Choosing a college major?

Choosing a college major? Topic: Choosing a college major?
July 18, 2019 / By Harmonie
Question: Um.. Im deciding to do double major in business and in audio engineering and minor in music I wonder what school is best for that in TEXAS my best interest is music and technology right now Im in lone star community college and thinking what course should I do before registration start for the spring and thanks and then transfer. after wards I'm thinking of doing MBA in electrical engineering or teaching degree can decide yet but so far this is my plan for college but I need a good school for my major and minor in texas. and thanks
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Dominica Dominica | 9 days ago
do no longer worry lots approximately what human beings say approximately your college considerable. for many roles, it relatively is no longer lots what degree you have, yet which you have one! The job outlook isn't so reliable in many fields and, incredibly, i think of an excellent area of it relatively is area. There are continually jobs -- yet distinctive it relies upon on journey, tutorial historic previous, character, and in specific cases in basic terms elementary success. in case you have an pastime in Sociology then by way of all skill choose for it! changing majors to a minimum of a few thing it relatively is meant to make extra funds might flow away you in a depressing job that makes getting up and heading to artwork organic drudgery. do no longer worry in regards to the money area of it -- that could nevertheless ensue. incredibly, see what else you're able to do to stand out on your destiny employers. have you ever seen study out of the country or interning? there is plenty which you're able to do to place your self interior the suited gentle interior the destiny -- in basic terms confirm it relatively is the destiny which you relatively want and care approximately. P.S. I studied theater in the beginning yet found out that i actually cared greater approximately improv than classic theater. I switched my considerable to English/Journalism.
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Dominica Originally Answered: Choosing college major!?
I'm in a similar situation. I'm also a sophmore, finishing up at community college now. I got accepted for my transfer app, and had no idea what to choose. So I just picked Bus. Management. Enough about me. You should look into running your own healthy bakery! You're organized, and seem to love everything about health and food. We'll team up, I'll get my business management degree, you get your degree in culinary arts, and we'll start the best baking business in the U.S.
Dominica Originally Answered: Choosing college major!?
You could major in: Health Care Administration: Is often knowns as the “business side” of healthcare (so if you aren't very good at math or science). Basically, you help the hospital, nursing home, etc. run smoothly. You would answer complaints, concerns & questions others might have. Nutrition: If you a majored in this you'd ........... Possible jobs could be with government agencies, research assistant, consulting nutritionist, registered dietitian, etc. Human Resources: Where you manage benefits, recruit, interview, and hiring new employees (these are found in any organization, law firms, businesses, hospitals). Hospitality Management: You would take classes in leadership, even planning, food/beverage cost control, food production management, etc. This major you would be able to work in hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, travel agencies, cruise lines, etc. Hope that helps a little bit!
Dominica Originally Answered: Choosing college major!?
You can't really do much with a Health Care Admin degree - it's basically the same thing as Business Admin with a focus on Health-related settings. Do you like computers? Consider Health Informatics or Health Information Management/Technology (the name is different for each school).
Dominica Originally Answered: Choosing college major!?
For health care administration, you need at least a bachelors in health care administration, business, or public health. Please answer mine http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhCXwTbWXjgqCY9zyd4vFUnty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110514015100AAaQbVP

Dominica Originally Answered: Choosing a major for college?
only major in psychology if you plan on devoting 10-12 years in college as you need a doctorate to get a job, a bachelors will find you unemployed or flipping burgers. everyone majors in business at one time or another it seems to attract a very wide range of students from people that would like to be president of a large corporation, to your local slacker who only majored in it because he heard it was easy. honestly what i personally would do is schedule an appointment with an academic advisor at a local community college in your home town. these people are often very accommodating and can walk you through everything that you need to know to ease your fears. by the way fewer than 20% of students graduate with the major that they declared their first semester going to college. the average student changes majors 3 times. it is perfectly fine to go to college and not declare a major, you will up untill 60 semester hours be declared as "undecided" and after that you will be a general studies major. there is no hurry to choose a major today, everyone has to take the same basics classes, i would suggest going to school and taking some classes, almost everyone finds something that they like eventually, and for those that do not there is always general studies.
Dominica Originally Answered: Choosing a major for college?
Psychology. Because if you have no idea what you're going to be when you grow up that is one of the only subjects that can help in many of the available jobs up for grabs in this era.
Dominica Originally Answered: Choosing a major for college?
Industrial and organizational psychology also known as I-O psychology combines psychology with business. it also happens to be quite lucrative... in most colleges, you are able to double major and/or minor in whatever they offer...

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