Can you recommend a great indoor plant?

Can you recommend a great indoor plant? Topic: Can you recommend a great indoor plant?
July 19, 2019 / By Zillah
Question: I would like an indoor plant, preferably something I could find at my local nursery. Something that is meant for indoors and can thrive there. I'd like something that could flower and be beautiful rather than just a plant but I know that really limits me. Also, for it to be low maintenance, I know alto of plants are fussy with having the right temperature, the right amount of water, sun, etc... I'm a beginner so something easy :) thank you!!
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Sherie Sherie | 3 days ago
Good evening AllyB, I hope you had a great day. Some of the plants in my house are over twenty (20) years old and over six feet tall. They are all beautiful to look at, but I STRONGLY believe plants should get a job/earn/pay for their keep (smile). All my plants create/filter clean AIR and help remove DUST within my house, especially in the bedroom where I sleep. In your case, you want an indoor plant which blooms and low maintenance. I think the Spathiphyllum Peace Lily fits your needs. Everyone entering our house will comment on my wife’s Peace Lily. The website below is a study by NASA. It rates the best plants against cleaning indoor house air. Click on Peace Lily-Spathiphyllum which is located half way down the website on the left side under “Top 10 plants most effective in removing:” This will lead you to the new website which will give more details about the Peace Lily. Make sure you click on the picture for another short description. http://www.zone10.com/nasa-study-house-p... http://www.colostate.edu/Depts/CoopExt/4... TIP #1: AllyB whichever plant you decide to purchase use distilled water or let your tip water stand for three (3) days before watering your plant. Fluoride in your water can BUILD UP and damage your indoor plants in the long run. All indoor plants can become unhealthy and die due to fluoride toxicity. http://www.gardenguides.com/86112-effect... TIP #2: Water with an Epsom salt solution once every four (4) months after your plant is six (6) months old. Follow mixing directions as stated in website. You can follow their watering schedule after your plant is two (2) years old. http://www.ehow.com/facts_7602974_epsom-salt-house-plants.html TIP #3: Most people do well with house plants for about two (2) years. The second year things go wrong. A gardener can fertilize, introduce nutrients, water, and sing to your plants. All these things will do NO good until you learn the correct pH levels for the plant you are trying to grow. Each plant’s pH level is difference. Good pH levels will yield DISEASE FREE and insect free healthy plants you can be proud of. After your first year, I strongly advise you to head to Home Depot and buy a pH Soil Testing Meter. The meter is about ten ($10) dollars. The meters are very, very, easy to use. The meter will last you for YEARS. They do not need batteries or electrical plugs. The meter will also test mineral (nitrogen) deficiencies of iron, magnesium, and potassium in your soil. Please read both website. They explain pH levels and why it is so important to every plant. I prefer the meters over the kits because you can use them over and over for years. http://www.gardenersnet.com/atoz/ph.htm I enjoy passing on my knowledge of indoor plants, because gardeners spend too much time and money just to lose a houseplant after a year or two and never know why. This happens just when your plant is beginning to bloom and make you proud. Also do not forget, a beautiful container sets off any plant, especially when they are in bloom. You and your family have a beautiful week. Peace, from Los Angeles.
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Pen Pen
I found some online articals that said hibiscus is good for that. The artical claimed it was an indoor plant. The picture showed large flowers. It did state to place it near a sunny window though. Most flowering plants must be out doors even if in shade. But many people say this one flowering plant does well indoors near a window. Google image a picture and see if it is what you had in mind. I think I will getting one for myself.
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Marisa Marisa
Mint. It smells wonderful, it's delicious and the leaves are great for making tea with especially a nice hot fresh mint tea in the winter, it has beautiful light purple flowers, it's a hardy perennial that can survive cold winters, does well in partial shade and can go a month without being watered and still do well. Put mint plants by your window. Plant it in potting soil in a large enough pot since the soil outside from your yard is probably clayey and it would do better in a good quality potting soil since it's looser and it's roots can more easily grow. Indoor plants also help with cleaning the air and providing oxygen. Only get non-gmo organic. :D
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Kristia Kristia
Don't do venus fly traps they are hard to keep alive try to plant a avacodo there fun and easy also try a ressurection plant there super easy they cant die try looking for them at your local hobby lobby.
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Jeana Jeana
If you want decorate your garden and home then you should go for money plants, bonsai plants, bamboo plants. You may get at Ferns N Petals. Click this link : http://www.fnp.com/plant/
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