Is this girl bullying me?

Is this girl bullying me? Topic: Is this girl bullying me?
July 19, 2019 / By Hoyt
Question: So in my enviromental science class I sit next to this girl. I had never met her before this year, and on another note i'm shy, but this year I wanted to be more open so I would say hi and ask how her day was. She'd answer then do her own thing. Then one day I was leaning over to get a paper on her side of the desk, when she turned around and said "HI Morgan!!!" It startled me because I thought I stepped on her foot or something so without thinking I'm like "Oh sorry." She laughed and said, "Why do you look so sad?" I just shurgged, and she asked laughed with her friend. (I move my hands around when I talk and have a high pitched voice.) A few minutes later I heard her shout "Hi! Morgan across the room." In a fake high picthed voice. I (starting to feel like she's bullying me) just smiled and went back to my work, and she giggled with her friend. Then, her guy friend comes up to me (she asked again why I looked so sad (my natural face lol)) and says "Yeah, I mean Morgan here and I have always had a class together and she has never said hi to me." (Never noticed him until the year before, and even then I was shy and we didn't have any shared interests. ) I just laughed it off saying I was shy, and he moved on. She and her friend did it again once before they stopped. A few days later, my teacher wasn't there so everyone moved with their friends. I sat with mine, while she sat in the front of us with her friend. So I was chating (talking about ducks and what not) when all of a sudden a water bottle almost hits me in my face, I look up pissed and see that she and her friend are giggling. So my friend is like, "Wow! Why are you guys being bullies?" the girl looked back, angry, and said "I'm not." (she didn't talk to me for the rest of the day :D) From then on she would just ask to copy my homework and other stuff (from this point I was able to get the courge to say no) so it isn't too much of a problem, but now everytime I ask a question her guy friend looks back at her and then she turns toward me. (weird stuff) I mean I have never had this happen to me before so i'm like is this bullying or am I maybe overreacting? I mean I've mentioned to the teacher that sitting next to the girl was uncomdurable (she said I could move up front, but its right in front of her guy friend so......) but she mentioned she was also changing around seats so I'm just going to sit there until then :P But what do you think? My aunt thinks she's being a bully, and feels like I should snap on her (I hate confortation) So she has told one of the dean's or something and now I'm worried because what if she gets angry at me? (I'm not a fighter lol) advice? Of course. All of my friends have been bullied some to the point where they left the school and some where they had to move to the other side of the room. There are so many ways a person can be bullied that I'm afraid that when the dean or whoever somes to talk to me (my aunt called him( that he too will get offended and be like suck it up..... sorry really bad internet conection :P I meant to say towards the end, that my I'm a bit worried that the dean(or whomever handles these types of things) will just call me out saying this isn't bullying and I should just suck it up...these pass few days I have been wondering if I should even bring it up anymore. :(
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Emmett Emmett | 2 days ago
She is being a bully but in the most remote sense of the word. I went through way worse when I was in high school. You have to assert yourself at some point, you can't just let them pick on you, you have to stand up for yourself and let them know that they can't walk all over you. Bullies are really cowards at heart they pick out the person that they feel is the weak link in the chain and wear on it until it breeaks if you show them that they're not going to wear you out you'll expose them for the cowards that they are.
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Emmett Originally Answered: BULLYING.I have been the constant subject of bullying and i feel horrible.I don't have any self esteem left.
You are an amazingly smart and yes, self confident young woman even if you don't feel confident. The bullies are probably jealous of your many talents and that you have standards that are so much higher than theirs. Be proud of yourself--who you are and what you know. When you get to college you will have many friends who value all your good qualities. For now look around and find someone who needs your friendship. You may find it in the most unlikely person.

Clive Clive
Im made fun of to girl! You have to talk to someone if you dont it'll keep getting worse! Im 14! Im sorry to gear that. Just dont worry about too much! ALL THE PRETTY SWEET SHY GIRLS ARE THE ONES TO GET MADE FUN OF! ITS OUT OF JEALOUSY! HER GUY FRIEND MIGHT THINK YOUR PRETTY AND SHE PROBABLY DOESNT LIKE THAT! but u seem really nice and pretty so in the end your way better than her!
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Anson Anson
Don't abuse the term bullying this is not bullying just ask the girl her problem she's probably naturally a ***** do u understand how serious bullying is
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Tracie Tracie
sounds like silly teenage drama, I would ignore her, shes tryng to get attention, and if she starts harassing you because you don't react to her stupid behavior, obviously there is something wrong with her and you should tell someone. some people are so ridiculous. bullying is just a way stupid people entertain themselves.
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Tracie Originally Answered: What do you think can be done to put an end to bullying?
It won't stop until parents and schools AND the courts take it seriously. You can't pass the buck back and forth forever until a child is dead. That guy who jumped onto a school bus in Florida may have sent the wrong message by "bullying" those children, but by golly at least he did something to try to protect his daughter! And I can't stand it when the parents of these bullies try to get them off the hook by saying "they're just kids". Some of those "kids" belong in a boot camp.

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