What is australia's Culture consist of?

What is australia's Culture consist of? Topic: What is australia's Culture consist of?
July 18, 2019 / By Blaze
Question: I have a cultural project about australians & their cultural behavior, I would like to ask all australians out there for help. What is Australia's culture consist of ? how is it different ? & what makes it different from any other culture ?
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Ackerlea Ackerlea | 9 days ago
Our Australian culture is very unique and is unlike any other culture in the world. We live in a country which is the same size of the USA with a very small sparse population of only 22 million people. Our Australian culture is built on mateship, laricanism, fair dinkumness, broadmindedness, common sense, education and protecting our culture traditions, values, customs, laws and being a caretaker of our country. Over 90% of the whole Australian population is non religious. Every citizen in Australia including Australian children all have the same equal human rights and freedoms without discrimination. Mateship is a very strong within our culture, we all help and look out for each other and our foreign neighbours. Our Australian laricanism is very well known through out the world we all have a great sense of humor and can laugh at ourselves and with the people around us. Many foreign people who come to Australia who don't fully understand our culture all find our Aussie fair dinkumness. As being totally brutal, very vulgar, offencive and think we are all racist. Being we all refuse to have our unique culture and Strine (Australian slang language) white anted away by foreign political correctness. Public nudity is totally accepted within our Australian culture. Australian women all go topless to public beaches, pools, spas,nobody cares or stares as we all grew up with nudity being acceptable we even see it on television. Their isn't any digital covering or bleeps covering words ever on Australian television. Business and industry runs 24/7 in Australia, you can go shopping, go to a bar, club, gym, cafe, restaurant, etc, etc anytime you want. In Australia at 18 you can legally drink and work in casinos, clubs, bars, or in the travel or the sex industries. Prostitution is totally legal in Australia so are many other things, the list is very long. This is why their is very low crime in Australia and all the streets are safe to walk down. All Australian cities are very unique and there are no other cities in the world like them. Since English is our national language, you never see any foreign written signs on buildings or on menus. The Australian economy is very strong and we all enjoy a very high standard of living. Wages paid in Australia are three times more than the wages paid in the USA. It's very un Australian to ever openly discuss our personal wealth or financial net worth. Most all of us working Australians are on very high five to seven figure annual incomes. After Japan, Australia is the most hardest country in the world to ever obtain migration for permanent residency. Due to our high educational and skilled work standards. Most all Australians have more BA and MA degrees than in any other country in the world. Being we are all taught the highest standard of education in the world. Education and apprentice skills training plays a very big part within our culture. We all are also taught fully about Aboriginal culture and all foreign cultures at school. The weather in Australia is always too good to stay indoors so we all spend a lot of time outdoors. Most of us are all actively involved in a team sport and also go swimming and surfing everyday. This is why most of us are all dark tanned skinned and very healthy looking. In Australia you are taught to swim when your six months old. Australian children spend a lot of time outdoors, rather than sitting around watching TV. We have a free universal health care system in Australia so we do have longer lifespans. None of our war veterans live on the street, neither do mentally challenged persons. Also their are no people living in trailers, ghetto's or in tent cities or beggars on our streets. Our government houses these people, or you if you have no where to live. We also get $8,000 baby bonus paid to us if we choose to have children. First home and business buyers grants etc, etc. Most all of us live in defacto relationships rather than marry. From the 1st of July 2009, all defacto relationships straight or gay hold the same legalities of marriage after two years. I hope these thing's can help you with your project, maybe one day you should come to Australia.
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Ackerlea Originally Answered: Any big culture/lifestyle differences between Australia, UK and USA?
Australia = bastard child of us and uk - swaying more to the UK no junior high only three/four tv channels no halloween no fraternities and sororities use of U in color/favor etc no cheerleaders etc free health care ive never paid for a dr or hospital visit in my entire life less cereal options no ketchup we use the trains/buses more bbqs at xmas dates are written 9/10/2010 for today for instance no proms no band no drama club et al no yearbooks we all wear uniforms from primary till the end of highschool burger king is called hungry jacks walmart is called big W we NEVER use dryers. very classless,lower classes are heroised female prime minister much greater racism/barriers - ie. youré only "aussie"" if youre anglo. UK= more class conscious
Ackerlea Originally Answered: Any big culture/lifestyle differences between Australia, UK and USA?
- UK and Australia don't start wars to keep the populace distracted. - UK and Australia are constitutional monarchies, the US is a republic - UK is much, much older than the USA. - Australia was essentially founded by criminals and is now full of religious people - USA was founded by religious people and is now full of criminals

Spirit Spirit
one million. What is the tradition like in Australia now? Not relatively certain what you imply by way of this. Culture is just a little various. We are a multicultural nation. This is not continually a well factor. two. What are a few areas to seek advice from in Australia? (Monuments, Museums, and so forth.) Start with Canberra - the National War Memorial, the National Museum (that is honestly 10000 special varieties of amazing a laugh), the National Gallery (dull as all sh!t, besides for the exceptional Ballet Russes exhibition), Questacon, the Australian Institute of Sport, Parliament House (new and ancient, however be careful for the cafe, it is steeply-priced), Tidbinbilla Space Tracking Station (or the Canberra Deep Space Exploration Centre as they are keen on calling it in this day and age) - that is rather intriguing... three. Are there any nonetheless status constructions that the Aboriginals created? If there's, what are they? The Aboriginals developed from picket and bark. Nothing survives. four. Is there some other languages spoken in Australia, as opposed to English that's spoken? English is the legit language, however alas plenty of immigrants nonetheless talk their possess language and make no attempt to be taught English, even instructing it to their Australian-born children. It's very impolite. five. Are there any popular artifacts established by way of Aboriginals which can be in museums? Probably.
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Primula Primula
HATE! like the uk-kk as it was them who went there, (but then where didn't they go), but originally it was the aborigines of whom they wantonly murdered
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Primula Originally Answered: Culture - Is there a coming of age party like a sweet sixteen in Indian culture?
India is a college ( a collection of colored papers) of cultures. India is of many cultures from rural to urban, and urban to city, and city to Metro city. When we talk about age parties...yes there are plenty. Again it differs from place to place. What I have seen so far and heard so far are, In my State Andhra pradesh we have again variety of parties. First start with Girl: When she completes12 (doesnt matter whether she started her menstural cycle or not) Family celebrates by giving her a teenage cloths officially. In some places when her menstural cycle starts, they celebrate it and do a party. In some places, when she completes 15 they do the party. When she is pregnant, we have a baby shower too. Coming to boy: Same as girl when he completes 12, he will be given official cloths... And there is no party for him until he turns 60 and his wife is alive........poor guy isnt? Keep research on culture, you will be amazed. Good luck.

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