Tomato plant virus?

Tomato plant virus? Topic: Tomato plant virus?
July 19, 2019 / By Luvinia
Question: So my pretty little tomato plants are fruiting. I've noticed some "blossom end rot" and have heard this is due to calicum deficiency or unpredictable watering or both. Also, the leaves are curling up and leathery and I have heard that this also may be a virus. Advice please? I'm so bummed!
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Kayleen Kayleen | 6 days ago
Curled leaves are sometimes indicative of the Curly-Top virus or the Tomato Mosaic virus. With time, you should be able to tell whether you have one of these or not. There's also a temporary disorder that can cause your tomato leaves to curl upward....which is caused by irregular irrigation. Fruiting shouldn't be affected and once regular irrigation is restored, the curled leaves should disappear. Some varieties are more prone to getting curly leaves than others. The "Big-Boy" variety tends to display leaf-roll symptoms moreso than others...especially after lots of rain or overwatering. Other varieties will have their lower leaves curl upward when the soil remains wet for too long. AND other varieties will do the same thing when they've been exposed to too much sunlight....due to the accumulation of too many carbohydrates in their leaves. Calcium sprays are highly recommended to reduce blossom drop and they will also help increase the shelf-life of the fruit while also helping to prevent diseases (mildew). Continue to water in the mornings....(do not overhead water) and fertilize sparingly. Hope this you can use this information to help identify/solve your problem. GOOD LUCK! -Certified Professional Crop Consultant with over 30 years of experience and a Degree in Plant Science
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Kayleen Originally Answered: My tomato plants aren't doing so well.I'm not sure what's wrong with them?
If the leaves are curling and feel somewhat dry, the plants probably need a good long soak. If the leaves are brittle and break off easily, you should water as soon as possible. To make sure you are dealing with a water problem, dig down about 4 inches into the soil next to the plant. If the soil is dry, give them a good soak. If the soil is moist at this depth, you're dealing with a different problem. You may not have planted them deep enough. If the leaves develop a thin film of dust on them, you have a mildew problem. Most mildew problems can be solved with a good fungicide. Also inspect the base of the stems to see if cutworms have invaded the plants. Check out the following site for more info about growing tomatoes and other vegetables. They have good tips for planting, fertilizing, watering, harvesting and storing lots of different vegetables. Good Luck!
Kayleen Originally Answered: My tomato plants aren't doing so well.I'm not sure what's wrong with them?
Late blight is causing a minor tomato crisis in the US: http://www.auburnpub.com/articles/2009/0...

Hosanna Hosanna
My tomato plants have a fungus on the leaves right now... SUCKS! There is some spray you can try... can't remember what it's called at the moment, try looking it up. Also, I have heard that watering directly on the plant too often can be harmful... try watering directly at the base not on the leaves and fruit. We use a soaker hose now... seems to help.
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Edithe Edithe
Try something more simple. Water them, then see if they come out of the curling. It's been awful hot and dry around the Midwest and they could be wilting.
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