Do adults have less sexual control than teens - young adults?

Do adults have less sexual control than teens - young adults? Topic: Do adults have less sexual control than teens - young adults?
July 18, 2019 / By Pleasance
Question: My friend said teens have less self control and that's why they go all over the place having sex but I think adults have less self control. I think if an adult couple doesn't have sex for like a week.......... sometimes days, they have a heart attack. And if they go without it for a month they look for it for other sources but a teen can survive. WE ARE NOT INCLUDING VIRGINS cause we already know sex is an addiction. It's already bad as a virgin but once you start, you instantly die in grief when you don't have it. Who do you agree with?
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Matilda Matilda | 10 days ago
its true ! teenagers have more inhibitions, they are a bit shy about things, have other things to fosus upon and like u said havent yet got addicted to it. but young adults in their 20's damn thats a critical age!! i think it is the sex phase in life
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Lark Lark
Sex is enjoyable and is only an addiction if you cant control it all. I enjoy sex with my wife almost daily after 26 years, but there have been several times that we had to abstain. Several weeks each time the kids were born and once she had surgery and we had to wait several weeks. Also once when I got really sick, years ago. I never had a heart attack from not having sex, nor did she nor did either of us feel the need to look elsewhere, outside our relationship. I pleasured myself a few times when she could not and she did the same when I could not. She also pleasured me some when she couldn't as I did for her when I wasn't well enough. Adults, even married ones still masturbate and that is normal. I started having sex at 14 and was very promiscous. I found it much harder to control myself when I was 14-21 or so, than I do now, bit I did then and can now. Naturally I preferred not to then and not to now, but if needed I can and so can my wife. Part of maturing is self control and it is easier now when the need to wait arises. But my wife and I prefer daily or nearly daily sexual encounters and incorporate much variety to keep it extra exciting. Easier now than when I was a teen, for sure!
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Jesca Jesca
Similar to alcohol ... sex is addicting. Alcoholics can have one beer and then find themselves in a bing drinking themselves into a stupper (not stopping at one ... but having like 15 beers). While the majority of the population can have a beer and stop. It's the alcohalics that harm society ... not the alcohal. What's the difference between the alcohal consumer & alcohalic? Chemical reactions, hormones, and social factors. Sex addiction is very similar. It's not the age but the physical and emotional conditions of the participants. The one's who have the sex addiction are perverse compaired to the rest of the population and these perversions can often lead to the emotional and physical harming of others. However, those who acknolodge they are outta control with sex, with age & experience, can often learn how to modify thier behaviors if the pain level gets high enough.
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Florette Florette
definite, that's misguided, very incorrect. think of of it like this, a fifteen 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old liking a 10 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old, there's a third of a lifetimes difference between them yet a forty 5 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old liking a forty 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old, there's a lots smaller relative difference, it relatively is to no longer point out the certainty that ladies that age are not even stepped forward.
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Darina Darina
I think both can stop only when their parents give them good education and advice and also imbibe values and ethics in them.
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