Art project, yin yang theme.?

Art project, yin yang theme.? Topic: Art project, yin yang theme.?
July 19, 2019 / By Brose
Question: So in art we have a huge project in art. We get to do whatever we want (clay, photography, paint, etc.) but it has to be in the theme of yin and yang (or balance). I just have to idea what to do. This is really important because it counts as 1/3 of our grade (with an essay)! Thanks!
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Aladdin Aladdin | 2 days ago
Hi, You could go to [Google Images] and type Yin Yang... You will presented with tons of ideas... On the contrary you can learn more about what is Yin Yang before you go deeper into creating something artistic... e.g. You can download this free [Yin Yang Balance] report: http://goo.gl/MHoiI You will get a lot of insight about Yin Yang! .
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Suzy Suzy
Maybe you could make two Yin-Yang's and a scale out of Clay. You could make it commemorate equality amongst people (hence the scale). In your essay you could say why you chose to do that.
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Raymonda Raymonda
yin, yang Heaven and hell , dark and light, I would lean towards contrast and add some philosophical comments in the essay like "without heaven there would be no hell, no night without day.......no yin without yang" some BS like that
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