Why does Austin, Texas, refuse to be a mature city?

Why does Austin, Texas, refuse to be a mature city? Topic: Why does Austin, Texas, refuse to be a mature city?
July 18, 2019 / By Logan
Question: I know Austin likes the small town/bucolic reputation it has, but that's so cliche. Austin has over 700,000 people in it's proper. It's the largest city in the country with no professional sports team. They finally got a decent museum for the first time a few years ago. So far, Austin has many negative aspects of a major city. I'm inferring crime, traffic, gangs, poverty, and high housing costs. I think the people there are friendly, but the city itself is boring. Yes, there are many picturesque parks there. I realize it's the live music capital of the world. I'm aware there are nice restaurants like Katz's, Threadgill's, and Chuy's. Why doesn't Austin have a more versatile flavor? Why does it not have a theme park, planetarium, or a major zoo? I wouldn't call the one there a zoo as much as I would an animal rescue shelter. When will the Live Music Capital of the World gain a renowned opera, ballet, symphony, or orchestra? What I'm asking is when will Austin have more sources of entertainment besides Sixth Street and the annual SXSW. I'm talking about a real water park like Schlitterbahn and not Barton's Spring. It's great that there's a children's museum there. It would be nicer if they had museums of natural history, natural science, texas history, etc., etc. Better yet, how about a live music museum. Wouldn't that be sensible for the Live Music Capital of the World? Oh I know! I love this part. It's a cardinal sin that I say anything critical about Austin. I never said it was a bad place; I only suggested it was overrated. I think it's alright, but I don't believe it's the utopia everyone says it is. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I've lived in other places that I enjoyed more than Austin.
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Karon Karon | 7 days ago
I live in Austin but I don't really love it here, however, just FYI Austin does have a Texas History museum, called the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum..and it is fabulous. Austin also has a wonderful ballet called...Ballet Austin. I think Austin enjoys not having kitchy things like a water park, however they are lacking in the natural science arena. Just do a little more research next time, and believe me, no one is missing a water park except kids.
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Karon Originally Answered: Can I get accepted into the University of Texas at Austin?
UT Austin is only taking students in the top 8% of the classes at Texas schools. Coming in from out of state you'd have to do much better than the top third of your class. Also, colleges ask for unweighted GPA.

Hatty Hatty
How dare you say Austin is boring! You are out of your mind. You have not been in the main part of Austin. It is so cool and it has awesome hobos there too! I wasnt to live there when I grow up. I saw some one sleeping on the side of the road. Everyone is so friendly. Even the people you don't know!You dont know nothin!
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Dorean Dorean
we have a water park called volente beach, we have zilker park, south congress, the capitol, a children's museum, lakes to swim at, free live music every night. there's the zachary scott theater, in the fall you can watch the bats migrate from the south congress bridge. we have small tributes all over the downtown area to music and musicians. there's a statue of SRV. we have the domain and the round rock outlets for great shopping. there's a botanical garden by zilker park. there are fine arts performances all the time, you just have to look for them because the companies don't have enough money to advertise. austin has what you want. you just have to make a little effort. i love austin. it's amazing. i love living here. =)
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Cassia Cassia
im from san antonio and its more of a tourist attraction. but from what i know austin is more of state government (of course it is the stat capital) this is my only theory
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Cassia Originally Answered: What are some things i can do to get into the University Of Texas in Austin.?
Are you a Texas resident? If so, if you rank in the top 8% of your high school then you will be automatically admitted. If not then you will want to make sure that you get great grades. Take the most challenging courses offered at your school. If you are involved in student orgs, stay involved and apply for a leadership position. Continue any volunteer work or job that you have had. Score well on your SAT or ACT test and make sure you write good essays. Admissions into UT is very competitive and you are basically competing for a spot against the other students who are applying as well so you want to make yourself the best applicant possible. And if you haven't visited the campus, go visit so that you can be sure that you would want to spend 4 years there. UT is a great school! I just graduated and enjoyed every minute I was on the 40 acres. Good Luck!! Hook 'Em Horns!!

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