Which is the REAL problem: declining fertility rates or overpopulation?

Which is the REAL problem: declining fertility rates or overpopulation? Topic: Which is the REAL problem: declining fertility rates or overpopulation?
July 19, 2019 / By Benjy
Question: Today, I have been confronted with this problem. It really confuses me actually: ____ http://www.exitmundi.nl/exitmundi.htm- (Click on the image that says "VANISH!" and on the pink image next to it too) __ The articles at exitmundi say that the population is actually decreasing. Since this website talks about possible events that can wipe out the human race, this actually freaks me out. On the other hand, places like this website (http://www.globalissues.org/issue/198/hu... are more about overpopulation. But what is the REAL problem: declining fertility rates or overpopulation? I just realized that the exitmundi link didn't work. Please click on this link if you want to see the site: www.exitmundi.nl _Then click on the image of the cross that says "VANISH!". Also click on the pink picture next to that link. Also view this link: http://www.rickety.us/2009/10/world-tota...
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Abell Abell | 8 days ago
Why must there be only one "real" problem? 1. From the perspective of long term survival of human civilization on Earth, we must drastically reduce the population. We've already exceed the carrying capacity of the Earth http://dieoff.org/page110.htm http://dieoff.org/page13.htm and this is: A. Before climate change will make things worse. http://greedgreengrains.blogspot.com/200... B. While we still have billions living in poverty. Unfortunately, no one has a plan for radically reducing population in a humane way so no country has really started. 2. At the same time, we have societies where people are living longer while having fewer kids. What that means is that as the elderly population grows, there are fewer working people to produce goods and services. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Population_ageing Thus even though an individual worker may be as productive as ever, with a smaller percentage of the population working, the per capita production goes down and almost everyone sees their standard of living decrease. This is not seen as a good thing by anyone. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dependency_ratio So one answer is to somehow make all workers much more productive than they are - desirable but hard - or have a higher percentage of people working. If you are not going to kill off all the retired, that means more younger people and hence a larger population. 3. Then there are the international political forces. China is considered a power not because its per capita production is particularly high but because it has a high population. All other things being equal, a higher population means more power and prestige on the international stage. So all politicians, wanting their country to be seen as being powerful, want to see a larger population. (They also want to see productivity improve so that the workers they do have keep producing more, etc. but that's an independent factor. Norway and Denmark have much higher productivity than Germany and Japan (much less China), yet their populations are so small no one considers them major players) http://www.nationmaster.com/graph/eco_ove_pro_ppp-economy-overall-productivity-ppp And if they can somehow swing it so that their country has a larger population while all the countries get a lower one, then they really win.) So all three problems are real. The fact that the obvious solution to each is incompatible with the others just makes the situation all that much harder to deal with. The net result is that all three are likely to be "solved" without any planning. (yes, I mean the four horsemen.)
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Abell Originally Answered: Who's fertility problem is worse?
It's a toss-up. If there is actually a procedure that can be done for him which will solve the problem, then I would say that yours is the worse problem. If you don't ovulate, you can take drugs to help stimulate and regulate your cycle, but to my knowledge there is no surgery to correct this problem. However if it's just between having low sperm and having no ovulation I guess he has the worse problem because again, you can take medication.
Abell Originally Answered: Who's fertility problem is worse?
Overall, female infertility tends to be more treatable. There are medications to stimulate ovulation, and surgery can sometimes fix blocked tubes. Low sperm count/poor motility harder to treat.

Shulamit Shulamit
I personally think it's overpopulation. Natural resources are exploited, global warming is worsened, manners are worse.etc.etc. To be honest, I don't see how declining fertility is worse than overpopulation because it's part of the human race to give birth. It has been imprinted in our DNA. Even if lots of people aren't giving birth, lots of others will. The only time when declining fertility is bad is when you're looking at at the extinction of a specific group of people. As long as war or natural disasters don't kill us, I don't think declining fertility rates will.
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Phebe Phebe
That surprises me - what with the fee of unintended pregnancies (and that i do no longer basically advise teenage). the place I stay, in case you get to 23 without needing a baby you're doing properly. it incredibly is a grim difficulty, it skill that extremely a hell of a variety of of folk are irresponsible adequate to no longer safeguard themselves, even throughout the time of one night stands, that's frightening. yet, i assume that, in terms of the stats which you have have been given given us there, if persons are having unprotected intercourse on a common foundation - which enable's settle for it, persons are, the condom subject would not seem to have caught on besides because it might desire to have finished by utilizing now - then which skill the point of STDs would desire to be increasing, and all of us understand what STDs can do whilst they're left untreated. They mash up fallopian tubes, decrease immunity, allsorts of nasty issues, leaving many folk infertile. this is magnificent how ignorant some people may be - even now, with all this guidance us westerners get, maximum of persons bury our heads interior the sand and demand that it's going to no longer ensue to us. till 3, 4, 5 years down the line and the chlymidia that contaminated us 5 years in the past has broken our reproductive device so badly that having little ones is devastatingly no longer available. it incredibly is a terrifying theory. form of alongside the traces of the action picture little ones of adult males - no longer a action picture of super severe high quality, admittedly, yet definitely theory scary.
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