Guy Was Making Fun Of The Girl I Like?

Guy Was Making Fun Of The Girl I Like? Topic: Guy Was Making Fun Of The Girl I Like?
July 18, 2019 / By Dolanna
Question: I currently love this extremely shy, cute, and sweet girl. She acts..different with me, since I was forced to ask her out. She is even more shy to me, stumbles, nervous, gets serious when her friends mess with her about me. I'm in Eigth grade now.. Well, today, this asshole went up to her, and she wouldn't do his homework. If she didn't do it, he would get detention, but she didn't want to do it. So, after school, he had after school detention. He called her very, mean, cruel, racist, and cruel things. He made fun of her asian heritage, with racist words like, "Chingy." and even decided to call her things like flat-chested, and a ... sucker. But, she started to cry when he called her "hairy legs.". I got angry, and went up to him, and I just bashed him between his nose and eyes. The girl looked shocked, as did everyone else watching because the "Depressed Boy." (I take anti-depressants.) When he got up, he started to cry, and told the teacher. So, I have detention too, and his detention is extended. Sure, mine is unrightfully longer, but I don't care about that, I care about her. Did I do the right thing? Sorry, when I said "The Depressed Boy." I forgot to finish it. The "Depressed Boy" slugged someone.
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Carlotta Carlotta | 3 days ago
I really think that you did the correct thing to do -- as long as you were defending someone else. This boy was obviously being a bully and brought other people down in his misery. He should have done his own homework instead of forcing her to do it. I would have punched him too if I was there. Just endure the detention and make sure you tell the teacher about what he was doing. I hope that this helped!!! > . <
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Girl Scouts would help you expand your horizon but since you're already in 8th grade it'll require you to do more than what Daisies and Brownies would. I agree with Pearl in this one. Go to the church. If it's a youth group type of thing then I'm sure they'd allow you some time to pick your grades back up. They're pretty lenient with things like that. However if it's a service then I'm not sure when/how you'd be able to do homework. Also, is this every night or just one night a week? If it's just one night a week then it'll be way easier to schedule your homework around it.
Carlotta Originally Answered: My mom is making me do Girl Scouts or Church?
just do it in church ask church or the scouts to help you out with your grades I hope this helps..

Anetta Anetta
there is not any longer something incorrect with that. your no longer the common self absorbed woman. tin my opinion it incredibly is familiar. i'm specific they're going to start to love you cuz your very athletic and specific in advantageous condition. those adult adult males could desire to advance up n understand that wearing wats "in" isn't the main mandatory issues in a woman.
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Wilburn Wilburn
well i could say the mature thing violence isnt the answer but dude you totally showed her that you care about her, your awesome & that little girl(so called guy) is a punk!!!
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