Bruce Wayne/Batman is a Aquarius with a capricorn moon and either a sagitarius or scorpio ascendant.?

Bruce Wayne/Batman is a Aquarius with a capricorn moon and either a sagitarius or scorpio ascendant.? Topic: Bruce Wayne/Batman is a Aquarius with a capricorn moon and either a sagitarius or scorpio ascendant.?
July 18, 2019 / By Angela
Question: Aquarius' have mean streaks too especially when fighting for serious issues or championing the weak the cap moon gives him the strategic mind and organizational skill along with his natural ability to out think people either ascendant will give him his edge and sarcasm as well as his extreme rage.
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Best Answers: Bruce Wayne/Batman is a Aquarius with a capricorn moon and either a sagitarius or scorpio ascendant.?

Wilfred Wilfred | 8 days ago
You’ve posed an excellent question. My analysis Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon, Aquarius Ascendant Gemini Sun - His sun in a sign that would easily take on and manage a double life. Also he’s a detective. Gemini’s analytical and rational qualities would come into play. Actually all of Gemini’s qualities make for a great Batman: Loquacious, Quick, Versatile, Sly, Friendly, Adaptable, Duality, mentally alert and curious about everything, bored by repetitive tasks, inner loneliness, secretive, freedom loving, and loves solving puzzles. Moon in Scorpio- Brooding, Intense, Motivated, Dominating, Spiteful, Loyal, Creative, Suspicious, Vengeful, Instinctual Understanding of Human Nature. “Men with Scorpio moon can be driven to distraction by situations that offer no solution, and by people who refuse to tell them anything. If they are subjected to emotional manipulation or deprivation in childhood, they are not going to reveal their vulnerability” Aquarius Ascendant – Upon first meeting, people find Bruce Wayne to be odd but intriguing. People don’t “get” him and don’t get close enough to know him. I imagine the initial encounter with Batman garners a WTF response as well. Physically fit, mentally alert, freedom loving, and able to solve problems in unique unpredictable ways. A good note, Aquarius wants to save the world but wants to have an adventure while doing it. That says Batman, on the surface to me. It could just be me, but I don’t see where Capricorn Moon would come into play and Sag Ascendant would be lend to indulgent hedonistic attitudes and although freedom loving they tend to take pleasure in “losing control” rather than restraint. Hard work, dedication and steady commitment would be hard to pull out of a Sag Ascendant who would rather put if off for tomorrow and leave it to luck. Then again, that sounds like Bruce Wayne’s façade of the happy-go-lucky billionaire play boy…so perhaps. The Supermen of the world are Virgo's, but not the Batmen...
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Scott Scott
Batman is an Aquarius. Also, I am Aquarius and very vengeful.. And it has nothing to do with Capricorn, or emotional Scorpio. Joker is more like Scorpio. Bane, an Aries.
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Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar
No, don't think an Aquarius can be that dark. I would expect a Scorpio or Capricorn. And a Capricorn Moon wouldn't be too concerned about the plight of Gotham city, anyway. In fact, I don't think a Capricorn moon would be concerned about the plight of anyone.
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Keshawn Keshawn
The Aquarians that have been mean to me had Pisces or Leo in their Chart.. Both signs are of the Theoretical social group. Theoretical need something to fight for something to believe in. They will defend their ideas to the death. To defuse this passion Treat their views with respect and you will turn a Lion into a lamb.
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Hucc Hucc
nah that doesnt sound like an aquarius, batman is more of a scorpio, mysterious, violent, dark, intense etc.. he could be an Aquarius mars though because he has a aquarian vision to clean the streets of gotham
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Emory Emory
What makes you think Batman is an Aquarius? Do you have a source? You are not simply basing Batman's birthday on Christian Bale's birthday, surely not?
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Clyde Clyde
capricorn sunlight-classic, sensible, you''l climb that mountain if it takes you 1000 years. you have been born previous and advance youthful as you age. sensible and point-headed. aquarius moon-you crave freedom and revelation, self sufficient chiefly issues scorp asc-generally keeps losers away. could incline some human beings to beef with you out of worry/intimidation. forget approximately approximately them. sting them each so generally, regardless of the undeniable fact that ever so gently. they're going to get the factor (get it?...hahaha...) sorry
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