I wanna die, NO ONE CARES ABOUT ME!?

I wanna die, NO ONE CARES ABOUT ME!? Topic: I wanna die, NO ONE CARES ABOUT ME!?
July 19, 2019 / By Lou
Question: it's been like this for a few months now... i live with my dad only, he hates me, i live with him only 2 years and i know he hated me before (i lived with my grandmother, but she died so i live with dad now) and i started cutting a month ago... and every time i cut i have this thought to cut deeper, because i know no one cares about me!!! so there was a secret my dad didnt tell me before but a few days ago he opened up and he said 'your mum hated u and she wanted to do an abortion, but i stopped her! i wish i never did! u dont deserve to live' he told me i ruined his life and that it would be much better without me!!! but i just dont understand why? i always do what he asks me to, i am a really good student and im 15 btw and i dont go out with friends a lot!! maybe once a week because my dad always wants me to be home and do home stuff!!!!! and there is this one boy... i've liked him for over 6 months now... but i guess he doesnt give a crap because he knows about my crush and he doesnt do anything about it!!! and before he found out i lived for him... because my love to him was the only thing that kept me going, and now that i know NO ONE cares about me!! i dont wanna live anymore!!!! :'((
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Jaylen Jaylen | 10 days ago
Look doing something like commiting suicide or even wishing u where dead is the easy way out of life i would never consider anything like that no matter how hard my life got and cutting deeper makes the scares take longer to heal im 15 also by the way dont take life for granted i have boy problems everyday of my life i used to get beat with a belt as a child i have to buy my own clothes and i have to do everything around the house my father is an alcoholic my brother whom i could talk to recently left with his entire family our family cat just died my grandpa is in the hospital my mother is in horrible condition i get made fun of all the time my family treats me like **** no matter what i do but even after all that i love life i have oppened my eyes and seen a greater purpose to why i have been put on this earth the thing that keeps me strong is thinking about how horrible my parents lifes where and i think man i have an awesome life although having depression has made life hard i keep going i ignore sadness and anger and i solve problems think about the kids out there who wish they knew their father and also think no matter how bad ur life gets theres always someone out there with a life worse than yours so get out get out there tell your father like it is and leave if hes treating you like that then y stay tell a friend tell dcfs dont just stand there and cut urself thats not going to help you
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Jaylen Originally Answered: No matter how much is done for me by my boyfriend, I never feel like it's enough or he cares about me enough.?
So we know what he does for you... What have you done for him lately? Men need to feel desired and wanted, thought about, appreciated, etc... Plus now you have to consider his parents, since his attitude did shift after you met them, maybe you didn't stack up for there little boy and they told him so. Well if you give as good as get, that isn't the issue. The parents still aren't out of the running on this issue though, they may have been waiting to see what would happen and after it didn't appear to be ending, they spoke up. Also, there is a remote chance that a competitor has popped up, someone closer to him than you are, so the expense of seeing you might be getting to much for him. It's long distance though, so many complications in this sort of relationship. They hardly work out when the two are together for the first portion and then go long distance, and except for internet dating, a long distance relationship that starts long distance is almost unheard of because of all the complications and expense involved. On a more positive note, he may feel that he has expressed his love and now feels it should be something special and not something said all the time. In other words, he is more secure now in this relationship and feels the need for constant validation is over.

Galahad Galahad
He's a jerk for saying that. Cutting isn't a good idea you need to stop that. You can do and be anyone you want, your an amazing person all by yourself you dont need boys. A lot of kids don't like to hear it but I'm also 15 and God cares about you more than anyone ever will. He has an amazing plan for your life and it isn't death. Don't let people tell you your worthless! Your not! Prove them wrong and go make something of your life. The sky is the limit.
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Deonte Deonte
That is horrible!!!!!! Sometimes I feel like not living anymore but I believe in Jesus Christ and he makes my life a lot better! I'm not some old woman telling u this I'm actually a lot younger than you! But he makes my life a lot better and I know he cares about me. If u want to learn more about him you can go to church, get a bible, or find a Christian friend to talk to. Please consider it cuz it made my life easier...
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Benett Benett
are you serious! your dad really honestly said that to you? thats terrible! where do you live? i will adopt you and you will never have to hear that nasty crap again! no child should ever hear that, no matter what the circumstances! this is such a small portion of your life..hell i cant even barely remember my teenage years..once you get out that house and become independant you can choose who to have in your life..wow i cant get over a parent saying that!!
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I agree with Meadow about trusting the skeptics, as long as she doesn't consider deniers skeptics. I think most scientists are basically skeptical in nature, I know I am. Being skeptical is not about denying science or invoking ridiculous conspiracy theories. It's not about calling people that believe in science "liberal."

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