What course involves more physics?

What course involves more physics? Topic: What course involves more physics?
July 18, 2019 / By Phoenix
Question: Im an upcoming freshman college and yet i havent decided on what course would i be taking. Mostly, i excel in Physics and i enjoy learning it. While, in math, i can cope with this subject but i dont really like solving especially when it comes to a big problems in math. And also, i have a high grades in our English subject XD looking forward for your responses, hope you guys can help me to choose on what course will i be taking :D
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Maryanne Maryanne | 2 days ago
Physics uses math. Math is simply a tool for solving problems related to physics. English, if it is not your native language, is only good for comprehension of what you read, speak or hear. For me they ranked like this: 1. Physics 2. Math 3. Chemistry 10. English
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Short of winning a nobel prize or otherwise winning a lot of prize money, patent agency/examination is probably the best paying jobs for scientists. It is hard to become qualfied, however, as you have to pass the patent bar examination. This is the same examination that lawyers have to take in addition to their state bar to practice as patent lawyers. The test is based upon 35 USC (the US patent laws), 37 CFR (the USPTO rules), and the MPEP (the Manual for Patent Examining Procedure). This will qualify to you prosecute patents and/or examine them depending on where you work. On the examination side, you will start off at at least 55k, and within 5 years, if you perform your job correctly and don't miss any promotions, will be making 110k. Examiners currently top out at ~140k (150k if you make supervisor), but it takes about 20 years to get there. The USPTO will train you from scratch (don't need to be a registered agent). You will become an agent as you get promoted. On the agency side, you will probably start at 60-100k, depending on the firm you work for, and can easily earn 150k if you are really good given some time to get promoted. The USPTO will also send you to law school on them, with a 2.5 year commitment, and some patent law firms will send their agents to law school if they want to go. After you have your law degree, you can be a qualified patent lawyer. Patent lawyers are the brain surgeons of attorneys. They make mad cash. Some patent partners make 1MM per year, although these people work their tail off. Honestly, most partner's don't make quite this much. So... IMHO, get into patents. You will make mad cash.
Maryanne Originally Answered: What is a good paying job that is also interesting that involves maths/physics?
in case you're unhappy and know which you truly prefer to instruct I say decide for it. there is not any longer something worse than being unhappy at the same time as working. I stop my activity a month in the past and that i've got on no account been happier. this style of weight has been lifted off of my shoulder. i'll assert that it would be smart so you might have you ever funds with the intention to make the transition less demanding for you. Math and Physic are subjects that look in intense call for for coaching. sure, it fairly is authentic that the economic equipment is risky, yet i think of that coaching jobs are actual in call for. And who is familiar with, maybe you could create some type of partnership between the corporation you artwork for and a school. maybe you could proceed to artwork area-time at the same time as coaching. you will probable additionally make an amazing college professor. So, lower back i might say... do purely IT!
Maryanne Originally Answered: What is a good paying job that is also interesting that involves maths/physics?
you could be a statistician for sports teams count how many shots each player takes and you get to go to all of the games and i pretty sure it pays well :)

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Let me start by saying there are many ways out. Just because you see yourself as useless does not mean this is true. The big "S" word is the most selfish thing in the world. If you did that your family would be in ruins. Your daughter would grow up without a father, and would forever question why her father left her. Assuming your wife loves you, (which she does since she's with you in these hard times) she will never tell your daughter what truly happened for fear of her being unable to handle it. This will cause your daughter to feel as if someone has abandoned her, which is that last thing you want to do if you love her. Your debt would pile up upon your wife until she could not handle anymore and would file for bankruptcy, she would take your daughter to a poorer part of town, where she would attend a poor school, with little educational opportunities. Your wife would try to work two or three jobs a day to keep your daughter in school while trying to pay off your accumulated debt. Your daughter would get a below average education, and your wife would never be around, and your daughter would once again feel like someone has abandoned her. Your wife would grow old, your daughter and her would stop talking from fear that your daughter feels abandoned by the world and wish she had her father's love once more. I know I'm supposed to tell you alternatives, but the only alternative is to be there for your family by being alive and taking care of them the best you can. You're wife and daughter love you and need you. This being said, the big "S" word is the most selfish thing in the world for these reasons, and I know how much your family needs you, even if you may not. -Chris
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Try to focus on your beautiful baby girl. If you leave this world, then you leave her on earth in a much worse state than you are in right now. How will your wife and your daughter fare without you? By creating a wonderful family, you took on a responsibility to care for them as much as you physically can, no matter how bad it may be for you. Your daughter would grow up without you and your love and all the security that comes with having two devoted parents. Remember, she won't understand financial issues, or why your thesis wasn't perfectly presented, or your sadness; she will only blame herself and be haunted by thoughts of what-could-have-been. Take her to the park, or swimming, or make a fort with her in your house today. Just try to remember what brought her to this place and why you need to stay with her :)
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Everyone else has basically said what I would have. So please don't jump. The 'S word' is not the answer. Seek help, Let the school know you are stressed and need an extention and then apply yourself and do what you have to do to get your life, wife and daughter back on track. I know you may not be able to stop drinking cold turkey but try to at least drink less. And I dont know your level of faith but I always remind people, God is here. Talk to him. He will see you through. THink positively and please dont be a coward and leave these two women on their own.

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