What are the effects of the Harry Potter books on society?

What are the effects of the Harry Potter books on society? Topic: What are the effects of the Harry Potter books on society?
July 18, 2019 / By Jamison
Question: I'm writing an essay and I need 3 SOLID points! I have these 2 so far...1) integrates life morals and 2) reinforces learning...i don't know a what i can use for my 3rd argument. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. And if you have 3 different points, that's cool too :)
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Frankie Frankie | 6 days ago
1. Gets young kids reading, promoting reading and writing skills. 2. Strong characters, role models. 3. Coping mechanism. Bad things happen to Harry, and you sympathize with him.
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Frankie Originally Answered: How many times have you read the Harry Potter books?
I've always been "in" to the Harry Potter books, but recently I've become a slight addict. I've recently read the last book for a second time, the Half Blood Prince three times, and I'm reading the rest of the books over again. From what I remember... I would say the third is my favorite, and the last one coming in as a close second. I do recommend the series. It's very creative, and it really makes you think. While some parts can be predictable, the majority isn't. It really goes into depth with the plot and JK Rowling just makes the book fun. I wouldn't say they've changed my life, but I can say they have inspired me to go on with my own writing. I'm currently beginning the first chapter of what I hope to be my first novel! Wish me luck!

Deacon Deacon
teaches about responsibility. This kind of falls under morals I guess, but harry has an awesome life--he's a celebrity,at an awesome boarding school, and can do MAGIC! Yet he still has to go to class and study hard, and he has to defend his friends. Another one is that it shows people growing up, can be a good learning experience for children.
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Barrett Barrett
why not intrigues readers imagination. Or something close to that because it's true like on Fanfiction there are over 400,000 stories based on Harry Potter. And that's only one site not counting the other 100s of websites.
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Yolonda Yolonda
Reminds us of the power of Friendship and how much people can actually accomplish when they work together.
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Yolonda Originally Answered: I like harry potter and twilight and mystery books which others should i read?
Best Answer - Chosen by Voters I'm also 14 and love to read. However, my tastes are a bit different from yours. I'll list some of my old favorites, though. Ella Enchanted, by Gail Carson Levine (anything by this author) The Year of Secret Assignments, by Jaclyn Moriarty The Lovely Bones, by Alice Sebold Torn Thread, by Anne Isaacs North by Night, by Katherine Ayres Any book by Meg Cabot All of these are light reading and really enjoyable. Blue is for nightmares White is for magic Silver is for secrets Red is for rememberance These are about a teenage girl who practices wicca, and her dreams tell her things. And in each book she has to help someone and save their lives(including herself). They are really good. She goes to a boarding school and has 4 really close friends. If your going to read these make sure to read them in that order because they're a series, haha my friend read them out of order. Good Girls About a girl whose reputation is destroyed after a picture is taken of her and a boy being....close. She makes new friends during the book and finds out that she loved that boy. LAURA WEISS- Such a pretty girl A girls father who was in prison for child rape and molestation, gets out early. Shes 15, and tries to find a way to put him back in jail, because hes still active. LAURIE ANDERSON- Speak a girl gets raped and calls the cops at the party, and everybody hates her at her school. Fever 1973 a girl tries to save her mom from a deathly fever SARAH DESSEN- This Lullaby a girl who never stays with a guy for more than a couple of months, gets with a musicician, which she promised herself she would never date musicians, but hes different from all the other guys. Keeping the Moon- a girl goes to her aunts for the summer, she used to be really fat, but she got skinny because of her mom. And she finds her inner beauty with real friends. she didnt have friends back at home, even when she turned skinny, everybody still hated her. But here she meets a great guy, and finds out stuff about herself. The Truth About Forever- a girl whose father died, and she or her mother, never really dealt with it, they didnt want to think about it and get depressed. she ends up working at a library and a catering business. she meets good friends, one of which is very attractive, and ends up being the friend she can tell anything to. Just Listen- A girl almost gets raped by her former best friends boyfriend, and everybody thinks that shes a slut. So she has no friends, but the ones at her modeling career. She meets a boy at school, who is obsessed with music, and keeps to himself. He teaches her to not lie, and let her emotions out. Dreamland- this girl meets a boy whom she is fascinated with and loves. But he ends up hurting her, and she faces with her sister running away and being abused by her boyfriend. Someone like you- a girls best friend gets pregnant, and the father was killed in a motorcycle accident, she helps her with her pregnacy.She also meets a guy who is a rebel. and she ends up getting in trouble with her parents because of him. And she ends up getting in a accident, because of him. oh all of the girls in these books are teenagers. JODI LYNN ANDERSON- Peaches 3 very differnt girls become friends, and find love. and solve problems with help from one another. Hope this helps, and that you read some, im sure there will be some you'll love. All of them are about teenagers.

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