking experience tell me how time-consuming they are? Thanks.
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Ednah Ednah | 10 days ago
Personally, I didn't take AP bio or Euro, but I had friends who did. From what I heard, AP bio was killer. The AP exam was really hard, and just preparing for it overall is very time consuming. I heard the AP euro test was also pretty bad but it was an OK class, not too stressful. Overall, it really depends on your school and the amount of workload you get. I took APUSH last year and I didn't get much homework besides packets and key terms. The only thing I had to worry about in that class was doing well on my quizzes and tests. I think you can handle taking community college classes in the weekend. In community college your professor will most likely not give you any homework. If you do get homework, it will be very little. However, they might give you essays but you will have enough time to work on it. I took classes in community college over the summer and I barely got any homework. My friend took community college courses at nighttime every thursday and would get home around 10. She was in AP classes too and she managed to get everything done. I'm sure you can do it.
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Ednah Originally Answered: High SChool Classes?
Take art. You should have less homework, and you're already taking harder courses, so take it easy and take that art class!

Charla Charla
well i just graduated and am going to college. First of all, it really depends on how competitive your school is and how tough the teachers are. I have heard some people say how hard it is for them and others say that it was a piece of cake and they barely had any homework. For me, my teachers have been pretty hard so all my AP's were very time consuming, except for AP physics. I think generally, ap's are fairly time consuming but you can handle htem easily with hard work and not wasting time. However, some AP's like my physics class took a lot of thinking and tough homework, but only like 4 problems a night 3-4 nights a week. Sorry i cant give you an exact answer but you should ask people htat have taken them previously or ask the teachers that teach them because it really just depends.
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Arden Arden
You do not need to take any. Honors and AP are not obligatory. Almost all the center topics have honors choices, and the AP topics I recognize of include quite often historical past. Honors categories set you aside from different scholars throughout top tuition and while making use of for faculties. AP guides are very hard, and feature AP assessments on the finish. If you get above a exact rating (forgot the quantity, sorry) on an AP examination, relying on what university you pass to, you would get university credit score for taking the categories.
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Zadok Zadok
Ap Euro at my high is very time consuming and with Bio added on I think you should stick with those. If you take to many complicated class your grades will suffer.
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Zadok Originally Answered: What Classes Should I Take As a Senior In High School?
Since you plan on majoring in materials engineering which fits in the basic engineering category, AP Biology is unnecessary. The three most important classes you will need is AP Physics, AP Calculus and AP Chemistry, though chemistry will not be covered much more than introductory. Calculus is needed to find maximum efficiency/optimization and along with basic physics, the maximum stresses and clear out problems. -AP Chemistry -AP Calculus -AP Physics This courseload is not hard, specifically since you're going to be taking calculus AB and more than likely, physics B. (since physics C requires you to have already taken a calculus related course). You might want to take AP Statistics too just to look great for colleges. I would take all of the AP's available.

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