OMG need a product by tomorrow :O?

OMG need a product by tomorrow :O? Topic: OMG need a product by tomorrow :O?
July 19, 2019 / By Enosh
Question: Umkay basically I have been putting off deciding on a product to base my coursework on in my A2 Design Product, i need to have one decided by tomorrow because there are dudes getting on my case. It can't be anything too complicated as I will eventually end up making the product. I basically need to think of a product but i need to have like a solid client, like a genuine need for this product. It can't be anything though, it needs to be anything to do with outdoors. It could be to do with camping, outdoor sports, hiking etc. It could be a whole new product or just like an improvement on an existing one. I can not think of anything so i'm asking yoons for help Thanksloveyabye
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Colby Colby | 8 days ago
How about a light-weight, collapsable (able to fit in my backpack instead of dangling on the outside), Earth-friendly lantern that doesn't use kerosene?
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Colby Originally Answered: Need help with SWOT analysis on an imaginary product. Need ideas on the product itself, can someone help?
First of all, whatever you choose, make sure it's something that's understandable to your audience - there are probably nine people on the planet who have any idea what a petabyte thumb drive is. :-) I assume you know that a SWOT analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Tactics. Hopefully you have the technical aptitude with which to speak to the Strengths of your product. I would think that your Weaknesses might include: 1. Lack of awareness of what the product is/does. 2. Need to "educate the category" - when you are the first to come out with something, it offers the potential to dominate the category. At the same time, however, the onus is on you to tell everyone what your product does. That can be quite time consuming and expensive. 3. Lack of a descriptive name. 4. Like any new product, you take on the risk that a second company doesn't come along offering a better mousetrap. For example, the Beta vs. VHS war that ensued in the category of home video. (The beta format came first and was actually a better format than VHS, but consumers responded better to VHS.) Opportunities would be those things that introducing your product will help bring about. These might include the opportunity to be first in the category or the opportunity to dominate the category. Being first in a category presents you with a splendid opportunity to be first, but it's a title that doesn't come easily. Tactics are, obviously, HOW you intend to take your product to market. These will be limited by your time line and budget. Will you approach manufacturers or consumers? How will you do so? Will you use consumer or trade media to help tell your story through public relations? The possibilities are wide open. Good luck with your paper.
Colby Originally Answered: Need help with SWOT analysis on an imaginary product. Need ideas on the product itself, can someone help?
I'd stick with something about which you know. I don't know much about the market for thumb drives, and I doubt you're going to find much unless you know someone in that areas of consumer electronics. Of course, for the exercises,it might be okay for you to make your own assumptions that may or may not be the same that someone in that industry would provide. Tale a look here http://www.quickmba.com/strategy/swot/

Apollyon Apollyon
I just came back from a vacation in the Black Hills. THe weather, at times, was terrible with very strong winds and lots of rain. How about a portable structure -- not quite a tent -- that one could use to camp under these conditions?
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Tria Tria
With the rising price of fuel being a big consumer concern, I suggest you design a new fuel efficient campstove.
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Tria Originally Answered: Can someone tell me what's the name of this product?
I'm not 100% sure if this is what you're looking for, but it sounds like you're talking about a cheaper alternative to Pitocin (a drug used to induce or bring on labor). If so, there is something called Cytotec that is being used and has been reported to cause serious problems like uterine rupture, even death. Some info... The drug cytotec (misoprostol) is gaining much attention in the birthing community. Originally approved by the FDA for the treatment of ulcers,cyotec is being used "off label" as a quick,inexpensive way to induce labor.Although there is great zeal for it ability to soften a woman's cervix & speed up the delivery process,there is growing concern about its life-threatening side effects. Searle,the manufacturers of this drug have specific warnings in their package inserts."Uterine rupture has been reported when cyotec was administered intravaginally in pregnant women to induce labor."One national magazine did an article on the use of Cyotec citing cases of uterine hemorrhage leading to hysterectomy,maternal death & even fetal death.

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