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Question: I need to find 28 articles in all for a science project and i have 15 already. I need articles for the following branches of biology: 1.Paleontology-Dont need any 2.Anatomy/Physiology- I need 1 article 3.Genetics-Dont need any 4.Ecology-I need 2 articles 5.Botany- I need 3 articles 6.Zoology- I need 4 articles 7.Marine Sciences- I need 3 articles Plz help me if u can by telling me where to find the articles or just giving me a 5-8 sentence summary of it! Its due tommorow..... Sorry people but im a procrastinator plz no negative comments. I wont wait still the last second next time. T_T azngirl i would do that if i could but problem is my mom will kill me if i stay up that late, second, she will ground me and never let me go on computer, and third im not asking you to do all my homework for me just asking for website or a shot 5-8 sentence summary
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Jalen Jalen | 5 days ago
http://www.nytimes.com/ Search the achives if you want newspaper articles. Other wise go to your local library web site & search Ebscohost Masterfile premier for magazine articles. Cindy Reference Librarian
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Jalen Originally Answered: HELP ASAP! SCIENCE FAIR! i need to find variables for a project or a new project!?
I would do climate change effects on human behavior. Look in Sudan, the climate changed suddenly and shortly afterwards there was genocide. Climate change has a huge impact on human behavior...human behavior also has an impact on infectious disease due to stress levels reducing immunity. The variables in this study would be how prepared or not prepared a soceity is, how fast the climate change happens and if there is a shortage of basic needs like food, shelter, clean water, etc. How would you test this I am not sure, but you could use case studies of climate change examples around the globe. Like Australia is undergoing a severe drought that seems to be the new norm. However big farming companies are eating the water supply and ordinary people are being rationed to where they have to use the water they bathe in to cook with and do dishes with. So here is an example of high power corruption when the need for water suddenly becomes scarce. However the light at the end of the tunnel is that some folks there have adapted their technology to where they use a closed loop water system using fish and plants symbonicly (sp) in a system called aquaponics. Look up www.growingpower.com for more info. I found the info about Australia in Time magizine in about feb/march 2009. The information about the link between climate change and genocide and other civil unrest is in Al Gore's book "Earth in the balance-ecology and the human spirit" There is alot of other things in that book that will be benefical to this study Best wishes. Jojo
Jalen Originally Answered: HELP ASAP! SCIENCE FAIR! i need to find variables for a project or a new project!?
You could take a coleus cutting and put it in water and watch it root! It is so simple but yet amazing! They can seed and grow leaves and it is just cool and it doesn't take very long. Plus it is an easy upkeep just keep the water clear. I have 3 growing right now. 2 are in sil and 1 is in water. the one in water is actually MUCH better than the 2 in soil.

Ford Ford
Don't ask people to do your homework. When I was in grade 9 I stayed up till 7am doing hwk. If you work hard you will get done.
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Davie Davie
http://www.sciencedaily.com/search/?keyw... http://www.sciencedaily.com/search/?keyw... http://www.sciencedaily.com/search/?keyw... if you need more, you can just search it there :)
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Davie Originally Answered: College Level Art Project Idea HELP ASAP!?
I'm just throwin out an idea here, but maybe you could do a photo/art collage of fashion throughout history (modern history possibly) and write your opinion of the changes that were made, why the styles changed (social/economic/regional reasons) and how you could apply such knowledge to a job in the fashion industry today.

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