Anyone know a synonym for this kind-of swear word?

Anyone know a synonym for this kind-of swear word? Topic: Anyone know a synonym for this kind-of swear word?
July 18, 2019 / By Alis
Question: Well it's not a swear, but I'm doing a Free Write for school where you could talk about absolutely anything so I chose to do it on Blink 182 cuz I randomly wrote an essay on them(not school-related , I just did it cuz I love them + I wrote this WAY before the free write) but anyway, I used the word ''asshole'' in it to describe Tom, the lead singer(for all the Blink fans reading this,it was describing how he was like after Blink broke up BTW) .. Anyone know a synonym for that word cuz I can't think of anything? Also, I had this paragraph in it : '' From that day, the only things that would be running through peoples' minds is when Blink's next tour is, how soon they're planning on making a new record, when you'll see Tom making sex jokes again, what Travis's next tattoo is, if Mark's ever going to go back to ''Mr.Purple Hair'' as Travis once said & when the next song about doing your grandpa will come out. After all, they were immature retards who would talk about banging DOGS & horses *cough* Tom *cough* but that's why we love them greatly, isn't it? '' Now, I obviously can't give that part to my teacher so anyone know what else I can say, instead? Or do you think I should just chop off the end? thank you very much to whoever answers (:
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Best Answers: Anyone know a synonym for this kind-of swear word?

Ulric Ulric | 4 days ago
I think you should take that paragraph out, it seems like one of those things that'll be hilarious or nobody will laugh.. I'd take a safe bet and not use it. Use jerk instead of asshole I guess.
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Ulric Originally Answered: How would I solve this kind of math word problem?
think this is how you do it step 1) convert 65% into the decimal .65 step 2 ) multiply .65 times 40 and you get 26 which is 65% of 40 step 3 ) divide 390 by 26 and you get it will take Cyndi 15 months to pay back her parent
Ulric Originally Answered: How would I solve this kind of math word problem?
Well, first you need to find out how much she pays back a month. She pays 65% of 40 dollars, or (.65)(40) So, that is $26. She pays back $26 per month. So if she owes $390, divide that by $26 to find out how many months it takes to pay off her loan. 390/26 = 15. It takes her 15 months to pay back the 390 dollars. That is 1 year and 3 months, or 1 1/4 years.
Ulric Originally Answered: How would I solve this kind of math word problem?
65% of 40 is 40 x .65 = $26 $390 owed total divided by $26 per week gives a total of 15 weeks to pay it off. That's it! OOPS she only gets $40 per month so that's 15 months.
Ulric Originally Answered: How would I solve this kind of math word problem?
First find 65% of 40 by changing it to a decimal and multiplying: 0.65 X 40 Then divide 390 by that and round up if necessary

Ulric Originally Answered: Is their something wrong with this resume? Cause I swear to God I can't get a job!?
Too chatty and over-detailed in some ways, while still lacking pertinent information. If I were you, I would start afresh. Here's what sections I would include if I were you and what to put in them: ~Contact Information: Name, Mailing Address, Home Phone (if you have one--I don't), Cell Phone, Email Address, Website (if you have one-- and only if it's relevant, not Facebook or other such rubbish). Don't abbreviate anything. Write out "Cell phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx" instead of just "No." I would bold your name and center it at the top in a slightly larger font. Don't make it look like a Vegas neon sign though. ~Work Experience: Month and Year Started - Month and Year Ended, Job title, Workplace, Location of Workplace (City, State). You can follow it with a brief bullet-point list of no more than four or five shortly-worded items, so pick the most important things and ditch stuff like "keep work area clean" and "other duties as assigned." The person who will hire you KNOWS that all jobs have lots of duties, but it's really a turn-off when someone writes twenty lines about a single job. Example: "Jan 2001 - Jan 2005. President of the United States of America, White House, Washington, D.C. Made policy decisions. Appointed and oversaw administrative committees. Head of executive branch of government." Nuff said, even for that job. ~Special Skills and Qualifications: Put your certifications in here. Same story. We know what CPR certification means, and even a lay-person has a good idea what "Forklift Operator" means. Instead, put when you earned each certification and when each will expire. (You might separate "First Aid" and "CPR" onto two different line items if they were earned separately.) Also put in any other equipment you can operate (even if it doesn't require certification), special licenses (do you have a truck license by chance?), re-mention management experience, etc. ~Education: Again, just the basics, please. Graduation Date (Month and Year), School, City and State of School, any LARGE honors (Don't say you were president of some random club. Your boss won't care.). No hiring manager is going to be interested in reading that list of your high school courses, either. They just need to know you graduated. ~Other Work Experiences: Volunteer work of ANY kind, as long as you've done it more than just a few times (coach, youth leader at a church, soup kitchen, animal shelter, whatever). It shows that you're a productive person and are involved in the community. If you're not doing volunteer work, you SHOULD be while job-hunting. Most people find jobs largely through networking, and volunteering is a FREE way to mingle with other people. ~References: Yes, you put them on your resume as well, even though a majority of applications ask you to write the references on that page. Put in 3-5. First, make sure the people you've chosen will say nice things about you. If you're not sure, pick another person. Second, make sure the references you've chosen are okay with being your references. Third, let them know every time you send a batch of resumes out so they can be prepared for possible phone calls. Who to pick: No family members. Preferably ONLY people you have worked with (so they can talk about your work ethic/skills AND your character rather than just your character). Preferably at least one manager/boss. Include on your resume: Name, Position, Workplace, and Location ("Shift Manager, Such and Such Industries, Sometown, Wyoming"), and as much contact information as your reference gives you permission to include. Whatever the reference wishes. ~(optional): I put a colored dividing line between all the sections on mine to make it a little more visually interesting as well as more cleanly organized. I also print it on heavy-weight marbled paper. I also include three copies of reference letters that I ask bosses, professors, and/or coworkers to write for me. Even though the letters usually aren't REQUIRED, who's going to throw them away? And it makes me stand out above all the other applicants. ~Final Tip: You can move the sections around in a way that seems to make the most sense to YOU. Put the section that seems most important first, and so on. I actually COMPLETELY rewrite my resume depending on the specific type of job I'm applying for, customizing it to match the priorities position I want. Good luck hunting.
Ulric Originally Answered: Is their something wrong with this resume? Cause I swear to God I can't get a job!?
first of all your resume looks like it Was copied straight out of a job service office, use the word responsibilities or responsible once, not multiple times, list achievements as much as duties, because the way I read it you are a semi skilled worker, if you welded than you must have some certs or xrays to show a potential employer, your last position is not much of anything ,factory work, certified fort truck operator is enough, high school diploma is all you need to put down. Your resume needs a solid skill level of some kind, you may have more talent than your resume shows but in it's current state I wouldn't give it a second look unless I was looking for a fork lift operator
Ulric Originally Answered: Is their something wrong with this resume? Cause I swear to God I can't get a job!?
my bf is also a welder and he is having a hard time finding work because of the economy... also are there welding jobs readily available in your area? but by looking at your resume it is tooo wordy, and it doesn't give that dates of when You accomplished these things...and u don't have to go into detail about what studies u took in high school...try to explain things in just a few sentences employeers only glance at a resume most times... if u are in college, you can have someone look over your resume, do u send a coverletter also?

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