How to Look Less Tired in the Morning?

How to Look Less Tired in the Morning? Topic: How to Look Less Tired in the Morning?
July 18, 2019 / By Honor
Question: And please dont say get more sleep, I have alot of homework everyday and stay up til 11 at least finishing all of it. I have to get up at 6, so I get around 7 hours of sleep everyday. When I wake up, my face is all puffy, especially my eyes. What are some things I can do to make my face less puffy and tired looking in the morning?? and also I get bags under my eyes. please help!!
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Edie Edie | 5 days ago
Sorry, but I have to say it: Sleep Sleep effects your whole entire body. To reduce your puffiness around your eyes, try cucumbers or tea bags. It also works for dark circles. If you wear makeup, conceal your dark area and put blush for a "awake" look. But for better results: Get more sleep.
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Edie Originally Answered: How can I wake up early in the morning and not be tired?
I go to sleep at 10 or 11pm (and for a college student, that's weird), but wake up at 5 or 6am. I go running or swimming at 6am for an hour or so. This helps me get ready and pumped up for the day! I have classes from 8am all the way 3:30pm (with some breaks of course) then 5-10pm. What I do is, if I have any breaks, take a short nap. Even a 10 minute nap in the afternoon can help rejuvenate you for the rest of the afternoon. Maybe eat a quick lunch, then if you have time, take a power nap in the library or something. I know most people in high school don't do this, but this is the perfect way to keep your brain working and refreshed. EDIT: also another tip for staying awake in school is to just take a breather. If you find yourself falling asleep in class, or dozing off, just step outside, ask your teacher to go to the restroom and stretch/jumping jacks. Really, invest a little time so you can have more output in learning. If you just try and fight off the drowsiness, it won't help in the long run. EDIT 2: I'm not a big fan of coffee or other supplements because I believe that you can easily stay awake without the aid of those external drugs. All-natural, good ol' fashioned staying awake. Coffee is for the weak (jk), besides I'm pretty sure they don't sell coffee in high schools.

Charis Charis
I suggest putting a tea bag in the fridge overnight and use that in the morning for a couple of minutes in the morning. Also wash your face with cold water and a face wash and that will help with the puffiness. Try using a facial wash at night to help relax your face and try not to eat or snack on anything other than vegetables at night. I am a student and spend many hours working on my homework and get little sleep. Eating vegetables at night and using a facial wash in the morning helps a great deal.
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Anthia Anthia
You can put some undereye concealer under your eye, also if you put white eyeliner on your waterline it makes you seem more awake and not tired :) if your face is puffy, it may be because you ate carbs before you went to sleep, so try to eat something with protein in the morning to get rid of the puffy face :)
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Zachary Zachary
Use concealer and set it with a powder so it'll last all day. Also, you can use a white eyeliner or light eyeshadow in the inner tear duct of your eye, as well as over the lid (the eyeshadow that is). Garnier (sold at drugstores) also makes an ant-puff eye roller which has caffeine in it which makes your eyes look more awake. Finally, and easiest, get as much sleep as you can! :)
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Zachary Originally Answered: Wha to do in the morning?
Go to the library, work on your hair and makeup in the bathroom, eat breakfast at school, work on homework, or listen to an iPod or Mp3 player.

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