I need to update my music preference ! Help all those who LOVE music.?

I need to update my music preference ! Help all those who LOVE music.? Topic: I need to update my music preference ! Help all those who LOVE music.?
July 19, 2019 / By Kaycee
Question: So I'm homeschooled which makes it harder for me to find music because I'm less exposed. :( Anyway some of my few friends have a ton of music they listen to, and I would like to know a lot too. I feel I know nothing about music and want to know more.Could you please write down some music I could listen to or direct me to a site. I like Apocalyptica, not rap and no teenage stuff. Please just some new songs so I can keep up with everyone else?? Thanks 10 pts.
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Honey Honey | 2 days ago
Tank - You Can Get It All Tank - If It Wasn't For You Ginuwine feat. Trina - Batteries Chris Brown - Look At Me Now (Solo Version) Bruno Mars - Talking To The Moon (Acoustic) J. Cole feat. B.o.B - Pass Me By Far East Movement - Rocketeer Bruno Mars - California Girls (Katy Perry Cover) El DeBarge feat. Faith Evans - Lay With You Bruno Mars - Today My Life Begins Jamie Foxx feat. Rick Ross - Living Better Now Ciara - Gimme Dat Jason Derulo - The Sky's The Limit Bruno Mars - Grenade One Chance - Sexing On You Raheem DeVaughn - She's Single Bruno Mars - Today My Life Begins Ray J - Last Wish Ne-Yo - Sahara J. Cole - Nothing Like It Auburn feat. Tyga - All About Him (Pt. 2) Ne-Yo - Give Me Everything Mya feat. IYAZ - Runnin Back Rico Love - I Choose You [No DJ] Michael Jackson feat. Jay-Z - Do You Know (Where Your Children Are?) R. Kelly - Love Letter Ne-Yo - You Want It
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Honey Originally Answered: Music snobs only: my little sisters love popular music/?
They're so young their musical tastes haven't even formed yet. Just play what you like and hope some rubs off on them. I know it's hard to watch someone you love enjoy Ashlee Simpson.

Edda Edda
ONE WAY TO EXPAND TASTE: 1- open the link http://www.random.org/integers/?num=1&min=1&max=3000000&col=1&base=10 l&rnd=new 2- get the number 3- Go to this link http://www.discogs.com/release/xxxx and change the XXXX with the number you got. 4- try to find the album using google blog search, 5- spend just less than 15 minutes trying to find some album there and get a another random album if you are spending too much time trying to find it. the idea is to be fun and not spend too much time. In this way you will expand your mind about what music is out there, in a easy way. You will get some random albums, but is good to start to open your mind about music. ALSO LETS TRY BY SUB-GENRE: I WILL POST MANY SUB-GENRE AND ARTIST YOU WILL CHECK THEM AND BE EXPOSED TO MANY SUB-GENRES AND THEN CONTINUE TO CHECK THE ONES YOU LIKED: DARK AMBIENT DARK AMBIENT First watch those videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6nLKCJdUvk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fLVSVQXRyU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umQ-3PlTS84 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uoi_1YC88G8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3St6vHlmOo Those videos will show many types of dark ambient music. After you watched the videos and got the name of the types you liked download the artists that play this style. DEEP AMBIENT amon ( the one with the album El khela ) where SleepResearch_Facility MEDIEVAL AMBIENT Letum Nigredo (the one with the album Carmina Defunctorum ) Somnivore DOOM AMBIENT Dump (the one with the album Catacombe Dimenticate) Funerary Call Funerary Dirge CLINICAL AMBIENT Trauma (the one with the album Hospital Machinery) ISOLATIONISM: Kundar DEATH AMBIENT Habeeb mortar (the one with the album Sepulchres) Crepuscule (the one with the album closing wounds) NOISE AMBIENT Negative Thought quest (the one with the album Hic Locust Quest ) NEO CLASSICAL AMBIENT Mauve Sideshow Korinth MARTIAL AMBIENT droin Dawn & Dusk Entwined RITUAL AMBIENT alio die tuu Obitania (the one with the album Pagan Crystal Sphere) Cocytus ( the one with the album Dtxenioutha) Exotoendo Wejdas BLACK AMBIENT abyss (the one with the album mental self destruction) Amaka Hahina Dapnom Hunok Foldalatti Alakulat BLACK SPACE Dreams of Dying Stars Gustaf Hildebrand M87 (the one with the album Noctilucent Threnody ) Neptune Towers ozma (the one with the album A Huge and Silent Place) Silent Watcher of Dark Matter Undiscovered Moons of Saturn Wierzba DRONE AMBIENT Cisfinitum Closing the Eternity Dronæment David Wells (the one with the album Efegin) Nautic Depths Fanum (the one with the album 2008 album fanum) Exit In Grey As Lonely As Dave Bowman Perimeter Kshatriy (the one with the album Slepok Soznaniya) Sans Serif Troum Oöphoi ALBUMS: ISOLATIONISM John Watermann - Calcutta Gas Chamber DARK AMBIENT Jeff Greinke - Cities In Fog Endvra - Liber Leviathan CLINICAL AMBIENT necromondo - Quarantined Quarters MEDIEVAL AMBIENT diatonis - Convolving Universe BLACK SPACE Liquidated Error - We want to believe MARTIAL AMBIENT Deva-Loka - Kampfstationen Marspiter - Vigila Tugend - Optimism Is For the Weak RITUAL AMBIENT Mathias Grassow - Awaken the Empire of Dark Wood DRONE Context - Changed Music 2 MORE SUB-GENRES DEATHGRIND Cattle Decapitation cephalic carnage Circle of Dead Children PORNOGRIND Jig-Ai Puerkochino Brutal nekkro sex Prrot Putrefaction Pestilence Sexual Harassment Panda Sexual Maniako CYBERGRIND Agoraphobic Nosebleed Mulk S.M.E.S whourkr berzerker Libido Airbag Deathstorm Burglecut Ten Thousand Dead Men and Their Corpses GOREGRIND Disgorge General Surgery Squash Bowels Lymphatic Phlegm NOISEGRIND The Locust Arsedestroyer Agents of Abhorrence EMOTIONAL HARDCORE 1905 A Case Of Grenada Amanda Woodward Angel Hair Assfactor 4 Balaclava Born Dead Icons Breather Resist Circle Takes the Square City of Caterpillar Clikatat Ikatowi Cobra Kai Conation Corn On Macabre Creation is Crucifixion Funeral Diner Hot Cross I Hate Myself I Would Set Myself on Fire for You I, Robot Index for Potential Suicide Joan Of Arc Joshua Fit for Battle Kakistocracy La Quiete Life at These Speeds Louise Cyphre Love Lost But Not Forgotten Moss Icon Palatka Pg.99 Phoenix Bodies Portraits of Past Saetia Shikari Shotmaker Systral Takaru The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra The Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul The Holy Shroud The Spirit Of Versailles Transistor Transistor Twelve Hour Turn Usurp Synapse Wow, Owls! If you want Minimal Techno: Richie Hawtin Magda Heartthrob Troy Pierce If you want Acid Techno: Geezer Chris Liberator Ant KN D.D.R. If you want Hard Techno: Voidloss Mhonolog Bas Mooy Go Hiyama Surgeon Grovskopa Eric Sneo Drumcomplex Nick Grater
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Chantelle Chantelle
Anything by Paramore,Linkin Park. Now you said no rap or teenage stuff but if you Youtube David Sides, Yoonha Hwang and Northpaw productions they all do amazing piano covers of rap,pop etc that way you'll be up to date in every genre ;)
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Anstey Anstey
Anything by kid cudi reggae- rebelution kanye west eminem pink floyd led zeppelin jimi hendrix
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Zach Zach
adele - someone like you Chris brown - yeah 3x nicole scherzinger - dont hold your breath starboy nathan - dimonds pink - f**ckin' perfect inna - sun is up jessie J - price tag lady gaga - born this way check out this website: http://www.theofficialcharts.com/singles...
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Here's some popular songs: Umbrella-Rihanna Thnks Fr Th Mmrs-Fall Out Boy Girlfriend-Avril Lavigne U + Ur Hand-Pink The Sweet Escape-Gwen Stefani Don't Matter-Akon Glamorous-Fergie Give it to Me-Timbaland w/ Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake The Great Escape-Boys Like Girls Show Stopper-Danity Kane Fergalicious-Fergie Candyman-Christina Aguilera This is Why I'm Hot-Mims Say It Right-Nelly Furtado Those are definitely popular songs right now.

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