My rabbit wont litter train!?

My rabbit wont litter train!? Topic: My rabbit wont litter train!?
July 19, 2019 / By Shaquila
Question: i have had my rabbit (female) since december 30 adnd they said she was 12-15 weeks old then. i have been trying to litter train her since february and she wont! she always poops and peas on my bed! I have to wash my blankets every night and it's getting annoying. How do i stop her from pooping on my bed?? I really need good advice,my mom said if she does not stop pooping on it i have to get rid of her so please help! i cant get her spayed yet because i do not have enough money.
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Orlagh Orlagh | 2 days ago
Well, first off, older rabbits are actually easier to train than younger ones. (scroll down to 8.2 on the attached link) Secondly, the best way to solve this problem sounds like you should train your rabbit not to hop up onto your bed! Litter training is a process that requires a bit of patience and a lot of follow through. You need to provide litter boxes in each room that your rabbit is allowed in, and you need to reward your rabbit every time she uses the box (that you see anyway). If you spot your bunny peeing or pooping elsewhere, lift her up and move her into the litterbox (she'll get the idea). You need to be consistent with this! Secondly, notice where your rabbit chooses to pee - that's where the litter box should go! Rabbits naturally prefer one or two specific locations to go in, so you should be able to pick out one or two spots to put the litter box in even within your room. (You can remove the extra litter box later). On the off chance that you are the one putting your bunny onto your bed - if your bunny is making movements similar to digging or is nibbling on you a little, that means she needs to go pee and needs to be placed on the floor. Some rabbits are afraid of even small heights, and if she hasn't learned how to jump down off your bed on her own (even if she is jumping onto it!) then its up to you to read the signs and help her down. Training her not to jump onto your bed is even easier than litter box training - simply remove her every time she hops up. Also, don't encourage her to jump up - that means no treats given on or from the bed. I know its cute to have a bunny on your bed, but if the alternative is to lose bunny, this decision should be simple! Lastly, spayed rabbits are a lot cleaner and less likely to pee everywhere (its their way of saying "This is my territory!" and fixing them reducing that urge). So save up quick for your bunny's sake!
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Malach Malach
it was to old to start with you have to do that when they are very young 4-6 weeks( the sooner the better) so there probably is no use of you trying. you will have to keep it in a pen overnight if you dont mind cleaning up after it during the day otherwise you will have to keep it in the pen all the time and let it out to run around the house for an hour or two during the day. i would actually like to know where you got the rabbit from i would be willing to bet it was a pet store
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Kiley Kiley
best thing to do is get a cage and keep it in there, till you wanna play with it.and when your done just put it back you'd have to clean the cage but ... its better then ruining the bed.
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Jancis Jancis
2 muddle trays, one for wee one for poo? properly completed on combating the weeing, it relatively is the harder area. %. up the poos she does and placed them in a muddle tray to help her get the assumption. If she does the final public of her poos in one place, placed the tray there. no longer all bunnies take to muddle preparation. Chalice
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