I need a good research topic?

I need a good research topic? Topic: I need a good research topic?
July 18, 2019 / By Fletcher
Question: HELP!!! I have to turn in a research proposal for my Health Science class by Thursday and I don’t know what to write about. We have to conduct a study about something related to health in the community. Some of my classmates are doing theirs the prevalence of autism on Hispanic communities, and how too much caffeine can lead to osteoporosis. (This is an undergraduate college course) I’m open to suggestions. Thanks.
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Darrell Darrell | 8 days ago
How about something on the directions on OTC medicines - how well people actually understand them? A doctor's interpretation of such directions...compared with interpretations from nondoctors from various professions and demographic groups...might be very compelling.
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Darrell Originally Answered: I need a good research topic?
ok, this is mostly math :) but u can also include science there is a number called phi google phi the golden number, u will find a lot of cool stuff: eg: u measured the distance between ur head to toe, and from bellybutton to toe? the ratio is phi the ratio of dist between shoulder to finger and elbow to finger tip = phi it comes in the fibonacci (dunno spellin :-)) series. It is nearly everywhere in the world oh, btw phi = 1 +rt5 /2 it is a good project accordin to me.

Baal-Zebub Baal-Zebub
Do a follow up on the research of health & life expectancy. (See link). Diet, exercise, economics, employment, unemployment, entertainment choices; can be sub-topics for your research. You can approach it from the angle of the effects of personal choices of the individual vs. personal choices in society. You can also interveiw adults and children who have had Ritilin in schools. You can also interview parents of children or adult children on Ritilin. Do a survey of those incarcerated subjected to this drug. You can so research on the effectivenes of Veterans Administration Hospitals & Clinics. Categorize the research by war eras, then contrast & compare. Project the outcome for future Vets based on the treatment on past Vets. I hope this helps. Let me Know how it works.
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Win Win
We don't hear much about Asbestos or Lead Paint anymore... Both had health risks in the past. I'm sure there are buildings that contain either one (or both) in your community.
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Sharona Sharona
how about head and neck melanomia caused by cell phone use. the hone emits emf right into the skin as wekk as warms up the cells. both of which i believe can cause cancer.
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Paise Paise
What about the new trend of relaying on natural methods. How effective are they to cure cancer or other ugly diseases?
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Paise Originally Answered: need a good horse research topic?
I would start with a vague topic and use individual paragraphs to cite examples. I would do... How greed in the equestrian community turns to abuse in the show ring. Then I would use peanut rolling, soring, mental abuse [to get that wide eyed 'spirited' look amongst a lot of the saddlebreds, arabs, morgans, etc etc], rollkur, and even cosmetic surgery.

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