Dropping out AP Chemistry. ?

Dropping out AP Chemistry. ? Topic: Dropping out AP Chemistry. ?
July 19, 2019 / By Murgatroyd
Question: Hi! I'm now in junior year and I have a little problem with AP Chemistry class. I realized that it is too difficult for me and I used most of the time in every day during the summer to do the AP summer homework. It was really wicked hard, I can't even solved a single problem since I reaced to Chapter 3 and I though at that time "OMG!! this is not good, I have to change the schedule"so when recess began, I had tried AP Chemistry class for 2 days. The first day was really a hell for me, long chemical equation on the borad that I cant figure it out how to do and tons of lab report and HW and quiz to due next week. And I realized that I'm gonna fail and my GPA will comeout terrible.... SO I went to my guidance counselor, and told her to drop out AP Chemistry class to lower level, and she said she'll do it. Then the next day she came and talked to me that she talked to my AP chem teacher and she said that my teacher doesnt want me to drop out the class yet cause if I drop out now, other people in class will freakin out, like... OMG is this class totally very wicked hard as hell even that boy (me) had just studied for two days and leave.....but you know...okay...I need good GPA for college application. And if I have bad GPA becuz of the class that I dont want to study and doesnt necessary for me (ofcourse I'm going to study Japanese major, they wont look at AP chemistry credit at all) (* note that I was stupid too choose AP cem at first time ..whaaaa T___T) So.....do you think I am still able to drop out AP chem class (like I have to be in that class for maybe a week and then they would allow me to drop out... or do you think I will never get any drop out and be in that AP Chem class for the rest of the year (OH NOESSSSS T___T) I'll ask my guidance agian in couple days so....wish me luck.... T____T
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Kenith Kenith | 4 days ago
well im taking AP Chem, AP US History, and AP French along with other honors classes. i know they are very difficult courses but i dont plan on dropping them. As far as i know, guidance cant MAKE you take a class you dont want. So my suggestion to you is to stay in it since it looks great on your college application if you do well. But if u have decided not to take it just return to guidance n get a different class. good luck!
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Kenith Originally Answered: Dropping out of 6th form?
you gotta try to make it through. i really really wanted to drop out of school to but in year 10 when things got complicated. your only in grade 6. year 7 to 9 will fly by. these are your freedom years =) just stick around with your friends and enjoy the moment of not being a student writing 3 different essay =D lol have fun being a kid at school =)
Kenith Originally Answered: Dropping out of 6th form?
Darling, I used to have thoughts like those when i was in college. I stuck in and finished the 1st year. Then I decided to choose something more my style the second time round. I went for non academic subjects like photography and art....it was a lot better. Do not just leave and never go back, because the fact is that you will end up in a dead end job and be seen as a school leaver with no further qualifications. I say try for something else for the coming September like maybe a BTEC in Catering??! But you have to apply now...!

Hiram Hiram
I would go with AP Bio. I was in an Advanced Chemistry class last year and thought to take AP Chemistry this year. My teacher told me I could handle it. It is so much harder than regular chemistry and the work load is a lot. He said that he had prepared us for the class, but really he didn't. AP Bio is so much easier! Also, if you take AP Chemistry your senior year by the time the exam comes up you are already in college. I've had to spend many long nights this year because of AP Chemistry, and I've never had to do that before. I am very good at Chemistry like last year I made a 98 and 99 for the class. This year my average has suffered an i barely made the A that came so easily last year.
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Elsdon Elsdon
It is a good plan to wait a few days/. Many schools have a deadline for dropping a class. if that is true ask your guidance counselor to drop your class just before the deadline so that others will not be able to use you as a reason for dropping the class./
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Elsdon Originally Answered: Dropping out of college?
Well first of all I can totally understand how you feel because I am in college at the moment as well and feel you. Second what are you currently majoring in right? I would recommend that you give this serious consideration because while yes a college degree is becoming useless that is largely because alot of people who go to college major in bullshit. If you major in Accounting, Finance, Engineering of any kind, and nursuing/a medical field of some kind than stay in there but if you just majoring in liberal arts or getting some worthless business degree such as business management than I would recommend you transfer to a much cheaper college and get a degree part time while you are trying to open your business. You can PM me if you want too and best of luck!. Trust me because you are NOT alone

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