Black water coming out of all taps, now NO water!?

Black water coming out of all taps, now NO water!? Topic: Black water coming out of all taps, now NO water!?
July 19, 2019 / By Sophy
Question: For 3 days, when I turn the water on (on any faucet- bathtub, kitchen sink, etc.), it spits dark black water. After you run it for several minutes, it has cleared up. Until tonight. I went to run the water and it gurgled and spit black water... then stopped. Now I have no water anywhere in the house. My landlord think its a frozen pipe. Specifically, the supply line from under the house. It has been ~15 degrees for days now and that would be a good explanation due to the weather... except for the fact the problem started with this black sludge coming out for days. I have been running 2 heaters on the pipe for 4 hours and still no water at all. I do not think it is a frozen pipe.... but I am not a plumber. Help??
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Posie Posie | 6 days ago
You need some professional guidance help, cause we cannot find where your problem is they can tell you within secs where the problem persists and solve your problem .
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Posie Originally Answered: My water pipes exploded with water is this gonna show up on the water bill?
Oh yes it is. Don't you know where the water comes into the house? Where is your water meter? There will be a shut off right there. Otherwise call a plumber or your local municipality to shut the water off to your house immediately and stop messing around on the computer! Good luck man!
Posie Originally Answered: My water pipes exploded with water is this gonna show up on the water bill?
locate your water shutoff and close it. then call a plumber. and yes your water bill will reflect how much water went through your meter, so the more water that leaks, the higher your bill.

Maureen Maureen
Could be black rubber gasket fabric from the valve stem. You're going to eventually increase a constant leak if this is the case. Might be rust you probably have galvanized pipes. Unpleasant, however harmless. The pipes will finally rust through and you can want that repaired. If it is out of your scorching water handiest, suspect a situation developing for your water heater. Would also be sediment that is being stirred up and drawn out the scorching water deliver line while you turn on the sizzling water tap. Sediment is unsightly however innocent. You will see that a water checking out lab and have your water demonstrated. They must be capable to determine the black specks.
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Latonya Latonya
Broken pipe. Uhoh. Sucking sewage? Your landlord isn't as screwed as you are. He or she has water. Time to raise HELL!!
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Latonya Originally Answered: I just replaced my water heater because i had no hot water, i still have no hot water. please help?
Don't lose it. It's probably something very simple and overlooked. Who installed the new water heater? Did you do it yourself? If not, get whoever put it in back and make him fix it. If you did it, there's a checklist you can go through. Check the obvious first. Did you get the right heater? Water on? Thermostat up high enough? Does the thing kick on at all? When you first installed it, did it kick on and warm up the water at all? If it's gas, you should see it working. Are you getting any water at all from the hot water side in your sinks? Bathtubs? If you give more information, I can better help you fix the problem. But losing it won't solve anything. It'll just make it worse. Believe me. Okay, so the pilot is lit. It's gas, and you have the gas on. I'm assuming the tank is full. The next thing to check is your thermostat. Turning it up should make it kick on. Does the pilot go out if you turn up the thermostat? EDIT This isn't probable, but I once came across a natural gas water heater hooked up to a system that ran on propane. If this is the case with you, DON"T USE IT. Shut off the gas and replace it. It's a very dangerous and explosive situation. It's probably not the case with you but I thought I'd mention it. EDIT II I think moonjumper hit it on the nose. It must be the fill tube. When you (or whoever put it in) carted it home, did you lay it down? Or bump it in any way? The tube could have popped off or cracked. That's why you should never lay them down, among other things. Basically, the fill tube brings the incoming cold water down to the bottom of the tank where the heat is. If it wasn't there, the cold water would come in at the top and go right over to the outlet without getting hot. The way I see it, you have two choices. Either take it back to where you bought it and exchange it, or fix the problem yourself, or have it done. Personally, I'd exchange it because you might have gotten a defective unit. It might not even have a fill tube. If you opt to repair it yourself, shut off the water, disconnect the inlet flex and nipple, and then you should be able to remove the fill tube by sticking your finger into the opening and pulling out the tube. It's blue or white and it's just slid in there loosely. Check it out for cracks or breaks. If it's broken, you'll have to order the part from the heater manufacturer which will take some time. So I'm back to advising you to exchange the whole unit. Good luck to you.

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