Acer Aspire One Webcam Help Please?

Acer Aspire One Webcam Help Please? Topic: Acer Aspire One Webcam Help Please?
July 18, 2019 / By Christi
Question: Hi, i have the Acer Aspire One web book with built in webcam but it doesnt seem to work on the Acer Messenger as the program doesnt pick up the device, when i click the webcam drop down box none of the selections are clickable could someone help me please.
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Ava Ava | 5 days ago
Problem Solved! I redo my connection before signing in. Edit your account and uncheck the "Use a Windows Messenger compatible service" option and sign in again... And the option are not grey under messenger anymore.
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Ava Originally Answered: How to fix acer aspire keyboard?
Yes, this is a physically bad KB. You can use an external USB KB in the meantime. If you're still under warranty call acer/emachines/gateway. Do NOT admit to spilling anything. In the course of the call, mnetion that you never eat by it or drink by it. Spills are NOT covered by warranty. As mediocre as acers are, this accidents are not their fault (ut acers DO have higher defect rate than just about any other brand). If it is out of warranty, it is easy to replace yourself in under 10 mins. You buy the KB from acer (do NOT buy from fleabay. remove battery. remove the center hinge assembly, lift up the "palm rest" use a #1 philips to remove the screws. lift up gently but don't take it all the way out. You will see it's attatched by a ribbon cable. remove the ribbon cable from the slot. Then just reverse the process. Good luck!
Ava Originally Answered: How to fix acer aspire keyboard?
the keys are designed to return off so as that if the letters positioned on away you are able to replace guy or woman keys while not having to interchange the completed keyboard. The Plastic clips below are oftentimes somewhat fiddly to get returned in properly yet take a good one off and notice the way it suits and then replace the rest. the only subject you have gotten is that if the plastic gate clips are broken, you may get new ones yet they do no longer seem to be ordinary to discover and there are a number of categories and sizes, your terrific guess is a pc fix save and take the previous clips with you (besides by way of fact the pc and loose keys). Paying somebody to try this is generally high priced as this might properly be a fiddly time eating job and that's probable extra value-effective to purchase a clean one from Acer Direct or from eBay. to interchange the keyboard is a case of removing some screws, probable removing the hide on the suitable by the exhibit (it basically clips in) and liberating the tips cable. setting up is basically the opposite. It takes below 5 minutes in case you know what you're doing.

Abby Abby
Easy answer! First of all,I've had an acer aspire for over 2 years and it's great. To answer your question, yes there are programs out there that can turn on cameras and see you on your computer. The solution is to tape a piece of paper over the lens. When you want to use the camera just take it off. Another laptop manufacturer provides a clip which covers the lens,but paper taped over the lens will work just as well.
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Steph Steph
You can open "my computer" and you should see an icon for a webcam, double click it and the webcam will open. on the left you can take or delete a picture.
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Steph Originally Answered: Acer aspire 5742z wont boot?
Probably your laptops driver must have corrupted thats why it is not moving ahead of black screen. Or 2nd reason could be some virus effect. If you are bit aware of laptop thingy then you can Pull our Ram and fix it again that might solve problem if any caused by Ram. If you want data on ur hard disk to remain intact then you have to contact specialist or if you dont want data then you can format it.

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