Is it too late for a sophomore to change their major?

Is it too late for a sophomore to change their major? Topic: Is it too late for a sophomore to change their major?
July 18, 2019 / By Elger
Question: I am a first semester sophomore, psychology major, and I have been recently thinking that I would like to become a veterinarian. However, grad school requires you to study biology, biochemistry or something related. Am I going to graduate in a later date if I change my major now? And is it going to consequently cost more money? My dad is paying and he wil be furious if he has to pay more, so in that case i wonn't change my major. But it's my life you know........please advice! FYI: I am an international student, and biology was not my forte in high school, neither physics and math, but since I started college I get straight A's in math :) Also, does anyone know any veterinary schools in NY???
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Cecil Cecil | 1 day ago
its never too late the first classes you should be taking are called "prerequisites" those are classes all students are required to take unless there is some special circumstance. Those are classes like comp, math, philosophy intro classes to a lot of different courses You dont even need to declare a major until like 3rd year for some schools. Veterinarians make ok money too so you could always pay him back. Besides psychology isnt really a great degree unless you planning on being a psychologist. And you would need grad school for that too
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Cecil Originally Answered: Are you allowed to take your major-related courses in the sophomore year of undergrad?
You normally start your major courses right away, in your freshman year. You mix them in with your gen eds and other requirements; you don't normally wait to take them. And for engineering, since there are so many required classes, if you were to wait to start your major classes, you'd be behind, and probably need extra time to graduate. You will need to start both your engineering classes and your econ classes in your freshman year. If you do not, you will not get your engineering degree on time, for sure. You absolutely will not be able to wait until your junior year to start your engineering classes. They are consecutive - you have to take one before you take the other, as the knowledge builds. You can't just take them all at once.
Cecil Originally Answered: Are you allowed to take your major-related courses in the sophomore year of undergrad?
The answer to that question depends..... some schools will allow you take classes as soon as you reach "minimum course requirements" prior to that. I was a finance and marketing double major in undergrad, and while I was able to take some of my major courses right out of the shoot.... some of them did require other courses to be completed first. Most of the time it was something like Stats 2 had to come after Stats 1, but in some cases you had to take Composition 2 before taking a Communications course. Check with the school, but you should never worry about having enough classes to take. Trust me, the College/University will always find a way for you to take a full load. Good luck and study hard!

Allysdare Allysdare
Its never to late. Do what makes you happy. Don't worry about everyone else. In the end, your the one living with and doing the job, not him. Most of the classes you take in the beginning can transfer to something else. :)
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Terri Terri
why dont u talk to your counceler or something? i dont think its too late. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?... answer mine pls.
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Terri Originally Answered: Is too late for me too change myself and get serious at age 17 for my education? i am having too much pain?
Well done for realising that a good education will help you make a good life - No honey it's never too late to go back to education - You're ONLY 17! You can get serious about your education and succeed at any age - I should know I'm 24 and so far I have trained in Complementary Medicine, worked as a retail manager - now a health care assistant and I am going back to uni via the OU to study Psychology next Feb. GCSEs and A-Levels are important but remember they don't restrict you to what you choose at uni - all my A-Level qualifications were design and arts based and yet I now work within health... Also going back to college and then to university will teach you that no matter what age you are you can study and succeed, on my degree I was one of the youngest - the rest were over 30... and it will open up your social world, god did not make you to have pain - he made you to live and learn both socially, educationally and personally... and that is what you have been doing - you're not useless in anyway and to waste life would be to do something stupid like give up on it - which is sooo what you are not going to do because look at your plans already in place! As for the girl it's her loss - but more importantly it happens to everyone - sadly one of my friends was like that at school and she broke many hearts unfortunately at that 17 it is what we all go through in our own way... but it makes you realise true friendships and love when they happen... you can and will be happy if you recognise all this and focus on making yourself happy and believe me when I say that when you love yourself and begin to like yourself again everything will fall into place! Life is a cruel path at times but then it is just as fantastically wonderful at other times... Best of Luck honey in what ever course you follow.

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