Does anyone actually think that Obama's health insurance is going to be free?

Does anyone actually think that Obama's health insurance is going to be free? Topic: Does anyone actually think that Obama's health insurance is going to be free?
July 18, 2019 / By Linsy
Question: I saw a question on here that said that. It isn't going to be free. Everyone will still have to pay, except for the extremely poor, who would qualify for Medicaid anyway and still get it free. It'll be based on your income vs. the poverty threshold and where you fall. Does anyone really think it'll be free? Better for the economy in what way?? When all those jobs are lost, how is that better for the economy? The health insurance companies are going to go out of business because all they will be able to offer is the same plans the government offers at a higher price and will not be able to offer ANY plans that are not certified by the gov't. as "qualified.". Have you read ANY of the proposed bills? Jamestown: Sure, you can keep your "normal" insurance. But you will not be able to AFFORD it. You'll see. Enigmatic: Please read just a little more of the question before you make yourself look stupid. "Whoever said anything about it being free?" This guy did: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AgD7KG2zJwelXsL.qGYcWkHsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090806005557AANb2hd&show=7#profile-info-ICRJEV5Taa I don't know where you guys get your insurance. The most we EVER paid was with one of Blue Cross & Blue Shield's plans (really good insurance, too): $364.00/mo. and that included a child under the age of 5 and a sick child under the age of 1 year. I didn't say it was a good deal. I said it was good insurance. But as long as we are talking about it, since the supposed average that Americans pay for health insurance is $13,000.00/yr, I'd say less than half that with no deductible, completely covered 'scrips and a $10 co-pay is pretty damn good. Seldon: Yes, dear. And that is how we pay our people in the medical and health insurance fields, some of the largest employers in our country. Where do you get this sh!t, dude?
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Kamryn Kamryn | 10 days ago
Either way it sucks for me. I guess you could consider me part of the middle class. I notice poor people live great. They don't work or hardly make enough to take care of themselves and they get help for housing, food and medical insurance. They get all kinds of aid from the Government. So if your poor; no problem they got you. If your rich no worries you make enough to pay these ridiculous health insurance charges. But if your like me your srewD. I guess thats the price you pay for being responsible and hard working.
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Kamryn Originally Answered: Insurance Companies love Obama Care. Obama loves Obama care. Great Health Insurance but not Healthcare?
'Insurance Companies love Obama Care' That's a good one (I'll add more once I pick myself up off the floor)!!! Here, let me see if I can explain. Insurance companies are incredibly heavily regulated businesses, mostly by the states. What this means is when the government says jump, they say "How high!?!" in terrified voices. Right now, King Barry has them by the short hairs - yes, they HOPED going in that O'Care would be good for them; at this point, however, the insurance companies, like everyone else, are trying to figure out how they're going to survive our Incompetent-in-Chief's latest disaster. 'Health Insurance before Obama Care covered major illnesses, but not routine visits.' Seriously!?! Where DO you get this stuff? Before going on Medicare, I had the same plan for over 30 years and, yes, Binkie, it DID cover 'routine visits'. Doh! Let me just skip to the bottom line for you: in the absence of the single-payer solution that are "liberal" frenz were desperate for and their Democrat buds in Congress would not pass, one of the chief goals of O'Care was to turn the insurance companies into agencies of HHS. O'Care does precisely that, and although the insurance companies hope to survive that transformation, they will not unless O'Care is changed radically. Word, bro'.

Haleigh Haleigh
A. that question is ALMOST for sure a troll... trying to get people mad... isn't it a little too perfect? but some people do say "free" there are idiots in every party... B. many insurance policies I've seen are much more expensive than the one you mention... and since when is $364 a month a "good" price? that's every month... 10 years ago people would have LITERALLY laughed out loud at that price... and now it's "a good deal" the simple fact is... people have no clue what a "good deal" is... and some people just want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on insurance... other nations pay about half a much on average per person and have care that isn't' that different from ours...there are some weaknesses, but there are some weaknesses in our system... if you think twice as much for basically the same thing is a good deal... then congrats... I don't
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Dolena Dolena
I haven't seen any fee based though I am sure it will not be free. The AVERAGE health insurance policy in the US is $13,000. That doesn't sound free either! Moreover, that is more than $3,000 more than a person making minimum wage and over 1/3 of the total household income for 1/2 of American taxpayers. By the way, only certain type of poor people, like children , the elderly and the disabled qualify for Medicaid! Not much in life....or death is free! Someone had to pay for it!
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Carly Carly
The sad thing is that it's shifting costs to intangibles & factors that aren't measured. With government fee-setting for the entire industry, one effect you'll see is the lack of doctors in rural areas. Another is less experienced & trained nurses taking over aspects of your critical care in hospital. But none of that matters because it can't be easily quantified i.e. "the average person pays $15,000 in health care premiums." Ultimately, it'll be worse for the economy because the insurers are in the business of investing. They aren't health care providers. That means there's less capital to go around and less financing for business deals, mortgages, loans etc. But that doesn't matter because BoO (Bank of Obama) will take care of that. *sarcasm* I once heard a physician say, "in health care, everyone wants to pay for a Honda and drive a Mercedes." Health care won't get cheaper unless the practice of medicine becomes cheaper, and those savings are passed on. None of the bills pushed by the Dems deal with either of those factors. So the only thing left to give way is the amount of care provided...
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Anette Anette
Of course it isn't free. Nothing is free. There is always a cost of some kind. However, the parties that favor expansion of government always have to try to convince the people that they can get free stuff from the government in order to achieve their goals. The tragic mistake Milton Friedman made when he created the withholding tax during WWII (when he worked for the feds as an economist) was to fail to understand that this would eventually lead to people thinking that April 15th is the day when they receive free money from the government.
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Wiley Wiley
Ultimate Health Plan was never *free* there will be restrictions as in any government program This measure is to Comfort the afflicted and to inflict the comfortable and the comfortable are the average men and women working and have their own health insurance plans 40% of the people don't pay taxes now in the US The middle class will have to dig down in their pocketbooks and the rich will be paying more too~as it should be (sarcasm)
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Saxon Saxon
here's a few 'etched in stone' rules about government: NOTHING is ever free NOTHING 'pays for itself' once a 'government plan' is set in motion, it becomes a money sucking monster, consuming far more resources than ever imagined and delivering far fewer benefits than advertised. unless you're fighting a war or operating the judicial system, the free market can do it faster, cheaper, and more efficiently
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Nathaniel Nathaniel
President Obama said he wouldn’t sign anything that adds to the deficit. It WILL pay for itself. Besides, doing NOTHING will cost a lot MORE. Health care is now 18% of our expenses. Insurance get 40% of that. LITTERALLY DO THE MATH! 12% OF OUR ENTIRE ECONOMY GOES TO HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES!
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Kerrie Kerrie
Incidentally, the same people who think it's free make up 95% of his voter base, and also those top 10% are the foot rests for his recliners in the White House. @Jamestown - you moron, if the government controlling health care isn't a monopoly, the pre-existing companies don't meet your almost non-existant standards.
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Kerrie Originally Answered: Won't cheap government health insurance put free market insurance companies out of business?
No. A. It isn't 'cheap' insurance. You will still pay a monthly premium that will be slightly more affordable than traditional HMO premiums. B. The entire point is for HMO's to stop putting profits over people's lives. C. The HMO has a choice to make....to actually serve their customer, or to serve themselves at the cost of their customers. D. Many HMO's will lower their prices to legitimately compete....others will extend their coverages and allow for more benefits under their plans. E. Most people won't change their policies, as they are provided via employment. Most people won't change their policies because their HMO will have plenty of time to restructure and legitimately compete.

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