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Question: dad got me this 5 gallon tank that had 7 goldfish in it. i just started to be in the fish world so i have no clue on whats good or bad. i have 1 popeyeish goldfish. 1 lion head and the rest r like regular to me, but what do i know. they all have fantails. my tank has one air pump that is connected to this fake plant. theni have this other fake plant that just sits there. once in a while per week my dad does a half ank water change. just now i noticed that my popeye fish has like a ripped tail or some thing. i search it up and its either just a rip or a tail rot... idk i have notjing at the bottom of the tank. just a bare bottom. i coverd the outside of the tank with blue paper just now. PLZ HELP ME MAKE A BETTER PLACE 4 MY GOLDFISHES(7 in total)
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Morgan Morgan | 6 days ago
Your Dad should of done a bit of research first. I'm sure he wouldn't of brought a car like he brought this tank and fish1 Bless his heart...he was trying to do good! But all he has done is set you up for some headaches and lost money. Goldfish are the dirtiest fish there are. i know. i raised and showed them for years. i only kept four almost full grown ones in a 55 gallon. That was four! Plus double the filtration, extra oxygen, and weekly partial water changes. For the ones you have, you need at least a 55 gallon to start. the fancy types like the pop eyed and loin head will be at an disadvantage i the others are common comets. Fancy golds are not as fast and can get bullied by the faster, leaner comets. (fantails) Even though you are new to the hobby, time spent on the internet will do you a world of good. here are two links to read and there are many more out there. http://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/in... http://www.exoticgoldfish.net/index.html I really can't even imagine how your seven are able to swim in such tight quarters! Plus the ammonia must be really burning them! The best advise I could give you is to take all these fish back, tank included and get at least a twenty gallon set up. and a larger filter if you want to keep goldfish. Plus i would find another pet store to buy from. any fish store that would sell such a setup and then that amount of fish for it is quite unknowledgable about fish and I wouldn't trust them to tell me anything! as a novice, you are at their mercy unless you arm yourself with some prior knowledge first. There is nothing you can do to afive gallon tank to make it better for this amount of fish, one gold alone would not even be able to live in it. its just too small. I almost forgot this link. cycling a tank must be done BEFORE fish are bought, or you run the risk of losing them due to a unbalanced tank. http://animal-world.com/encyclo/fresh/in...
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Morgan Originally Answered: Do you think these fish prices are overpriced or cheap and what type of fish should I get in a 5 gallon tank?
Compared to the prices in my location - those are pretty good. Different areas of the country or world will have different prices. Neon Tetras do well in water temps from about 68 to 75 degrees and you are very right in wanting to keep more than one. In the wild, they are a shoaling fish, so grouping them is best. I would avoid the feeder guppies, simply because they tend to be rather plain looking. Something else to keep in mind - Neons come from the Amazon basin where the water is soft and acidic. Guppies come from moderate to hard alkaline waters. Now, that said - chances are the fish you get from the LFS are many generations from the wild, so matching natural habitat water is probably not all that critical for survival. As for the Betta question.... yes, a Betta can survive in a very small container. But I personally would never do that to a fish. My personal opinion is that a 1.5 gallon filtered aquarium is the minimum for a Betta. Thriving vs. Surviving.

Livia Livia
The best place for your fish right now is back at the store. A single Goldfish needs more like a 20 gallon over filtered tank, there's no way even one should be housed in a 5 gallon! No doubt the fin damage has resulted from other fish nipping at him through being extremely stressed in such tiny confines and I imagine there is a fairly bad water quality problem no matter how many times you do a water change, thus said injury is very likely to become infected and turn into fin rot if it hasn't already. Take all the fish back to the store. Even if you got a bigger tank now it still would need to cycle for a month. It sounds as though you're not ready to own Goldfish at the moment - they are surprisingly high maintenance fish that need extensive set ups. Return the fish, research proper fish care with books and the internet, don't rely on the advice from one person from the pet store, chances are they're wrong.
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Kari Kari
All goldfish are the same species, you just have different breeds of goldfish. But that isn't a problem. The problem is that a 5-gallon tank is not big enough for even one goldfish. You shouldn't keep goldfish in anything smaller than a 30-gallon tank, and for 7 goldfish, you need more like a 100-gallon tank. So you really should exchange, sell, or give away the goldfish, and get something that can live in a 5-gallon aquarium, such as one betta, or three or four White Cloud Mountain Minnows.
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Harmony Harmony
The best way to try and save your goldfish would be to return them. The fact that he introduced seven new fish into that tiny volume of water caused the amount of ammonia (fish waste) to go through the roof. This is not good seeing as goldfish are massive waste producers and therefore should be kept in large tanks with double the filtration. One fancy goldfish (your popeye or lionhead) will fully stock a 20g tank, I'd recommend a larger one with double the filtration as they grow to be around 6-8" when properly cared for and can live up to 15 years. One common goldfish can live up to 25 years and grow to be over 2ft when properly cared for. They are generally not suitable for home aquariums. Common goldfish such as koi, comets and shubunkins are the ones sold in pet stores as "feeder fish" for less than one dollar. They have elongated bodies and shorter fins than the fancy goldfish. A tank has to be fully established prior to adding any fish. Some people will add hardy fish like zebra danios and guppies to cycle a tank, although fishless cycling is more humane and actually faster. You can read up on cycling a tank below if you're unsure of the process. http://www.theaquariumwiki.com/Cycling Your goldfish are going to die, that's the sad truth of the situation. Next time, make sure the both of you do some research about goldfish from trustworthy and correct sources, and make sure that you are not going to make a mistake like this again.
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Dominique Dominique
They need an 80 gallon overfiltered aquarium. Goldfish grow into very large fish many reaching 30cm in length. Goldfish are all the same species you just have several different types. You need to research before buying pets.
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Dominique Originally Answered: What are some good fish to put in a 20-29 gallon tank?
Research species that YOU are interested in, that's the fun part of setting up a new tank!! Go to your local store with a pen and paper and NOT your wallet and write down species that interest you, come home and see if they're suitable for your tank. You've got plenty of time to research while your tank goes through the nitrogen cycle anyway. FYI, work out whether it's a 20 or 30g, that extra 10 gallons can make a big difference as to what fish are suitable for your tank! Alternatives to common fish include small Rainbowfish like Threadfin Rainbowfish and Forktail Rainbowfish which are nice alternatives to common shoaling fish. They do need a nice matured and fully cycled tank though, and like live plants! Corydoras are also excellent sociable shoaling bottom dwellers too.

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