I am thinking of being a cop?

I am thinking of being a cop? Topic: I am thinking of being a cop?
July 18, 2019 / By Xylia
Question: But my real question is- can I train to be a cop while I have a young child? (He is almost 18 months old, that is one and a half). If so, how long would it take, and are there any overnight training parts? Finally, as a cop (if I become one) would I have to work varied shifts or could I pick just one? I am a single parent so there is no dad or grandparents to help me. Any one who has any info is more than welcome to answer. Thank you in advance for all of your answers. :)
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Shayla Shayla | 3 days ago
Depends if you have family that can help with sitting, and I mean alot of sitting. First you will need to apply to take the civil exam and pass, and try to get a high score so you are not on the bottom of the list. Also check which department you will appply with. Make sure you even qualify. Most common factors: 1.Eduation/Diploma mandatory or GED. Some require college. 2.Vision/ and this is strict because it is a civil service job. no exceptions. 3.Physical Abilities/ think about this one too. can you run? can you do real push ups? real situps? and do them fast 4.Background History/ Don't lie because you will take a polygraph. I have been doing my homework for this so you need to check each of these examples. If you pas the exam then they'll schedule an oral interview. So to get some extra practice you should do some ride alongs. Watch some reality TV Shows. I found the best ones on www.fancast.com/ it's called "The Academy". It follows recruite through the Police Academy in L.A. Sherrifs Department. Also go to www.aetv.com and watch "Rookies". Both of these shows will really give you an idea about what you'll be going into. When you go to the academy it will be early morning til like 6 at night. No night academy. And it ranges between 4 to 6 months. After the academy you will not be able to pick a shift. Everybody rotates. Hope this helps. But it is tough but the pay is great, the benefits are great, and the job is even better! Good luck!
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Shayla Originally Answered: I keep thinking there is more to me ?HELP PLEASE?
Of course you are meant for more than school is teaching you! However, it is a necessary part of life and much of what you learn will be useful to you in the future. You are longing for more, and what intelligent person does not, at age 16, stuck in the daily grind that seems so meaningless? You have only a certain amount of control over what happens during the school day, but you have a LOT of control over what you do while you are not at school. When I was your age, many of the people around me were just focused on acting stupid, bullying other people, and progressing through a series of meaningless relationships. Of course, there may have been some who were not like that, but they must have been off somewhere minding their own business,not acting out in ways that drew a lot of attention to themselves. Some of those "invisible" people might have more to offer than you realize. Believe it or not, some of the girls you now see as nothing but fluff will mature into women you will admire. It sounds crazy, I know, but it is the truth. You need to identify some practical skills that will be useful for life and work to develop them. People who are primarily cerebral often leave the more "hands on" pursuits unexplored and then later, wish they had developed a more well rounded set of skills and talents. If you pursue acquiring some new skills you have not previously attempted, you will meet people who are more experienced and better at something that you are, and if you approach the process with a teachable attitude, you will gain much from it. Some skills to consider: cooking, gardening, painting, building (volunteering for Habitat for Humanity), caring for small children, helping out at a pet shelter, or volunteering in a food pantry or soup kitchen at a local church. If you do this, you will meet people who are rich in wisdom and life experience and can teach you a LOT about practical skills and life in general. If you tend to shy away from "hands on" projects because you excel in academics, that is all the more reason to pursue them. It is good for you to learn to do things that do not come easy to you at first. It is good to find meaning in serving others. It is good to build relationships with mature people. It is good to fail, ask questions, and try again. It is good to be the dumbest person in the room sometimes, and not be embarrassed by it. It is good to see the value in others who might not have an IQ as high as yours, and know that they will probably contribute more to the world than you will. Of course, being in their company will enrich what you have to give, so when you do add your intelligence to the common sense you learn from them, what you offer the world will be all the more valuable. Taking on projects where you can see the visible results of your work and know you made a difference for someone is extremely satisfying. Grades on a paper can never do that for you, and living on "A's" alone cannot, in ANY way, prepare you for what the world will do to you once you are no longer in an academic environment. Did you know that some employers do not want to hire valedictorians? It is because they know academic people "live in their heads" and have a hard time working and playing well with others. LOL. And they are right about that. Perhaps you are not Valedictorian, but you are smart and you are tired of just putting in your time in the company of shallow people. So, it's time for you to dig a little deeper, learn more about yourself and the world outside the school walls. God bless you!

Patience Patience
Plenty of colleges and technical colleges provide night courses in Law Enforcement Technology. You would need this certification for most smaller departments. Most Technical schools programs are six months and certify you as an officer. Colleges are usually a two year programm that both certify you and get you an associates degree. Larger cities however will pay you to go through their own academy, though this is during the day you will have a job when you are done. Secondly, very few departments have you work varied shifts. The FOP is a really strong union and almost everywhere will have a permanent shift. As a new officer you will be on second or third shift and work holidays. Finally, there are plenty of single moms who fair just fine as officers. If you become an officer you will become part of a larger family and will be amazed at how much support you can get from one another.
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Margery Margery
There's no law that says you can't apply if you're a single parent. As long as you have a plan for what you'll do with you're little one, then by all means, go for it! As for the shifts, you have to have complete availability for whenever they need you. Police Departments operate 24/7, and they need officers that will be incredibly flexible with hours. It doesn't mean you won't get an assigned shift, because you most likely will, but you aren't really left with the option of choosing what shift you want, unless they aren't too picky at the time of hire. A lot of police officers work Five 8.5 Hour days... a lot work Four 10 hour days, and some officers work Three 12 hours days with three days off.
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Kitti Kitti
Being a single parent is a difficult task in any profession. In a law enforcement job where shift work, weekends and holidays are normal working days it adds a significant challenge to child care and any relationships. With some departments shift bidding and permanent shifts are present. That usually comes with seniority, and is not a real option when new and first starting out. Mandatory overtime, training and court appearances also present unique challenges to your schedule and days off Meet up with officers from departments you would consider working at and find out first hand how things work there.
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Jaqualine Jaqualine
Go for it ...you will have the money to hire a babysitter... cops make good money ...women cops are sexy
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Well realistically EVERYONE should still have 1 eye. Maybe the saying should be "an eye for an eye and the whole world lacks depth perception." It's worth noting too the absurdity of this proposed world where, for reasons unknown, 1/2 the population maliciously extracts an eye from the other half (and then that "bad" half gets punished with an eye-extraction of their own).

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