Solutions for bullying?

Solutions for bullying? Topic: Solutions for bullying?
July 18, 2019 / By Hue
Question: im doing a research paper and i need three solutions to bullying. I already have one which is "better monitoring in hallways, the cafeteria and the gym" I need GOOD solutions please! (not "tell an adult" or anything like that)
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Enosh Enosh | 6 days ago
Kids need to respect each other more. Do confidence building courses in schools and try to teach kids about diversity so they'll understand other kids differences.
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Enosh Originally Answered: Why bullying is bad? What are the results of bullying?
You want to look at: 1. The mental and physical results of bullying from the bully and from the victim themselves. 2. You need to use statistics to show the shocking majority of victims. 3. You need examples: examples make the essay more punchy and shows how severe it really is... use one extreme case but use a weaker one too.. one that focuses more on them being low and losing friends because they alienate themselves etc. If you look up persuasive techniques this should also give you ideas on how to put the information into the most emphasising structure possible. If you ensure the first sentence of each paragraph hooks the reader, you've pretty much sold your essay already :) Hope this helps :D
Enosh Originally Answered: Why bullying is bad? What are the results of bullying?
Bullying happens in every level in life from school to work and just life in general. You must learn to shut it off and never allow it to bother you then the bully wins each time never give them the chance to feel that. Bullying comes in many forms and you need to learn in life that there will always be people who bully and ignore grow a thicker skin and show them your the better person. I went through a bad time of bullying when I was in 6 grade and I was taught what I have written here and this person kept bullying me into Jr.High and I just would not allow him to bother me. Well that was a long time ago and my life turned out just fine and I found out he has been in trouble many times and in jail a few times and right now he is a bum driving a crappy car living in a crappy apartment and has a crappy job (when he can hold on to one) because he decided to be a jerk-off well after all these years he still is and my life still is going fine.

Colby Colby
Unfortunately Bullying occurs at school and online.. Respect is a large part of how to address bullying, Cliches' tend to be harbingers of bullying. I've read studies where same type clothes (ie. school uniforms reduce incidences of bullying) but I tend to think that schools where uniforms are present tend to focus on personal responsibility and respect. Several schools in our area have a K12 program that deals with respect of others beginning in Kindergarten, often "victims" tend to avoid interaction and get to problem behaviors.. There have been studies as well that indicate the crowd mentality adds to bullying problems, one person may have a beef and others in that cliche' will make the problem worse by inciting to bully. A friend in the cliche should be involved in stopping rather than escalation. Good solutions? if you figure it out, publish it. Respect for self, is key. If you respect yourself, you respect others. While you may not like them, you can respect them. Accepting differences is about respect as well.
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Apollyon Apollyon
I think better teacher/parent communication would help a lot....Communication IS the key! I think anyway.Good luck on your research paper..Sorry I couldn't come up with anything other than the 1.Take care...
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Apollyon Originally Answered: Is this a type of bullying?
Name calling is never cool no matter how old you get. You don't deserve it and can do way better than them. It may seem hard but you need to respect yourself enough to tell them to "stop calling me names." The quicker you stop talking to them and try to make a move into a club or something, the happier you will be. Go to an after school thing, like an art club. You can meet knew people. These guys are holding you back. If they are ditching school know they will pay for it in lower paid jobs and less respect later...do you really want to be a part of that? Jealousy could be the cause. No worries, just stay strong and maybe find a cousin to talk to about it with if you have one about the same age.

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