where can i find info about the conflict between "fire" and "water" that doesn't have to do with astrology?

where can i find info about the conflict between "fire" and "water" that doesn't have to do with astrology? Topic: where can i find info about the conflict between "fire" and "water" that doesn't have to do with astrology?
July 19, 2019 / By Harper
Question: I am doing a thesis on the book memoirs of a geisha and i need some information on the two elements in regards to personality traits. In other words, what happens when people with characteristicss of fire and people with characteristics of water clash? if you have read the book, you know who Hatsumomo and Sayuri are. I am trying to prove that there is a connection between the conflict they have and the elements, fire and water. Can someone help me out? since the book takes place in Japan, i think i would need information about this topic that is related to that culture and country.
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Donalda Donalda | 2 days ago
Friend, I am from India and a HINDU. Your question is interesting and I will try to read about what you wrote . Meanwhile , I do not think that the elements Fire and water are in conflict. We have in Indian (Hindu) Vedas a BEAUTIFUL HYMN called MANTRA PUSPAM. It so beautifuly, in a scientific way , states the relationship of all elements (Earth,Water,Fire,Air and Space ) and stars etc. You read that with a good commentary. What is water ; it is two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen. Both hydrogen and Oxygen are both enhance fire.You see water is nothing but fire in another shape. I hope that Hymn may help you.If the answer is irrelevant, if you think so, please excuse me.
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I am a cancer July 22, but I am so close to a fire sign (Leo) that my Sagittarius man and I can't get enough of each other. I can't leave his side and he can't leave mine. I love this feeling :)

Carry Carry
Look into Chinese feng shui and astrology. I know you've said you don't want astrology, but that's where it comes from. Feng shui would be your second best bet. Although the book takes place in Japan, many of their cultural elements comes from their neighbor- China. Not to mention the book is fiction, so some elements may not be compeletly accurate. But that's where I would look.
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Angelle Angelle
In Chinese medicine the elements have to be in concert. If fire and water and air are in conflict, a person is sick. You might try finding a connection there.
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Google "conflict types in literature". The first definition I found was: Man vs. Nature – main character(s) encounters struggle with a force of nature. Man vs. Man – main character(s) encounters struggle with another character. Man vs. Society – main character(s) encounters struggle with the laws or beliefs of a group. Man vs. Self – main character(s) encounters struggle with deciding what to do or think. http://www2.scholastic.com/browse/lesson... I'm sure theres a better definition, but I told you how to find it.

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