Questions to ask the girl I like?

Questions to ask the girl I like? Topic: Questions to ask the girl I like?
July 18, 2019 / By Moise
Question: So I am going to talk to this girl tomorrow and have already planned a little bit of what to say.. " Hey, What's up " then when she says something I'll be like " I'm TJ " and hopefully she'll say her name.. anyways after that I was thinking about asking her about choir since I saw her in that class the other day... I also see her in the morning and during passing period. I really like this girl, alot... so I don't want to ask weird questions is asking how she likes choir a good question? I can relate to that as I was in choir a year ago myself..... Things in common help, right? Gah I am a mess what are some other good non personal questions until I figure out if she likes me back?
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Kasper Kasper | 5 days ago
aw you're so cute. Just be natural don't have any punch lines. Talk about where you are. Example; if you're in science class ask help about your work. Choir? Ask how long have you been singing. Girls love compliments. Compliment her on her voice (after she sings of course) Don't ask for anything person like ; " SO WHERE DO YOU LIVE?" "WHAT SCHOOL DO YOU GO TO" Haha, I hope for the best hun! Good luck with the girl.
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hmm for now i think i would keep it cool. say hi every once in a while but dont completely throw your heart out to her. keep it subtle. pretty soon she will notice that ur saying hi to her. pretty soon you guys might have normal conversations and completely forget about the myspace thing. try to become friends, but not too close. because if you get too close, she might not want to go out with you because it might seem awkward. just keep ot subtle. and if shes into you, you will know. just no major moves, okay? hope i helped
Kasper Originally Answered: How to fix this? GIRL TROUBLE, I'll answer ur questions if you Help me, please?
Ok from what it sounds you are coming on too strong. I think she was just being friendly, because she had a boyfriend at the time... anyway a girl that acts differently around her friends is not worth it, at all. It would become even more annoying if you went out with her, which i don't think she wants. Maybe don't go into the coffee shop for a week or so and then go in and let her initiate the convo?

Hayden Hayden
Well, I think you need to slow down a little bit. I mean, this girl doesn't even know your name yet! You need to at least be friends with her before you think about asking her out. Someone can look nice and sweet from afar, but when you get to know them, they could be a completely different person. Questions to ask: How was your weekend? (or What did you do this weekend?) How was your day? What do you think about (insert class name, school event name, or teacher name here)? Are you going to (insert school event here)? You: Hey, I'm TJ Her: Hi, I'm ______ You: Are you in choir? Her: Yeah. You: Oh cool. I was thinking about taking it next year, do you like it? Her: (Response) You: Yeah. I was in choir last year and I wanted to see if anything changed. I liked it before. What else do you like to do besides singing? Etc etc P.s. Do you even know her name yet? Good luck!
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Elifelet Elifelet
be her friend and get to know her by asking smiple things like whats you favorite color and go into detail
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Before I answer your questions, think about if you really want to be in a relationship with a girl who lied to you that many times about guys she's had sex with. Just a thought. You should talk to her about that. -You probably are one of the biggest she's had but it really doesn't matter, it's all in how you use it :P -You should not feel inadequate or destroyed. There are ways to make you last longer in bed, like when/if you masturbate, try to hold off from orgasm/hold it in so you can practice not coming so soon -jerk off before you go to her house/before you see her so you'll last longer -LOTS OF FOREPLAY so she'll be very very turned on before you actually have sex (this will solve both of your problems: It will hurt her less if she's wetter/her vagina is more expanded AND she'll be able to come faster, which means you will feel less pressure to last long) -She could give you oral in foreplay also, so you will last longer in actual intercourse having just came -Learn how to give good head, which should preferably also be included in foreplay -Are you so upset because she got hurt? That happens to every girl after they've had a multi year dry spell. Either way, it really doesn't hurt that bad especially if she wasn't a virgin.

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