Is it okay if I start honors classes my sophomore year in high school?

Is it okay if I start honors classes my sophomore year in high school? Topic: Is it okay if I start honors classes my sophomore year in high school?
July 19, 2019 / By Everild
Question: I was not in any honors classes my freshman year. I am wondering if this will decrease my chances of getting into one of the top medical schools in the U.S. (I am in honors bio and honors algebra 2)
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Coline Coline | 2 days ago
You should be fine, it shouldn't hurt your chances to start your sophomore year. You won't be entering medical school until after you've finished a B.S. or pre-med program. Those programs don't look at any high school transcripts; for now, focus on making yourself a candidate for good undergraduate programs, since colleges DO look at your high school transcripts. Colleges tend to focus on your last two years of coursework in high school, so make your sophomore year a stepping stone to success in the future. Good luck!
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Coline Originally Answered: How do I get into honors or academic classes in high school during sophomore year?
Your dad should make an appointment to see your counselor. Different schools have different requirements to get into honor classes. They usually include grades and teacher recommendations./
Coline Originally Answered: How do I get into honors or academic classes in high school during sophomore year?
It is good to start taking Advanced classes early in high school. Trust me, you don't want to make the same mistake I did. I didn't take any in my Freshmen or Sophomore year of high school like I planned too. I wish I did, but I listened to some of my teachers and they said, they thought it was gonna be too hard for me. Come to find out my Junior year of high school, I did well in it. I managed to keep a high B my whole entire year in my Honors History class and Almost all A's or an A- in my Honors English course. I'm so mad that I didn't stick wit my plan because my GPA would've been higher and my high school transcript would've looked a whole lot better for college! My colleges are top of the line close to being "Ivy League" schools and I'm afraid that I might not get in because my Junior year GPA dropped down :( Just take the Advanced classes in things you love. If you hate Math or Science don't take any AP/Honors classes in them. What I did was take Advanced classes in Subjects that I enjoyed the most. I would've probably had about 13 or 10 Advanced Classes done before my Senior year :( Start taking Advanced classes now. Don't wait until your Junior year!

Berlin Berlin
It shouldn't be a problem, some schools don't even offer Honors classes for Freshmen. You'll want to do great in high school, get A's in honors class -- a B in honors isn't good enough -- to get into a top college, so you have a chance at a top medical school. Unfortunately, it is very tough to get into a good medical school, it's extremely competitive. So start doing the best you can now. Good luck!
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Adrie Adrie
Not at all! It doesn't matter if you start taking harder classes in freshman or senior year, colleges will always look at that as a positive. Nobody will fault you for not taking them freshman year. Most college focus of junior/senior year classes anyway, but starting earlier, the better! Good luck!
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Adrie Originally Answered: What classes should I take my sophomore year in high school?
Interesting question. Since I don't know you, I will just offer my insight and say what I'd do, personally. Fine arts: I believe fine arts is important. Probably the most important outlet that's offered in school. Since you took theatre last year, I would say it's best to continue with that, if you enjoyed it. However, if you didn't or if you want to try something new, I'd say it's best that you channel your other interests: music or visual arts? From there you can decide what type of music class you want to take or what type of visual arts. Personally, I love acting, so I'd continue with theatre. English: English is definitely required for your normal curriculum. Since you took English 1, I'd say you should advance to English 2. However, if English is a forte of yours, I'd say take the AP class. I don't know how many classes you're allowed to take or how your schedule works, but I'd also consider Speech & Debate. If your new school is very into competing, you'll have the opportunity to travel all over the country and compete at universities and make a lot of great friends. Literature is also a good option if you enjoy reading and modern and older works of literature. Personally, I'd take the AP class and if the schedule allowed it, I'd see if I could take the Speech class. (I'm on the Interpretation captain at my school, kind of makes me a little biased.) Foreign Language: I don't know what graduation requirements are in your state, however, in mine 2 years of foreign language in the same language is required to graduate. If I were you, I'd start now and take whichever language I'm most familiar with. I took spanish in middle school and didn't really like it & since I have a family background in french, I decided I'd take that in high school. Really, just take which ever language you're most interested in. Science: I'm pretty sure science has to be taken. I hate science, but since you took Health and Principles of Science, I'd suggest challenging yourself a little more with Biology or Chemistry. Although, I must say, Chemistry is, by far, one of the worst subjects I've ever taken ha ha. But, if you're more interested in the "other" side of science, I'd say take Nutrition or Forensics. I'm unfamiliar with both of these courses. Social Studies: Are you interested in rigorous coursework? If so, take AP Micro or Macro. I haven't taken either of these classes and I'm completely clueless about the basic premise of the class. If you're interested in Econ but you don't want to endure the rigor of an AP class, take Economics. If neither of these classes interest you, take Social Studies. This class sounds simple enough. I, however, would rather take Philosophy. It's different and I'd really be interested in what would be taught. Mathematics: Well, math is one of those classes that is inescapable. Considering you took Algebra 1 last year, I'm pretty sure now you're supposed to take Geometry. That's how it works in my school district. I've learned that most people who excel in Algebra, have a bit of trouble in Geometry and people who had trouble in Algebra enjoy and excel in Geometry. This may or may not be true for you. Technology: I've only taken tech classes in middle school which really was just a waste of time. I'm sure in high school it's different. If you're interested in technology, I'd say go for it. You have options. I don't know what any of these classes really entail, but if you're into technology you might, so choose whichever sounds most interesting to you. Journalism: What I said about technology applies here too. If you're into writing and you aspire to be a journalist, go for it. Take journalism. Physical Education: For most high schools, one or two years or semesters of PE is required to graduate. If that's the case in your state, I'd say it's best to start now. Personally, I would take Karate or Yoga. I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, so karate is just fun for me and yoga is supposed to help people relax and stuff so that sounds really interesting. I'm leaning more towards yoga ha ha. Character Development: I see that you took Study Skills last year. If you enjoyed that class and are interested in similar classes, it would be smart to go with that feeling and take one of the other two class choices. If you're unsure of what you want to be when you're an adult, take Career Studies, it'll help. Basically, for all these classes, just choose whichever interests you the most. You can't go wrong following your gut. Also, as far as the requirements for your sophomore year, it's best to contact the school. Rules are different everywhere and they know better than I do. Have a great school year! Hope this helped!

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