What kinds of classes do you take in high school in Australia or New Zealand?

What kinds of classes do you take in high school in Australia or New Zealand? Topic: What kinds of classes do you take in high school in Australia or New Zealand?
July 18, 2019 / By Gog
Question: Hi. I'm currently a freshman (year 9), age 15, and I go to a junior/senior Catholic school in Rhode Island, USA. I am thinking about spending a semester(half year) abroad in either Australia and New Zealand because it just seems like a great place to study and see different views on the world. I think it would be amazing to go to an Australian or New Zealand high school. I love learning about other countries. I've been doing some research and I know that in Australia and NZ you have to pay for school and wear a uniform. In my school we wear uniforms too, because it's private. Well, I was thinking about spending a semester my sophomore (year 10) or junior (year 11). I know you start in late January, and that's when the 2nd semester of my high school begins (we start in August or September and end in May or June) so I think it could work. However, I am concered about my grades and the school system and how the credits will transfer. Here in America all four years of our high school count towards our college applications which are crucail. We take AP (advanced placement) classes and we can get college credits and place out of classes in college and take more varities when we get there. We also can take Honors classes, which add weight to our overall high school GPA (grade point average). Does OZ or NZ have a system like this, with AP or honors equivilants? Also, I am wondering if I can get credits for the classes I took my first semester, because in America if I leave in January I will be leaving mid-year and therfore taken only half of the requirements. I want my school credits to match up when I finish and I'm not sure what classes OZ or NZ offers. For example if I leave my sophomore year in January I will be taking: Religion 10 English 10 Honors Geometry French lll Biology Non-Western History (aka, everything but U.S. History) Foundations in Drawing P.E/Heath If I plan to leave my junior year I will be taking: Studies in Literagy English Language and Composition AP U.S. History AP Chemistry French llll Algebra ll Art P.E/Health Other classes I will consider taking: Economics Phycology Goverment and Politics International Relations Art Marine Biology Physics Environmental Science Pre-Calculus Calculus Accounting Trigonometry Statisics Drama 3-D Design Dance Arcitecure Junior/Senior Christian Action American Issues Anatomy/Physiology Meterology/Geology Forensics European History Music Theory British Literature American Literature World Literature Sorry this was so long but do OZ or NZ high schools have classes similar to this? Do they get to choose their classes or do they all take the same ones? How does these courses compare with yours? Do you take some of the same courses as me? None of them? All of them? If you can't answer any of theese could you tell me about the school systems work in your country. Do you get recess? (We do not). Do you have lunch breaks in the cafeteria? Do you play sports, and what kind? Does your school participate in any extra curricular activities (math club, french/spanish club, photography club, national honors society, year book/prom staff, academic decathalon, band, drama/theater, mock trial, debate team, etc, etc.) and how important is it to join them? What laguages are offered? What kinds of math do you take in all years? Sciences? Do you learn about American History? I'm pretty sure you'd learn Australian/NZ history, right? Sorry again this was so long, but a best answer will be chosen!
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Draven Draven | 9 days ago
Yes, we get to choose subjects but you can choose to take the subject in the first semester, second semester or both semesters. Yes, we do get recess. In my school, we get two recess - 10.35AM - 11AM & 1.25PM - 2.10PM Yeah, we have some extra curricular activities like drama club, dance troupe, chess club etc. Well, for Year 8 & 9, we have: English [Mandated] Math - Fast Track (Advanced) /Junior Math [Mandated] Health and Physical Education Humanities - Geography/ History Languages - Japanese/ French/ German/ Italian/ Modern Greek etc. Science - Junior/Advanced Science Technology - Business Technology/ Junior Technology Studies/ Built Environment & Engineering The Arts - Dance/ Drama/ Music/ Media/ Visual Art For Year 10, you get pretty much the same subjects too except some extras like English Communication, English Literature, Aerospace studies, Furnishing studies, Accounting, Business Communication and Tech, Business Management and Organisation, Ancient History, Modern History, Health Education, Economics, Political studies, social studies, biology, chemistry, multistrand science, physics etc. In Year 11 & 12, you get almost the same subjects as Year 10 and extras like Aeroskill studies, Senior Engineering Technology, Senior Technology Studies, Recreation Studies, Prevocational Math, Philosophy and reason, Information Processing and Technology, Film, Television and new media, Creative Arts SAS etc. I really hope I helped you! And I live in Brisbane, Australia and it's great! EDIT : And also we get lots of sports and extra curricular activities like soccer, rugby (mainly for boys), touch, badminton, basketball, water polo, cricket, cross country (running), netball, hockey, volleyball, gymnastics, fencing, rowing, softball, swimming, tennis, triathlon, debating etc.
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Draven Originally Answered: can anyone give me any information about going to university in New Zealand or Australia?
G'day, First of all you will need a good database that has the information abt the courses offered by the Australian universities for international students. I have listed 2 good online databases that you can use to search for the information. You can actually study both areas at the same time, called Double Degree. Once you found the uni, visit their websites and make sure that you access the information for international students, as some information may be different between Australians and International. Check & read the course info to make sure that the course is the one you want to study. Once decided on the uni(s), download and fill the international students application form (or apply online) and send it together with certified copy of the education transcripts. Once the uni decided to accept your application, you will be given a letter of offer, which also stated the amount of fees that you must pay to be able to get the COE to apply for student visa. Once you have paid the uni, obtain the COE then you can apply for student visa and come to Australia. Hope this info helps. Good luck on your research and welcome to Australia :)

Brian Brian
Let me start by saying come to AUSTRALIA!!!!!! I may be biased. :) Ok our school system is very different and the classes you take depends on whether you come in yr 10 or 11 as those years are very different. I n yr 10 you take Maths, English, History(australian, geography(australian), science and two electives. But in yr 11 you get to choose all your classes with the only compulsory subject being english. In this year you can choose extension history or advanced maths also advanced science, although all the other subjects will have only one level unfortunately. There is only one sort of math where you study everything but different levels. We have quite different classes. We get one or two recess depending on schools. We have lunch breaks but no cafeterias. Most languages are offered depending on what shool you go too. There is no prom and in school extra curriculars are not common lots of people do sports, instruments, arts outside of school though. Extra curicular subjects are not very important in australia. there is not prom committee or mock trial but there are debate teams and the rest. Common Sports: Swimming, Athletics, Soccer, Netball, Football, Tennis, Softball, Cricket, Gymnastics etc. We dont have credits you just pass the classes you do . I think it would be hard to do in these late years but if you find a way to do it i would recommend you do because it would be a great experience and lots of fun. Good Luck
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Ahiam Ahiam
Related to Australia It really depends on which state you are planning to go to as the subjects required are completely different. e.g. English is compulsory in some states up to year 12, 11 in others and 10 in others. As the temperature is generally not cold in Australia, cafeterias are not a common feature. You bring your lunch and eat it outdoors at lunch - there may be a tuck shop for some food but not for hot meals. Languages are generally optional after year 10 and most schools have asian languages on offer, private might have Latin, but the european languages are getting harder to find being taught. History is likely to include European, WWI/II not so much American. With regards to English and Maths - the subjects are not defined by their parts (e.g. geometry) its just Maths and English - you do the subejct for the whole year in the same class.
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Susana Susana
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Rahel Rahel
It depends what school you go to, and in which state/territory. In NSW, there are many subjects available, see the NSW Board of Studies website, www.boardofstudies.nsw.edu.au. We do a School Certificate in year 10, which requires government exams, and the HSC (Higher School Certificate) in year 12. In years 7-8 you are required to do English, Maths, HSIE (Geography/History), Science, PDHPE (Personal development,health and phsyical education), Design and technology (wood work, textiles, food technology) as well as creative arts, such as music and art, oh and language is compulsory for one year. Years 9 and ten do english, maths, hsie, science, pdhpe and get two-three electives depending on the school (religion was compulsory at mine as it is catholic) Years 11 and 12 get to chose from a variety of subjects, with english being the only compulsory subject, and these can be found on the Board of Studies website.
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Melva Melva
Everything from about year 7 counts towards university (also known as college in the u.s) but most importantly from year 9 onwards because thats when you choose electives (classes you want to do). But you still have to continue with your core subjects which is english, science, math & religion (if you attend a catholic school)..then you pick extra subjects you want to learn. (oh and by the way, year 11 & 12 is called VCE here) You can learn about australian history.. Remember that australia isnt really connected with new zealand.. we are two different countries. we study different things and our lifestyles are different. We play almost every sport - tennis, netball, basketball, volleyball, soccer and most australians are obsessed with football!! australia isnt so much big on rugby though - but i believe the new zealanders are. Most schools have HEAPS of school clubs you can join - debate team, book club, design & art team, sport teams, aerobics team, dance, choir, yearbook club, band, drama club... Although we dont have prom here - we call it DEB and its held in year 11 at most high schools. Oh and also we call high school college here. We have recess from around 10.35 and it varies from school to school but usually for about 25 mins - 30 mins. Lunch goes from 12:40 - 1:20. We dont have cafeterias.. we just get our lunch and sit outside wherever. But we do have a canteen where you can line up and buy your lunch. School hours are from 8:40 - 3:15 at MOST schools. Languages offered vary as well from schools but most likely are italian, french and japanese.. some offer indonesian too. Let me just tell you there are many opportunities. We also take exams from year 9 - 12 (year 11 & 12 are most important since they are VCE exams) and they go towards your interscore which you recieve at the end of year 12 exams and they interscore gets you into your university - or if you could not make it to university or decide to go for different subjects - TAFE (sort of similar to uni). Im from melbourne by the way =)...melbourne, sydney, brisbane/queensland are probably some of the best places to go study! But then again there are heaps other states. Goood luckk!!!
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Leigh Leigh
Come to Australia. We have classes like: History(Im learing American, Russian and German history) Physics Human Bio Chemistry Enviromental science Dance Drama TEE English(Universty and college bound people) English Geography Water sports(Jet skiing, kaycking, fishing) Soccer AFL(Aussie Football) Netball Calculus advanced Trig Good luck. We have amazing subjects in Australia you just have to pick to right school.
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Joni Joni
I'll just point out that in Australia and NZ you do NOT necessarily "have to pay for school" or wear a uniform. Although most highschools do have uniforms.
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Joni Originally Answered: High SChool Classes?
Take art. You should have less homework, and you're already taking harder courses, so take it easy and take that art class!

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