Romeo and juliet theme HELP PLZ?

Romeo and juliet theme HELP PLZ? Topic: Romeo and juliet theme HELP PLZ?
July 19, 2019 / By Annabel
Question: in my class we have to write an essay about romeo and juliet on a theme in the play. i have something in mind but i don't know how to word it correctly into a theme. okay so my idea is around fate... and that the series of events happening aren't just coincident but fate. like in the prologue it states that romeo and juliet are "star-crossed lovers" (meaning that their future or destiny is already pre-determined). For ex: isn't it fate when lord capulet needs to invite people to his dinner-party and gave the list to a servant that cant read, and the servant just happened upon Romeo and his group where romeo finds out that rosaline will be there and meets Juliet instead? so can you please help me and word this idea of mine into a presentable theme to write in an essay for me? thanx! what i mean by "word it into a them" i mean like ex: love conquers all or there is good in every one. like a sentence that is universal. not something like "in romeo and juliet love can you.." srry, i meant "kill you..."
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Winfred Winfred | 4 days ago
In its first address to the audience, the Chorus states that Romeo and Juliet are “star-crossed”—that is to say that fate (a power often vested in the movements of the stars) controls them (Prologue.6). This sense of fate permeates the play, and not just for the audience. The characters also are quite aware of it: Romeo and Juliet constantly see omens. When Romeo believes that Juliet is dead, he cries out, “Then I defy you, stars,” completing the idea that the love between Romeo and Juliet is in opposition to the decrees of destiny (5.1.24). Of course, Romeo’s defiance itself plays into the hands of fate, and his determination to spend eternity with Juliet results in their deaths. The mechanism of fate works in all of the events surrounding the lovers: the feud between their families (it is worth noting that this hatred is never explained; rather, the reader must accept it as an undeniable aspect of the world of the play); the horrible series of accidents that ruin Friar Lawrence’s seemingly well-intentioned plans at the end of the play; and the tragic timing of Romeo’s suicide and Juliet’s awakening. These events are not mere coincidences, but rather manifestations of fate that help bring about the unavoidable outcome of the young lovers’ deaths. The concept of fate described above is the most commonly accepted interpretation. There are other possible readings of fate in the play: as a force determined by the powerful social institutions that influence Romeo and Juliet’s choices, as well as fate as a force that emerges from Romeo and Juliet’s very personalities.
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Shad Shad
Nearly any paper you ever write will argue something. From your question, it seems like you want to argue that Romeo and Juliet's romance and the events surrounding it are fated. Now obviously, when you argue, you are trying to convince something to someone who believes something else. By using this argument, you're implying that someone within your intended audience believes that the events in the play are a coincidence. But Shakespeare clearly writes that they are "star-crossed lovers," so doesn't that cancel out any belief that it's a coincidence? So, long story short, how are you going to argue something that, presumably, no one believes? My advice: Pick a new topic. Sorry.
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Shad Originally Answered: What are some differences between Penelope from The Odyssey and Juliet from Romeo and Juliet?
Juliet is younger, Penelope is a queen, juliet kills herself, penelope's husband is seprated from her because of him being in the war and juliet is seprated from her husband because he got banished.
Shad Originally Answered: What are some differences between Penelope from The Odyssey and Juliet from Romeo and Juliet?
Well being it that Penelope was a queen with a husband and Juliet just a young girl ,most likely confused about love makes a big differences Penelope's husband was separated from her and she had to choose to stay faithful to him or to the promise she made with him. Juliet was a girl that fell in love with another guy and decided to get married, separated by the love of there family hatred for each other. Being it that the love of there lives where serrated from then one way or another makes them similar in a way.. But for the most part there is a huge difference between them two and the two stories Funny, I did both The Odyssey and Romeo and Juliet in my English class

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